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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Bidding & Estimating

We are in Washington state, trying to find out what to charge a square foot on a 99,999 square foot hotel. Do we charge an extra % on top?
This is a two story 90,000 sq. ft. empty building; it has approximately 1000 sq ft of dry wall and texture repair. It has 6 stairwells as well as 6 large bay doors and 8 metal interior doors. There approx. 20 metal support posst requesting safety yellow 10 ft up. The posts are about 20 ft. No ceilings and 4 offices. What is a fair price per sq ft to paint the bldg all white shadow with, of course, spot priming and industrial paint?
I have an opportunity to bid on new construction of homes and I'm not sure what the square footage rate is when bidding in Alabama on a 2500 sq. ft. homes and bigger. I need help please.
I have recently lost my job and figured the only way to make some cash would be to work for myself. I noticed while looking for work, that my county government bids out the cleaning of certain facilities. I want to bid on a proposal that includes 70 county-run facilities; however, I only want to clean the 6 public libraries listed. How should I go about writing up my bid & proposal so it is clear & concise that I am a single individual doing all the work after hours when the library closes (as late as 9 pm during the week in some cases) so I have enough time to cover all 6 sites nightly? I only want to be considered for the libraries, so how should I convey that message? According to the instructions, the unit of price shall be per square foot. How should I price out the buildings that range from as small as 6600 total square foot (336 sq. ft. for rest rooms and 6264 sq. ft. for common areas) as high as 14,650 total square foot (380 sq. ft. for rest rooms bathrooms and 14,270 sq. ft. for common areas)?
The owner remodeled his gas station with tile floors and others changes. He wants a deep clean, windows, floors, (everything inside a gas station; it also has a small bathroom for customers. He only wants a one time deep clean. The gas station measures 1,700 square foot. What would you recommend I charge, if I and two other employees are brought along to get the job done?The business is located in Arlington, WA.
I will be with 3 helpers in this 5,994 sq. ft.project.This is post- construction work on a remodeled property in Pacific Palisades, California. House is full of construction dust, walls with molding, baseboards, ceiling boards, other walls with just flat paint need dusting, hardwood and marble floors, all doors with molding, 5 bathrooms , 10 rooms, all closets and 40 windows inside only cleaning. Also, a 3 car garage with floor power wash.
I own a cleaning business in central Florida and recently landed a junk removal job in a foreclosed home with mold. The house is about 1700 sq ft. and has a LOT of physical trash inside. Sofa, TVs, mattresses, cabinets, furniture, etc. all of which needs to be thrown out. My question is how should I price this job. The dumpster will cost me about $500 for one dumpster dropped off and then hauled off. My problem is pricing my labor. The job will be done by myself and one other person. I am estimating the clean up will take 6-10 hours. We will be wearing filtered masks, gloves, goggles, and protective suit due to extreme mold. How should I price this job?
We have the opportunity to place a bid on a commercial building, cleaning the common areas. We have never put together this type of document before and are asking for assistance on how to price this job. The building is located in zip code 20678, southern Maryland area. It is an unfinished building, total square footage is 8832. We are being asked to vacuum hallways, clean ceramic tile in walkway, vacuum large spiral staircase, clean and stock 2 full sets of bathrooms, dust light fixtures and pictures, and dust any other areas as needed.
What is the rate for post-construction final clean up per sq.ft. in Wisconsin?
I recently relocated to the Phoenix, Arizona area from Wisconsin and started another cleaning service. I have a fix on bidding homes; however, I may branch out into small office buildings (1200 sq ft). My question is, what is the going rate in the Phoenix area for commercial cleaning?
I am bidding on a medical facility cleaning that is 3,000 sq. ft. with 8 exam rooms, 4 restrooms, 1 medical procedure special cleaning room (no medical waste removal) , 2 recovery rooms. I need to know how to charge in my area of Long Island, NY.
I need help on a estimate. How much can I charge for a 9000 sq. ft. night club with 3 floors? How much must I pay each employee and how many employees will I need to clean 7 days a week?
I am buffing and stripping and shining 1200 sq. footage in a daycare. How much is fair to bill? I have three helpers as furniture has to be removed. Also, painting two rooms with 1200 sq. footage.
I have a problem figuring out how to add my fixed expenses in percentage added to my hourly rate as well as payroll taxes to create a quote. For example, if I place in an hourly rate of $10, how would I add the percentage of my expenses ($170) to my $10 per hourly as well as my payroll taxes which are 15.3% for self-employed taxes? Should I also include federal income taxes as a percentage to my hourly rate which it depends on according to the tax rate bracket?
Our company has to put in a bid for a 5000 sq. ft. store. Basic Tile care such as scrub and buff, light vacuum, scrapping of floors, and bathroom. We also need a separate bid for a strip and refinish. What is a reasonable price to charge per sq. ft.?
I am bidding a 37,000 square foot city municipal building of 2 floors. General cleaning of the office areas, common areas and bathroom areas will occur three days a week (Wed-Fri-Sun). My hires must be able to clean at a rate of 3000 to 4000 square feet every 2 hours. Flooring is finished tile in the commons and carpeting in the office areas. I am figuring 9.25 to 11 hours per shift for my staff at a range of $ 200-225 labor per service = $2400-2700 in labor per month. $500.00 in cleaning supplies would be my maximum budget in supplying the client. What would it generally cost to insure and bond two workers under my existing State Farm policy of $1,000,000 per occurrence? I am going to have to pay for worker training and mandated insurances on these workers. I want to profit by $1000.00 a month. Would $5000.00 be a respectable and competitive bid to a city municipal administration office complex?
We are being asked to bid on a 41,000 sq. ft. medical facility. It has 32 exam rooms, and 18 offices, as well as 4 reception areas and a staircase. There are also about 10 admin. offices. We are located in Wisconsin. Just looking for what the average per hour and sq. ft. prices are, so we can be around that. Weíve not done a medical facility this size before. They also want us to supply our own cleaning chemicals and put together a carpet cleaning schedule and floor stripping/refinishing schedule. Do we add that to the bid, extra from regular cleaning and charge as deep clean or what is the best route to go?
Which books would you recommend for establishing pricing ?
Brand new surgical center. 3 ORs, 1 procedure room.11,000 square feet. Need to make a bid. 5 days a Week. Would be me and 1 employee.
How do I price the following? We want to clean a 15,002 sq. ft. strip mall that is used to provide services for individuals with cognitive and physical disabilities. It would include cleaning 11-15 restrooms (wiping walls as needed),vacuum, mop, sweep, dust base boards, window cleaning, damp wipe 54 trash cans inside and out (carrying to trash dumpster), wipe down tables, blow off patio with leaf blower, and water plants. Also, clean the inside of 3 microwaves and 2 refrigerators. All of this will be done 5 days a week.
My partner and I did a walk-through of a 78,200 sq. ft. medical building. Office size varies. Some office space is vacant. There are currently 22 offices occupied. Not sure what is supplied yet. I am yet to speak with the building owner. However, I would like to know what the formula is for figuring out the bid. 3 employees, myself included. They require vacuuming, mopping, dusting, wiping off counters, toilets, sink, mirrors, window sills and trash removal. Replace soap, towels in 6 public restrooms.
I posted earlier last month on a church bid, didn't give enough info, so I'm posting again. The area is approximately 12,000 sq. ft. with 4 restrooms, large sanctuary, 7-8 classrooms and a large cafeteria. The job is around 6.5 hours a day, 3 days a week. My rate is $26.50 an hour, $172.25 a day. Just wanted to know if I was in the ballpark or not.
