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Thursday, November 26, 2015


We have been asked to clean the ceramic floors, ceramic tile walls, and freezer floors, in the food prep area in the restaurant in the airport. There is a catch - a two hour turn around time, between lessees, in which to accomplish the task. The area is about 40 x 60 with a number of tiled walls dividing food prep areas. We can do this, but were wondering if there was a good cleaning product on the market that could be used to remove the grease buildup up quickly in the food prep environment? Also, one of the freezers floors is badly worn and rusted and needs some TLC. Any ideas on what would be the best products to use on this?
How do I treat the annoying flies that fly around the restaurant kitchens.? My customer is embarrassed by these flies.
I am bidding on a newly constructed restaurant. What sq. ft. pricing would I charge for floors, windows, furniture, tables & chairs, walls wiped down, etc?
I work for a food manufacturer. I want to recommend a good green product that can be used to mop the painted floors in a freeze dried fruit packaging facility. They currently use cotton mops and orange oil cleaner with a little bleach. Do you have advice on the proper mopping methods here? What green product is good for hand washing? I also wondered how often the mop heads should be replaced?
We have a pub/hotel, with a busy bar area and subsequently very busy menís restrooms. The problem is odor in the urinal area. We are using quite a few disinfectants, but my opinion is that it has largely to do with a blocked plumbing system which does not allow the urinal system water to be cleared fast enough. Itís an old building.Your advice?
We have 75 villas, some above the water and on the main island of Baros. The resort is called Baros and the floors are shown at www.BAROS.COM All the room floors are wood. In the bathrooms, we have granite surrounded by wood where it is normally dry. I need suggestions on how to maintain the floors with daily and periodic cleaning. Also, how to protect the floors. At the moment, we only sweep with a broom, and then mop with water and no chemical.
I'm interested in bidding on cleaning a hotel with 97 rooms. No lobby or restaurant cleaning, just rooms. No supplies, labor only. What would be a good way to bid on a job like that? It requires $1,000,000 liability with $2,000,000 umbrella and $10,000 bond on each employee.
How do you clean a bathroom floor that seems to have a stain that just will not move? Does anyone who steam cleans kitchens know of a tool like the AC vent/duct cleaner that can go into the kitchen hood and remove the grease and grime?