I have a client I clean for in 2 homes and office; lodge and glass enclosed outdoor pool. They are enlarging their facility to include a 9000 sq. ft restaurant and 8 small apt. size rooms each about 900 sq. ft. with bath and small kitchenette. The cleaning service includes 8 buildings with sweeping, mopping, dusting of kitchens and bathrooms, laundry service for linens (about 3 hrs. weekly in labor for washing linens and laundry) and cleaning pool windows that total 40 panels about 3'x6' inside and out. The restaurant part is 9000 sq. ft. and requires windows inside and out (about 30 windows). It will require an 8000 sq.ft. concrete floor polished bi-weekly as well as swept and mopped twice per week. It has 2 rest rooms with 7 stalls and 2 urinals and a kitchen area that requires floors cleaned and all equipment polished. This is a high-end business that requires some detail. The frequency of cleaning for now is each place cleaned once weekly. Please help me to understand how to bid on this so as not to over or under bid for this job. Will take about 40 to 60 hours weekly in total labor. Should we bid based on sq. ft. or by labor hours?
I just started a new cleaning business. I just wanted to know the average price for cleaning a church with 4 restrooms,large santuary,7-8 classrooms and offices, 4 halls, and a staircase. This will be general cleaning, maybe 3 days a week. They also want all the halls stripped and refinished, including a very large cafeteria. I submitted a bid of $535.00 a week. Did I cheat myself or over bid? The $535.00 is only for the general cleaning. I bid $1500.00 for floors and the first time cleaning.
Iím going to be bidding on a contract with a child development facility. They said to take a tour of the 7 buildings and the main office before bidding. They wonít be giving specifics as to whatís to be done. Iím sure there will be dusting, disinfecting bathrooms, floors. Iím not sure how often these will need to be stripped and refinished. Also, not sure if itís weekly or daily. Should I bid on sq. ft. or hourly and add 15-20% profit?
I have a 9,676 unoccupied facility that presently requires cleaning every other week. We donít anticipate having anyone occupy the building until May 2014 and would need to be cleaned every other week beginning 1 Feb 14 until 31 May 14. At that time, we will move 25 people into that building with furniture (cubicles). Then, we will need to switch to daily cleaning M-F until 31 Dec 14, at which time it should be at capacity of 50 people. How would someone propose to clean such a facility under the aforementioned circumstances?
I've been offered to bid a commercial cleaning contract for a 60,000 sq. ft. private school (Lower school and High school) with 250 kids total. The school will provide the cleaning products I'll supply labor and equipment. The Facility Manager has hinted that the job should take 25-30 man hours per night (M-F). What should I charge monthly ? It is outside of the city and considered the suburbs. They also have carpet cleaning and strip/refinishing done, but that is another issue and I'll deal with that later.
I was invited to bid on a town hall project that consists of 13,500 sq. ft. plus 22,000 sq. ft. of a new addition. What should I charge for post construction clean-up?
My husband and I own and operate a cleaning business and we are bidding on a 6 building apartment complex. The cleaning consists of vacuuming (upright vacuum) the hallways as well as cleaning the windows (inside) and cleaning the office 5 days a week. We do not have any employees. Not exactly sure of the square footage. Can you help me with an idea of how much to bid?
I am getting into the hotel business for deep cleaning hotel rooms. Can anyone tell me how to bid the rooms for deep cleaning?
Bidding new construction hospital GI / Surgical Center. We have 6,531.6 of Forbo Marmoleum flooring and 1,836 Armstrong Medintone flooring. We will vacuum /microfiber dustmop floor. Use a Clarke Boost machine to pre-clean with 3M red pad. Mop /rinse all flooring with clean water. Apply 2 coats of Johnson High Gloss Care Free finish to Forbo. Armstrong apply 1-2 coats Armstrong S-495, then 3-5 coats of Armstrong S-480. Any suggestions on price per foot for the initial pre-clean? Price for each type of flooring? And would the price include the materials? We are in northern California.
I just got an offer to clean common areas for 19 small buildings with 2 floors in the Miami beach area. 1 to 2 times a month. There is no gym, laundry area, elevator. The scope of work is to remove all debris from the hallways, clean windows, mop or vacuum entry area. Need to know how much should I charge for each building?
I need to estimate the usage of paper products and hand soap that will be required per month in a medical office that sees approximately 250 patients per day, and has 18 full time workers/providers on staff.
I have a customer who asked me to give him a bid price to clean 10,000-15,000 chairs . They are used for convention center banquets. Will someone help me with a price and give a time estimated to clean all chairs?
I have to clean a 24,000 sq. ft. church. There are 2 kitchens, but we will not be cleaning appliances. The daycare facility inside has 4 bathrooms, each with 4 stalls and 2 sinks, 2 showers. There are 3 half baths, 2 chapels, and about 12 offices. There are entries, a grand lobby, and coffee bar, along with a dining area. They want a full clean twice a week and once a week just a touch up. I am estimating that it would take a crew of 3 between 4-5 hours What rate should I give weekly or for each clean?
How much is mostly charged per square miter in South Africa for cleaning?
I have been given the opportunity to bid on cleaning a movie theater. The building is 30,000 square feet with 7 theater spaces ranging from 47 seats to 247 seats. We would need to clean those areas, including wiping of chairs, high and low dusting, sweeping/mopping/vacuuming. There is one lobby, one bar area, two sets of bathrooms, a full service kitchen, and a patio area as well. The owner/manager wants us to come in 7 days a week after hours and says that his staff currently gets the building clean in about 2 1/2 to 4 hours depending on business traffic for that particular day. We would like to pay out no more than 60 hours/month for the job in order to keep the overhead under control. The company is providing all cleaning supplies and tools as well as consumable materials like trash bags and toilet paper/paper towels. How should I bid on this job? He has already given me a budget of no more than roughly $2000/month.
One of my clients asked me for a price to wash 600 windows at one of his commercial buildings. The building is new, the windows look in fairly good shape, but they still has the construction stickers on them. The windows are on 3 floors, 200 on each. I would like some help in putting the price together. I will most definitely rent a lift to cover the second and third floor. The first floor will also need to be reached with a small ladder. Thank you!
A potential customer called me today (August 26) inquiring if I could give him a price to clean the floor at his 190,000 sq. ft. warehouse concrete floor. The concrete has a smooth (not very smooth) surface, it's not rough. I rarely do jobs like this. I only have a BOOST machine, and several side-by-side. Wet vacuums are also available. However, I can easily rent a ride-on machine, if needed. The warehouse hasn't been used for over 2 years. The floor is very dusty. Its a large open area, nothing to be moved. Could you, in any way you can, help me put together a price for this job. I would like to know an estimated to sweep only, and another to sweep and scrub. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Can anyone tell me what the going rate for construction cleaning is in Columbus ,,Ohio? I may get the chance to bid on a luxury residential complex that has at least 7, 24-family buildings ..each 30,000 sq. ft. Please help me ! Thank You!
Size 40K sq. ft. consisting of vacuuming carpet (using rented equip), area of tile floor (unsure of size), and wiping down inside windows and sills. One time cleaning only. Also, assuming the building is empty commercial space. How long & how much based on one person or two? Location Mid Tennessee. if that applies?
How do I go about getting cleaning contracts for movie theaters? I'm dying to find out. I would like to set myself up to do that.
I have been asked on several occasions to bid on scrubbing concrete warehouse floors. I need help and feedback on successfully submitting a price per square foot.
I have been asked to clean an apartment complex. I gave 17 cents per sq. ft. for the apartments' move out cleanings. Now, they want to know what I would charge to clean the club house,exercise room, two public bathrooms, tanning room, and a full size basketball court. The basketball court has me stumped. This would be a once a month cleaning. What should I charge?
I am interested in pricing window glass cleaning by the square foot. Need helpl
I am just getting started in the cleaning business. I'm on the cusp of securing my first substantial cleaning contract. The property manager has all but assured me I will get the contract if my bid is reasonable. She is expecting my bid in the next ten days. She has also made it known in no uncertain terms that the adjacent building, which is currently unoccupied, and under construction, will need to be maintained also... and that contract is all but mine, too. I do not want to risk overbidding. However, I, by no means want to underbid either. The cleanable space for the occupied bldg. is 14,770 sq. ft. [Detailed description] There are 1,200 sq. ft. of stairwells (unfinished concrete). We will be cleaning a total of 4,900 sq. ft. of glass (this is interior glass only. Includes both sides of the glass, this is done bi-weekly) The frequency rate is 5 days a week, doing basic office cleaning... dusting, wiping down all horizontal surfaces, sweeping, emptying trash cans, replacing liners, etc... I envision a two person work crew covering 2,500 sq. ft. per hour. We use the Pro-team backpack vacuum, mops and buckets... no auto scrubbers. On Fridays, there're a few extra tasks... spot clean carpet, wet mop all concrete floors, disinfect and wash all restroom walls and wet mop tile floors, wet mop stairwells, clean air vents, light fixtures, chandeliers in conf. rooms and dust all woodwork (3 person work crew on Fridays). I would earnestly appreciate if you could help me get a firm grasp of the bidding process... and what the amount per sq. ft. and or monthly rate should be for this contract. Again, I am flummoxed, and very fearful of risking potential projects by overpricing this one. (metro Detroit area)
I am wondering what price to charge along with the recommended amount of people/labor to perform a one-time clean given the following. Sweep and Mop 30,000 sq. ft. concrete warehouse light dust, light dirt using regular commercial size cotton mop(s) and bucket(s) Location - Cincinnati, OH If I wasn't specific enough, please give me a price with a given scenario(s) if possible.
I have a 12,000 sq.ft. building that the owner wants me to clean. The tenant just moved out and he is going to rent it again. He said it is used for ballrooms, banquet parties, and that it is nothing but floor, no carpet. I haven't seen it yet. I am going to go on Saturday, but want to be able to take the job right there and then, because it is far about 30 miles away from where I live. I don't want to go and just look, so I want a suggestion on how many people I should take with me to finish the job that same day, and how much I should charge him. I believe it has a bar, a men's and women's restroom.
I want to bid on a church that has 54,000 sq foot. They want three days of cleaning and I have to provide all the paper supplies and the cleaning materials. I will be dry cleaning the carpets and must strip twice a year. The place is half carpet and half VCT. How much will be the appropriate charge per month or year?
I have a church with an attached parish center that is approximately 9000 sq. feet. We are wondering what the standard amount of time is to maintain this area. The church is used daily, but the parish center is used infrequently with 2 offices that are used 5 days a week. The person would have to clean and do small maintenance projects as they arise. Thank you!
I am bidding on a cleaning contract with a movie theater that is 16,000 sq. ft. I will be cleaning the tile floors, vacuum carpet, 4 restrooms, (two men/two women) 1 lobby, 4 glass entrance doors, 12 movie theater showrooms, (6 at each end of the hall with the movie theater lobby in the middle) cleaning all the movie theater seats with cup holders and armrest, empty trash disposal, and I am providing all cleaning equipment and cleaning supplies. I will make sure that all their paper towel dispensers, soap dispensers and bathroom tissue holders are filled (they supply those items). I will be working with 5 workers including me. Will try to be finished in 6 hours. How much should I bid on a movie theater contract?
I was recently approached by the Vice President of a local bank to bid a clean up job in a building they had foreclosed on in town. I am unsure of how to bid this because itís both residential and business. The building is 2 story with a full basement. The top floor is 2 small apartments. The main floor is a special small restaurant with another apartment behind it. Itís approximately 4500 square foot. The basement is full of stuff, but another crew will be dealing with the trash removal; my job is to make sure the building is move-in ready. I guess whoever owned this building and restaurant just locked the doors one evening and never returned, so there is food and such left behind. My question is how much should I charge to clean this place and make it move in ready? Itís in pretty bad shape.
I have a brand new barn to clean twice each weekend. The barn is used for weddings and parties. There is a 400 square foot commercial kitchen that is stainless steel. There are men's and women's washrooms amounting to 11 stalls. The flooring area on two floors is for the dining tables and chairs plus dance floor and the floor area is finished concrete measuring 8000 square feet for 300 guests. There is one staircase and one elevator. These premises would have to be cleaned the morning of the Saturday wedding ready for that day's wedding and again the following morning for the Sunday wedding, then cleaned after the Sunday wedding on the Monday for the following week. Can you please help me on the estimating of this, bearing in mind there will be food and drink on the floors, such as spills of wine beer and juice. There will be two people to do the work. Sincerely Anthony
We are bidding on a Target store in Alberta, Canada that is about 120,000 sq. ft. with about 100,000 sq. ft. of shelving. They want a price on the final clean before move-in. They are after a hospital clean. Can you give me an idea about what to charge per sq. ft., or what other Target store post construction cleans have been done for?
I need to bid on an office space that is 6500 square feet. It's a mortgage broker's office with about 30 employees. There are 8 small offices, a kitchen/break area, 2 larger spaces containing 10 cubicles each, a conference room, one bathroom. Most of it is carpeted, approximately 700 square feet is linoleum or tile. They want it cleaned 3 times a week. How much do you think I should charge?
I'm in the process of preparing my first bid and I'm unsure of the pricing. They want a crew for overnight cleaning. The days are Sunday through Thursday from 6 pm until no later than 1 am. I also would like a separate bid for a day porter, Monday through Friday 7 am until 4 pm. The day porter should also be able to perform light maintenance duties. How much should I charge them? The current cleanable square footage is 78,577.15 total for both buildings.
How much can you charge for a detail dusting in a dental office one time per week? The building has mostly wood trim and is a little over 17,000 sq.ft. They also want once a week regular service cleaning with 16 operatories,13 offices, kitchen, training room, carpet throughout, ceramic tile, stairways w/carpet, few restrooms.
Can you recommend software for bidding construction clean ups?
I was wondering if you could tell me the industry standard for how long it would take one person to vacuum a 12,000 square feet? I am preparing a bid. I am using a 10 percent vacancy rate. The vacuum cleaner is a back pack and furniture doesn't have to be moved. I understand the average person can clean approximately 2500 sq. ft in an hour, but would it be less for vacuuming?
I'm looking to develop a commercial cleaning pricing model. I'm after advice on what a typical cost break down/split for direct and indirect costs should look like i.e. for a contract price, what % of the contract price should labor costs be? supervisor costs?, materials/chemicals?, uniforms?, equipment?, office overhead? if I target a 12-15% profit before interest and taxes? Any assistance is greatly appreciated. I realize this can vary greatly, but am looking for some broad industry benchmarks to aim for.
How much should I charge to clean this 16,000 sq ft warehouse? There is 8 employees. I will not be providing supplies such as soap, trash liners etc. It will be a once per week clean. I have to give an estimate by tonight. Thank you so much!
How do I calculate the weekly cleaning cost for 1,600 sq. ft., 60 sq. ft., 72 sq. ft. 5days a week, then 460 sq. ft. 6days a week, to get the basis for award? Do I calculate my indirect and direct expenses, and hourly wages or salaries?
I need an average cost per square foot for cleaning office space in the DC area.
I just got offered a contract to clean a 6 unit two-story office building. The offices are pretty big with 4 small restrooms. There is a front entryway that will be mopped; the rest is pretty much carpeted. Lots of windows that they want cleaned, blinds, lots of details. Not sure what charge for 6500 square ft. I have never done office, only residential. Located in IL.
Iím new to bidding and estimating. I have to bid on an office that has 16,000 sq.ft. It has 35 employees, 2 restrooms, office/conference room, 71 cubicles, 13 offices, 3 conference rooms, 1 training room. All carpeted. 7x14 mopping area plus restrooms and I supply all hand towels, toilet paper, small trash bags, large bags, hand soap, and neutral cleaner. My travel time is about 40 min. each way and I need employees. Could you please help me with a breakdown and price?
Does anyone have any experience in quoting window cleaning by the square foot? I am bidding a job and they are asking for a price per sf for interior glass and a price per sf for exterior glass. Does anyone price window cleaning according to this method and have any pricing ranges that I should charge between?
I have been asked to provide a bid for a dance studio's dance floors. There are four rooms that total 4,585 square feet. The studio has its own auto scrubber and wants service every two weeks. This is my first opportunity to bid and I want to provide a fair price. Any help is appreciated.
How would you bid a passenger train clean? They also have a cafe that seats 50. What productivity rate can you use?
I have twenty - two years experience in stripping & refinishing tile floors. I have been looking into starting a floor care business and would like to know how to bid and estimate a job. Totally lost.
I am bidding a final construction clean for a church. The property is 8,000 sq.ft. I've never done a church before, but we have done residential construction clean-ups. I'm unsure how to bid this job. With my experience in residential, it usually takes a crew of 3 10 hours to do a complete final clean, totaling 30 man hours. Can you please provide any help as to how I should bid this job?
Movie Theater cleaning: when doing seats, is it typical to bid extra for different seat configurations (ex. seat/headrests; entire seat upper; legs, wells, armrests [single or double], etc.? I'm trying to un-confuse my pricing for customers, but there are many time-consuming variables (extract vs.air-dry for example) Does anyone have examples of a good pricing structure for theater seats?
My family owns a residential cleaning company and we were offered an 10,800 sq. ft. office building (lawyersí offices). We have never cleaned offices before so I am clueless as to what to charge. The initial cleaning is post construction, but the contractors left it in really good condition. They painted, replaced all panels for the drop ceiling, installed new carpets, a few cabinets in their two small kitchens, and three new bathrooms with a few stalls and urinals. Here is our task list for the initial cleaning: Small windows (inside only), 3rd floor: 9000 sf., 95% carpet, 21 offices (all carpet), 1 kitchen (tile floors), 2 restrooms, 2 conference rooms (carpet), 3 small computer rooms (vinyl floors), 2nd floor 1800 sf. (all carpet), 1 reception area (common area), 4 conference rooms, 1 kitchen (tile floors), 1 restroom. We employ 9 women. I'm thinking the initial cleaning would take about 4 hours with about 4 or 5 employees. Am I off base here with that estimation? The place is empty so there are no obstacles to get in our way. After the initial cleaning, he would like us to clean 3x per week: Empty trash, vacuum, disinfect restrooms. Clean the 3 small kitchens, light dusting. How should I charge for the initial cleaning and for the 3x per week?. I've done some research and I've seen anything from .15 - .30 per sf weekly. Does that sound correct? I really want this job and I don't want to bid too high, but I don't want to be in the hole either. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I'm about to make a proposal to a restaurant with about 5500 sq. feet. 7 nights a week, just back of the house sweep and mop, upfront bar area (all tile) and 2 restrooms. Buff the floors once a month (or as needed). I'm estimating a 3-4 hour job. I would like to know what the average hourly rate for restaurant cleaning is in general and I would also welcome any other suggestions regarding this scenario.
I need some assistance in pricing commercial cleaning services for a car dealership with 5 buildings. We just started cleaning the smaller 3 buildings which equal almost 6800 square feet. We are currently charging $.25/sq. ft. for cleaning 3x/wk (this takes us about 2 1/2-3 hrs each time). We are about to bid on the remaining 2 larger buildings, and I need some help for quoting a price! The 2 larger buildings total around 20,000 sq. ft. and will need to be cleaned 6x/wk. Cleaning includes trash removal (we supply the bags), sweeping, mopping (90% is ceramic tile), cleaning multiple stall restrooms in each building, weekly dusting of desks, cleaning breakrooms including appliances (weekly), reception areas (daily), cleaning windows (weekly), and high/low dust monthly. We supply all cleaning products. Right now itís just my daughter and me cleaning the smaller buildings as a part-time job, but I will be cleaning full-time (quitting my current full-time job!) if we get the bigger buildings. I am not sure how to quote a price for the bigger buildings. Should I keep the $.25/sq. ft.even though we will be cleaning 3 more times a week on the larger buildings? I have seen online that typically more square footage equals a lower per sq. ft. price, but if I am cleaning it more frequently, how does that make sense to lower the sq. footage price? The areas are heavy traffic, with the floors being the worst and most time consuming! We are not really in competition with anyone (the current cleaning crew is terrible), as my husband works at the dealership (my cleaning company), but I donít want to insult the management with an outrageous quote. Any help would be great!
How do you figure paper usage for 13 people? I need to supply toilet paper, paper towels, soap, and trash liners. Someone from a janitorial company told me to charge $3 per person. It worked for them, they said.
Iím not sure how much to bid on a 16,000 sq. ft. library building. They want service 6 times a week. They will only supply hand towels, toilet paper and hand soap. Daily, they want janitorial cleaning. Yearly, they want us to wash their interior-exterior windows. As needed, spot clean carpets, etc...
What is the average cost per square foot (or range) to clean and maintain an international airport with 24/7/365 service? Also, what cleaning production rates are accomplishable for this type of environment?
We had recently had a request to provide a construction cleaning proposal for a state court and library facility in Sacramento, CA. We have been in business for a couple years, cleaning offices and other facilities. However, we don't have any experience in getting government contracts. I need guidance and advice on putting out an accurate proposal and figuring out how to price the job. The building total sq. ft. is 188,000 sq. ft. We will only be responsible for cleaning about 170,000 sq. ft. six floors high. The project time is 3 weeks based on that information. We need to hire 13 people that are subcontractors in our network. All the cleaners need to be paid a prevailing wage. Where can I find out the prevailing wage for construction cleaning? Since I hire the subcontractors, I am not required to pay for medical and other fees. What would be an hourly rate excluding fees? Project Details: Dusting shelves, baseboards window ledges and all horizontal surfaces, vacuuming carpet, restroom cleaning, window cleaning , elevator and stair mopping, trash removal. Iíd appreciate your help and advice.
Can anyone recommend a good place to start looking for commercial cleaning bids in the Cleveland area? I am bonded and insured. I have had a couple of residential cleaning customers, but I am not having any luck with the commercial side of the business. I don't know where to begin looking for open bids, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Newly remodeled building. Completely empty. I need to sweep concrete floors, vacuum newly installed carpet, dust walls, and clean glass counters and windows. There are also 2 single stool restrooms that are filthy from the construction workers. Approximately 12,000 sq. feet total of carpet and concrete. How do I charge?
I live in small town near Victoria, in south Texas ~ only about 2000 population. One of the two major employers here is taking bids for janitorial services for their 10,000 sq. ft. office building. Services to be performed three times a week: sweep offices, hallway, and restroom floors; shake out floor mats; clean 4 restroom toilets, sinks, and stalls; remove trash and replace liners; and ensure soap and paper products are full. Services to be performed one time a week: mop office, hallway and bathroom floors (sooner if needed); dust furniture and surface areas; make sure walls are free of debris (spiderwebs); clean inside and outside windows. The company provides trash can liners, soap and paper products for the restrooms. The contractor is responsible for all other supplies needed. I have cleaned residential houses for 15 years and am not quite sure how to bid on something this size. I went to look at the job and especially wanted to ask about the window cleaning. I was told if I could just get the two front entrance area doors and windows on the side of them and any windows on the inside that I could get to would be fine. So, I don't think they are expecting professional window cleanings. They want a monthly fee bid.
I just started doing sub contractor work for a contractor who has hundreds and hundreds of accounts. We made a deal that I would get 85% of the invoice, while they keep the 15%. I am new and have 2 very small accounts so far and all is well. I was now offered 4 national park buildings in California, within same the park, estimated by contractor for 16 hrs. /day, once a week. Bid was $825 a month, and after 15%, I would get $700 a month. $700 divided by 4.3 weeks a month, since some months have 5 weekends, comes to $161 a week. Now, if I pay $9/hr. for 16 hrs., the labor comes to $144. I brought this up to the contractor and he says, ďIf you work fast, you could get it done in 10-12 hrs.Ē So fine, if I calculate 12 hrs. x $9/hr., that comes to $108. That leaves only $53 to cover chemicals, taxes, and so on. I declined the offer since it wouldnít be worth it to me. I feel that the contractor has lied about this specific account and pocketed a huge portion of original bid. According to my research, $25 - $30/ hr. is the going rate for this part of California. Ok, so letís just use$20/hr. If I was a bidder, which I have no experience in, I would calculate $20/hr. for 16 hrs. of work every week, which is $320 a week times 4.3 weeks a month which comes to $1,376 a month. My cut of 85% comes to $1,169 which seems more worth it. Was it possible the contractor actually got a bid for $825, or did he really try to get me big time? Besides finding a different contractor to sub from, which I am already doing, does anyone recommend a way to approach the contractor about this, or just be thankful for the opportunity that they called me, and wait until one passes by that is beneficial for me?
I recently provided an estimate for a office cleaning job along with carpet cleaning and I believe I've made a slight miscalculation in regards to the price. What would be the ideal way to turn this around and provide the prospective client a new quote?
I would like some advice on estimating the price to perform a one time deep cleaning in an office. Lots of dust on ceiling, wash down walls, dust 10 cubicles, 10 windows (inside only), vacuum. Now, most importantly is cleaning the vertical fabric blinds. What would be the best procedure? How much should I charge per blind? (240 of them, very dusty). And how much should I charge for the carpet cleaning? Office size about 3,000 sq ft. in the state of MA.
I need to know how to bid a company with 33,000 sq. ft. with 20 offices, 6 restrooms, breakroom, reception area, small lobby. I think there is 2,500 sq. ft.of resilient flooring, and the rest is carpet. There are about 20 small windows to clean insides only. The company requires 3 days a week.
I have been asked to bid on approximately 4000 sq feet (2 floors of offices and 4 restrooms) in a government hospital that has not been built yet, so, obviously, I cannot see the place. They require 5 nights per week cleaning. Quarterly and twice per year more detailed cleaning and, as required, outside snow and ice removal from entrances etc. applying ice melt. I'm thinking of quoting a rough estimate and stating that I will need to see the facility asap. to give a more accurate bid. They need a bid by tonight, so a quick response would be much appreciated.
I have to put in a bid for a school with 5 campuses in Florida, equaling to 94,000 sq. ft. and done 5 times per week. I would appreciate any recommendations for bid prices and if possible can you please explain how you came up with the estimate?
What is the going rate (square footage) in North Carolina for post construction? Clean windows, doors, closets, bathroom, class rooms, etc. All flooring, terrazzo, vct needs scrubbing. VCT needs finishing. The building size is 100,000 square feet.
I am doing a Kroger grocery store of average size and want to know a guesstimate price to sweep,scrub,and buff.
What is the standard bid for cleaning a 2500 sq. ft.medical facility/clinic including floor buffering daily?
How much should I charge for a 15,000 sq.ft. EMS facility including 1 main lobby, 15 offices, 4 class rooms, 1 break room, 1 conference room, and 3 male rest rooms and 3 female rest rooms. I must provide staff to finish weekly and detail monthly cleaning within a 4 hourís time frame. I am responsible for supplying all cleaning agents and equipment. Weekly cleaning-trash disposal, vacuum all carpets, dust and mop linoleum floors and baseboards including entrance, hallways, rest rooms, and gym. Wash and disinfect rest rooms and restock. Detail monthly cleaning- main lobby, conference room, and classrooms sweep and mop entrance, clean interior and exterior glass, high dust removal from ceiling fans, clean window/glass partitions and window sills, dust blinds, disinfect door knobs, telephones, and light fixtures, sanitize phones, clean legs of all chairs and conference table, dust television, spot clean walls around light switches, door frames and glass partitions, clean all appliances and tables and chairs in break room, restock detergent, hand soap, and paper towels.
I have been asked to provide an estimate to a motel that is looking to sub-contract our cleaners for housekeeping. The motel would be providing all products and they would just be paying for our cleaners to be there 5 days a week. Do you think it would be best to charge the motel by hour or provide them a flat monthly amount for three cleaners? The motel has about 30 rooms.
I am located in the Northwest Arkansas area. I am bidding on an 80000 sq. ft. medical center, which is cleaned 5 days a week, and we need one full time person on Sunday for 8 hrs. It has 54000 sq. ft. of vinyl flooring, 5000 sq. ft. of tile & grout and the rest is carpet. It has 200 employees and we have to supply the trashbags for the entire building as well as the soap, toilet tissue, and waxy bags for the eight restrooms. Also, during the day we have to provide a porter from 8 to 5 in case the tenants need anything. How do I bid this?
I am bidding on 13,000 sq. ft. of office space, 23 offices, 4 conference rooms, 1 large meeting room, 1 lunchroom/kitchen, 4 bathrooms, 18 cubicle work stations, 1 elevator, 1 stair case, and common area. The job is 5 days a week. How many hours and how many people should I use for the basic work?
How much should I charge per square foot to do vacuuming of an apartment building? Also, I am considering doing it myself as the owner of a start up cleaning company, but if I do get some help, what would be an appropriate hourly wage to offer?
I am bidding for a school area of 31,150 sq. ft. in London. This is a 3-storey plus basement building. 3 cleaners will be responsible for cleaning 5x/week at £6.45/h ( with supplies) I have never bid on cleaning/labor only. Question...what price per sq. foot is acceptable in London?
I am bidding on auto scrubbing a 40,000 square foot warehouse. I know what my labor will cost, but I donít know how to figure for the scrubber which I already own and use other places. How do you figure the cost of an expensive piece of machinery (scrubber) for the total bid price?
I need help with a bid for tearing up 2500 sq. ft. tile & grout, and also 3000 sq. ft. of carpet w/glue.
I am bidding a small school district with a 3 building complex, high school, elementary school, and an annex building, totaling 126,268 sq. ft. School handles all supplies and has 1 day porter. I am responsible for cleaning 5x's/wk and a day porter. Day porter pay has been figured at $10.65/hr and comes to around $22, 000/yr. Bid is by sq ft. I have never bid on cleaning/labor only (no supplies). Previous bid was $102,026, but for a different sq. ft. amount, so not accurate for comparison. Question...what price per sq foot is acceptable? Same district has 2nd bid for gymnasium complex of 31,000 sq ft. Again, they provide all supplies.
I am bidding a job that did not provide sq/ft. Itís 5 nights a week of carpet cleaning using 2 guys, 8 hours a night. How do I approach this? This is my first bid ever. What are the things to include in the bid? Only thing I know are supplies/material/labor. Are supervision cost/other fees to be included?
What is the going rate for High Speed Burnishing? We apply the solution with a mop and than burnish the floor with a electric burnisher. Let's say an open area of about 3,000 sq. ft.
I need to give a quote on a small office, 2400 sq. ft. I don't know too much on how to charge per sq ft. It's only 2 times a month, as well as their home 2 times a month.
I am located in NJ and will be submitting a bid for two office buildings at 2500 SF. Each bldg. is to be cleaned 5x/week with common areas, elevators, stairwells, lounge area and three bathrooms, each ladies' room has 4 stalls, men's room has two with two urinals. I was going to charge .09 cents/SF for $225/day x five days for $1125/week. This seems to be high from what I have been reading on this site. Could you please give me some input?
What percentage of your cost should be applied/allowed for paper products, toilet tissue, towels, seat liners, etc.?
What would you charge to clean an 8200 sq. foot doctor's office, 5 days per week and two Saturdays per month?
How much should I charge to clean a 14,000 sq. ft. house? How many employees will I need? What is the breakdown on hours needed, etc.
I'm looking at submitting a bid for cleaning a car dealership in the central Texas area. It's 19,000 sq ft. After looking through all the comments I've notice a "labor burden charge". What is this?? And is it a standard 20-22%?? I like the price after the charge, but doubt the dealership will. This is my first dealership and I decided to price as a per-day per clean. It's all the standard sweep, mop, dust, polish, trash removal of all areas, all appliance and vending cleaning, quarterly buff/finish floor care and quarterly steam clean, as well as daily spot care of stains, light fixtures as needed, spot clean all interior glass and a quarterly clean of all interior windows My estimate included, 2 people X 4 hours X $15.00 = $120.00 2 people X 4 hours X $25.00 =(2 owners) $200.00 The dealership is thinking about 6 days a week If we just use some easy numbers, $120 X 30 days = $3600 and then you tack on the labor fee of 20% an additional $700+ This equals to $10,000+ per month is that not a lot?? I can't feasibly think to do it for much less than that though....
Another person and I are currently cleaning a telemarketing office 3 times a week. We are paid $800.00 a month for about 5000 sq feet. 62 cubicles, but we are not required to dust. 7 single fixture restrooms and a small breakroom. 8 small management and sales offices. About 70 trash cans. All is carpet except restrooms. The office is moving to a 10,000 sq. ft. building with 120 cubicles, 2 restrooms with 3 stalls each, etc. The operationís manager wants to limit the increase in cleaning cost. One thought he has is to drop to 2 times a week. I, however, don't think it will save him that much due to the added soiling between cleans. I do feel it is not in my best interest to increase the cost so much that I lose the contract. What do you feel is a fair price increase for the larger area? Of course, windows, carpet cleaning, and such will be billed separate. All paper products, waste can liners, are provided by them. I have a janitorís closet to keep my supplies in, so no need for packing them in and out. I hope this is enough info to get your thoughts. I also telemarket for this company during the day. I got hit with $867.00 self employment tax. Should I be figuring that into the mix somewhere?
We are being asked to bid on a grocery store that is brand new with polished concrete floors/some vinyl wood floors. Approx. cleanable sq. ft. is 37,000. We are also bidding against another company which is much larger then we are, but not from the area, and the store seems to like that we are local. We are to dust mop, auto scrub and propane burnish the floor. Clean 2 restrooms. Wipe down glass once a week in frozen food areas and in the Deli, bakery, seafood department. Stock room and loading area are also to be cleaned once a week. The rest of the store is a 7 day a week cleaning. I anticipate a 2 man crew at 8 hours a night, which is what the current cleaning crew does in the old store and what seems to be what the manager wants in the new store. Current pay on these employees will be $10/ hr. With 15% going to payroll, 30% overhead, and 10% profit, I come out at $7800 a month. Does this seem reasonable or am I missing something? Please advise.
I am bidding a 31,672 sq.ft. movie theater with 10 theater rooms. There are 4 bathrooms with a total of 40 fixtures. 14 trash cans. It is to be done 7 days a week. Lobby: Non-waxable - 5,670 sq.ft. - sweeping, mopping, clean entry glass, empty trash Video Game Area: Non-waxable - 252sq. ft. - sweeping, mopping Theater Rooms - Non-waxable - 19,462sq.ft. - sweeping, mopping, wipe down arm rests Hallways- Carpet - 5,328sq.ft. - vacuum, empty trash Estimated Man Hours/day = 16.3 2-3 Cleaning Staff Based on my calculations at a 2% profit= $6353.16 Does this price seem fair? and are there any suggestions on how long this should take based on the total sq. ft.?
I have to bid a 100,000 sq. ft. building for cleaning 5 days a week at night and using one full time person during the day. I have to purchase equipment and provide all the paper, soap, and liners. Workers make $9.00 per hour and a supervisor makes $12.00 per hour. Facility has 300 employees and 150 visitors a day. Fringe rate 14%, overhead 15%, profit margin 10%. There are nightly, weekly, bi weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks. How would you approach this bid and how many man-hours do you project?
I and my partner had to turn in a bid in our area (Garden City, Michigan) to a chain of smaller retail stores. The manager that is in charge of the chain wanted us to bid on just one store to see how competitive to his current cleaner we would be. Here are the details; 7000 sq/ft total area, 7 isles, floors not in the greatest shape, 600 sq/ft taken off for the sq/ft of the racks. Basically one big open area! 400 sq/ft is slip resistant tile, the rest is VCT tile. They want one time a week spray buffing and 2 times a year complete strip and refinish. Our estimate came in at .08 per sq/ft ($549.44) for the weekly buffing, and .17 per sq/ft ($1156.95) for each time we strip and refinish the facility. I am just curious to know about the average sq/ft pricing in our area, and if you feel that this was a decent proposal.
What do I charge to mop and buff 16,000 square ft. of tile floor?
We are in the process of submitting a bid against other cleaning services to clean a Public Library with an area of 11,000 sq. ft. We normally just clean homes, but when got "wind" of an opportunity this size, we, of course, welcomed the chance to submit a bid and possibly "land" the account. The facility has 3 floors with 5 restrooms total. The contract calls for mopping some hardwood floors, dusting, vacuuming and cleaning of restrooms. The contract would for one year and the cleaning would be done on a weekly basis. Since this will be our first big job of such a large magnitude, we would appreciate your helping us with an estimate to clean such a facility. We are in a small town in Pennsylvania with a population of approximately 6,000 people, and around here, are NOT used to paying a high price to outsource cleaning. Whatever advice and help you can give us would be greatly appreciated.
I would like to know why the janitorial industry is still advocating hourly charges of $20- $22. Letís look at this. Iíve been in the industry as a business owner for over 11 yrs. The price when I started....yup, $20-$22. If you truly want to "raise the standards and get rid of the negative stereo type" of janitors, then charge a real rate. Minimum wage is no longer $4.75 which is what it was about 10 yrs ago. As long as you charge chump change, you will be viewed as a chump.
I have to submit a bid on a city school that is 72,549 sq. ft. This is my first time doing a final cleaning bid, and I don't know where to start. I want to do all interior windows and exterior windows that do not exceed 12 ft. high, carpet cleaning, vacuuming, and buffing the floors. I have all of the blueprints, but I don't know how to read them so I can break down my cost, nor do I know how many man hours it takes for a crew of 2. How do I get an estimated number to submit this bid??
Iím bidding for the cleaning of a restaurant - 6500 sq. ft. - 7 days a week. It is mostly vacuuming the dining rooms, cleaning 4 restrooms and the kitchen. They want to have the kitchen rubber mats removed from the kitchen and sprayed down every night. Thereíre about 12 of those. Then, sweep and mop kitchen. Iím kind of unaware of how much to bid especially when it comes to the removal of all the rubber mats. Could anybody give me some words of wisdom?
I'm bidding on an office building of 20,000 sq ft. Cleaning is required 5 days a week, out of the 5, 4 just empty trash and spot check and the other day out of the 5 dust, vacuum, mop, clean bathroom, trash, little kitchen. 3 buildings adding up to 20,000 sq ft. one bldg. 2 floors and other one floor. This is our first real office building. How to bid? price? and use one, two, three workers?
I need to figure out a way to give a bid and schedule on strip, refinish, and buff of floors in a very used building. So far they have only had it stripped and refinished once a year and it looks real bad.
I will be bidding on a office building, specifically a dentist office. Once a week, 6 exam rooms, 1 bath w/2 vanity sinks, vacuuming utility closets (2), break room, and dusting picture frames, sterilization area sanitized, and vacuuming foyer/waiting area. How would you price? It's well under 10,000 sq ft.
How much should I charge for stripping and refinishing a 4,000 sq. ft. empty (no furniture to move) building? How many people do I need? How much should I pay each person?
How would I calculate the cost of new construction clean up?
I may have had a subscription to your magazine several years back and would like current pricing information for the Rocky Mountain area for commercial and medical out patient buildings. It has been years since I have bid on new work and would like to check my prices per square foot with current competitors. Does your magazine still give annual statistics by region?
My business has been asked to submit a bid for three local utility business offices. Each location is 15,000 sq. ft., with basic cleaning (mopping, vacuuming, dusting, etc.) 2 times a week. Two of the locations are 10 minutes away, and the one location is half an hour away. Twice a week on three locations for one check, any advice on how much to bid? (They supply everything but the vacuum cleaner.)
We are bidding on a health club and are looking for guidelines on how to bid the sauna and steam rooms. How many square feet an hour?
I am working on a large retail facility with six sets of public restrooms and need to include monthly supplies as a fixed price. The facility receives 100,000 visitors per week that have access. Supplies are standard roll towels, tp, seat covers, bulk soap, and liners. Is there a formula to help estimate?
How many employees would I need to clean 5 days a week, 30,000 sq. ft. (25,808 is carpet, 3744 VCT and 448 ceramic tile)?
My company has been asked to bid on a large office complex for post-construction remodeling cleaning. This is a one-time cleaning prior to new tenants moving into the building. There are 3 floors. The main floor is 25,000 sq. ft., the 2nd floor is 23,000 sq. ft., and the 3rd floor is 15,000 sq. ft. This is an old building that is in the process of being completely remodeled. They want the carpets vacuumed, walls dusted, all windows cleaned inside and outside, VCT floors washed, and there are at least 10 single restrooms per floor. I am trying to calculate how much to charge per square foot for the office cleaning (NOT including the window cleaning price). What is the best way to do this?
I am putting in bids for vacuuming and general cleaning of hallways in apartment buildings. Average 70 apartment complex has three floors, so about 210 hallways. What is a competitive bid?
How much should I bid on a two story corporate office building that is 44,000 sq. ft.? It will be cleaned twice a week. All carpeted areas vacuumed. All VCT tiled areas cleaned and mopped (refinished as needed.) Thorough cleaning of all restrooms and all three kitchen and break areas. Empty all trash cans, and I am responsible for supplying my own cleaning equipment and supplies. Also, how much should I charge for strip and refinish VCT?
We need help bidding on a warehouse cleaning, 44,000 sq ft. Duties include: disposal of all debris in warehouse and in dock area, clean cobwebs-10ft ceilings, dust , clean all hand rails, sweep stairwells, powerwash restroom floors, strip and refinish kitchen floor and 3 restrooms also, clean sinks, mirrors, urinals, toilets,n vacuum area carpet, spot clean no shampoo, shred all documents, remove logo conference door and entry door, and powerwash-mechanical clean warehouse floors (removing dirt, grease, black marks)
We are bidding on approximately 23,000 to 33,000 sf of windows at the airport in Seattle. The height is around 20 feet, as needed, quarterly, monthly. I read where a carbon fiber pole would do the job instead of renting equipment. What formula is used?
How much would you charge to grind, polish, crystalize and seal marble floors? This is for a hotel ...4140 sq feet total. Also, do you know how much tax I must charge??? I am in South Florida ...tough competition down here.
So confused...... I am trying to figure out a price to clean a 2000 sq ft Dialysis Center, 6 days a week. Customer would like the carpets cleaned quarterly, the same with the floors (stripped and refinished). Also, customer would like the windows washed. This would be our first commercial building to clean, we normally do Move in/Move out cleaning. I really don't know where to start. I have tried talking to several persons who have well established janitorial services and I am getting several different prices. I don't want to under or over bid. How do I figure out a price without pulling my hair out. Please HELP!
I have my cleaning company, but I'm still "green" when it comes to bidding and estimating a job. I'm about to give a quote to a restaurant in MA. It has to be cleaned 7 days a week, floors swept and mopped, 2 restrooms, kitchen floors swept and mopped, high dusting 1x month, 11 windows (60x60) cleaned 2x month inside and out. How much should I charge?
My wife and I started our janitorial service in August of this year. Iíve worked janitorial jobs part time for extra income and thought, why not cut out the middle man? Since that time, we have been hitting the pavement hard with cold calling, walk-ins, flyers, etc. When some ask about our competitive pricing, we many times freeze because we are unsure of pricing. What are the going rates in the Hampton Roads area for office/medical buildings? Some suggest we bid by sq. ft., while others say flat rate, pending details of the services required. Either way, do we outline each service with our expected price? We have our first potential client meeting October 19th and we arenít even sure how to go about sounding competitive. Also, is there a website with sample business proposals? We are appreciative that we ran across this site!
What is the average hourly rate charged for industrial/janitorial services in the midwest? Or, per square ft?
I am about to bid on the janitorial services for the offices of a group of doctors. The office space is 8,000 square feet, on 2 floors in NYC. Cleaning and disinfecting 30 exam rooms, 8 bathrooms, 4 Labs. Do you have any suggestions in pricing this? I am not sure of the monthly budget.
II'm new to the cleaning business and need your help with a bid price for a medical office building. It is about 3,200 sq. ft of cleaning space. It needs to be cleaned 3 times a week. It has 4 restrooms, 2 breakrooms, 2 conference rooms, 8 patient rooms. The office is about 75% carpet and 25% linoleum floor. We have to buy garbage cans and our own cleaning supplies. The rest of the consumables are bought by the medical office. What would be a fair price to charge for our services?
My question is simple. How much should I bid for a 16,000 sq. ft. church with classrooms, six restrooms, a meeting hall, kitchen, book store, a baptismal pool, and offices?
I'm fairly new to the cleaning industry. The owner of a fitness center thinks he's paying too much for the cleaning service and is considering a new quote. The facility has 21,200 SF. Basic cleaning (restrooms, showers, trash, vacuum, doors and cardio equip.) needs to be performed 7 days a week. It should take one person 2.5 hours a day to complete the job. Being a novice in estimating prices, how much do you think I should charge a month?
Are there recent surveys regarding production rates similar to the Kaivac Contract Cleaning Benchmarking Survey? The last one published by Kaivac is 2009.
I need to submit an estimate to clean a building in Miami, FL that is 30,000 sq. ft. and needs to be done 5 times a week. Most of the building is office with carpet, with a few areas such as the restrooms and kitchen that have tile. I just want to start my business now. Do you have any suggestions on how to estimate this job?
What is the formula I can use to estimate how long a strip/refinish job will take? I want to make sure I have enough man hours to complete a job. How many square feet can a person strip/ finish per hour, etc. All the furniture will already be moved, and we will have full access to the room. Thank you.
I have been asked to submit a bid to clean 700 apartments at an apartment complex. The apartments range from 483 sq. ft. to 677 sq. ft. Very thorough cleaning when tenants move out. An average of 40 apartments to clean a month. The current cleanerís bid is closed and in order for me to get this job I have to beat their bid. I live in Indiana and I have done a lot of researching. I have to submit this bid in 3 days and have no idea what to charge. I need to submit separate bids for cleaning, painting inside of apartments.
I have been asked to bid on the construction cleanup for a 4800 sq. ft. new home that is 3 weeks from being finished. They want it cleaned, including windows. No outside cleanup just the interior of the home. and insides of the outside windows. How should I bid this to get the job done and make a profit?
We have been asked to bid a 2100 sq. ft. building for tear out from a fire. There is some water still standing on the floors. They want the building gutted and rebuilt. I have no problem estimating the rebuild, but Iím not sure how to bid the tear out of the smoke damage, sealing of the necessary areas, and washing down of certain areas. Any suggestions?
We are bidding on a 150,000 sq. ft. building that has carpet, tile cement, VCT, done 5 days a week. Conference rooms, locker rooms, model shop, elevator, office areas, road test garage, cafeteria and kitchen.. The company has 3 separate buildings; we will staff 4 people in each with a supervisor. Which bid formula should we use? It will be our largest account; we service a 90,000 sq. ft. building right now also.
I am bidding on a resource center in St. Louis, MO that is 23,000 sq. ft. and needs to be cleaned 5 times a week. Most of the building is carpet, with a few areas such as the restrooms and kitchen that have tile which will need to be buffed and refinished about every 6 months. I just started my business in January and I am servicing 5 contracts; however, this is the most largest by far and the most frequent. Do you have any suggestions on how to bid this job?
I am new to the world of commercial cleaning. My business partner and I are bidding a job for a company near us. They have about 3,000 sq. ft. and need vacuuming, dusting, windows and bathrooms cleaned, mopping, and a kitchen area cleaned 3 times a week. I estimated that the job would take the two of us about 2 hrs. a day. I am trying to figure out how to bid the job. (This is the formula I used. I am not sure if this is too high or if I am doing it correctly.) These are my figures per week: Labor and Materials: $168.00 ($12.00 per hr. per cleaner and 5% for supplies) Overhead: (35%) $58.80 (The book said overhead should be between 20-50%) Net Profit: (20%) $45.36 (The book said net profit should be between 10-28%) Total would be: $267.96 a week This makes the average cost $.09 per sq. ft. per week. Am I doing this correctly? (I used the formulas from How to Start a Cleaning Service -
What would be a price to charge for hand sweeping a warehouse? How much to charge to clean aluminum mini blinds in a work place?
I am new to the business and I have to place a bid on a 13,000 sq. ft. post- construction cleanup for medical facility for military families. It has no windows, 14 multi-stall baths, 4 single baths, 20 exam rooms, 8000 sq. ft. of VCT and the rest is 5000 sq. ft. of carpet that will be installed. They want walls wiped down, and a wet mopping throughout before another company finishes the floors. My biggest obstacle is I just viewed it on 1/18, the contractor hands over the keys on 1/31, but they still have a lot of things going on in there and I wonít be able to get in until 1/29, which limits my time because of other schedules and itís only during night hours. I donít know how to charge for this. Iím in the Savannah Ga. area. I donít know what the going rate in this area is or if I should be charging by sq. ft. or by the job.
I have been asked to bid on floor maintenance in a 46,000 sq. ft. grocery store. They want it scrubbed and buffed daily. My questions are: What would be the appropriate equipment for the job? How many hours will the job take to sweep, scrub, and buff? What is the going rate per square foot with me providing the equipment, materials, and labor? How often is it recommended to strip and refinish? How often is it recommended to scrub and re-coat? Should the daily price include strip and re-coat or should this be a separate charge?
How do I know how much my company is worth?
I have been asked to bid on stripping and refinishing a 20,000 square foot T J Maxx store. I need to know what would be a good bid without under bidding. The store is about 40 miles away. This is my first time bidding.
When a client wants a bid on a 3 day a week or a 5 day a week cleaning, what is a formula to use on pricing?
I asked this question before, but what do you guys consider a fair "profit" after all expenses have been paid? I clean for a building that is about $1,700 per month, it takes about 5 hours daily to clean, and after paying employees, payroll taxes, overhead... I walk with about $150.00 per month "after all expenses have been paid". The place is about 10,266 sq ft. I try to keep my profit for 5 day a week accounts about 9 to10 percent, but I donít know if thatís fair or too low? What would you consider that a fair percentage?
What would you consider a fair profit? A low profit? A high profit? In a percentage form.
I have some accounts that I been cleaning for over three years. The price on some of these was based on me paying my employees $8.00 per hour. Now, with me giving the employees a yearly raise, I have to pass this down to my customers. And other accounts are bid too low. How do I go about raising my prices. I have a big fear that they will look elsewhere if I do. Thank you.
What should we charge for one time residential cleaning, and what should we charge for one a week residential cleaning? We start our employees at $9.00 per hour, and I have been charging $28.50 per hour, 4 hour minimum. Is this way out of bounds?
I have been asked to give a bid to clean a 14,000 sq. ft. office building. The building is a few years old and has been vacant for 1 year. Our client wants a top-to- bottom cleaning, including removing adhesive lettering from several doors and cleaning bugs out of light fixtures. There are six restrooms, 2 kitchen/break areas. With the exception of the restrooms and kitchen floors, everything is carpet. We are doing entranceway windows only and basic sweeping and vacuuming. How should I bid this job to provide quality work and make a profit? I bid it at $45 per hour, estimating 91.5 hours. If I am way off I have a couple of weeks to change.
I am being asked to bid on a 20,000 sq. ft. grocery store. The floors need to be swept, mopped and buffed nightly. I figure that, with two people, this will take about 6 hours per night. My question is, if I am paying my employees $14 an hour each + overhead costs (mops, buckets, solutions, buffer machine, etc.) would charging 85.00 per hour be too low? In my area, the average per hour rate is very difficult to find.
I would like to start a commercial cleaning business. Where should I start? How can I go about it?
I am in the process of preparing a bid for an office building in Miami, FL. They have requested a quote as a per hour/porter rate. They need one porter from 2:30 pm-10 pm and an additional porter from 6:00 pm-10 pm. I will be paying the porters $9.00/hour. What would be an appropriate rate to charge the building per hour / porter?
We are bidding on a job to remove a year of finish build up (coated approximately every 5-6 weeks) and then refinished with 5 coats. The store will be open during the stripping and finishing, (owners will not close). Can you give us an idea of an approximate charge and the time it would take with a 3 man crew?
I am just moving my business into commercial work. I am bidding on a 150,000 sq. ft. office building. My workers can work at a rate of 3000 sq ft per hour, but they want the bid priced "per square foot". I donít know the going rate or how to figure it. Most of the work will be daily cleaning; however, there will be weekly stripping/finishing and buffing of lobby areas as well as monthly carpet cleaning. There will be semi-annual strip and refinish of resilient floor areas. Is there a base and then another price for the floor care added? I have submitted several bids and been too high by just going by my usual hourly rate. My workers are great and do good work and I know if I can just win a bid my new clients will love the service. I live in the San Diego area.
I am placing bids for cleaning manufactured homes. The companies have 18 homes on their lot to show; most of them have very little, if any furniture, requiring basic vacuuming, sweeping and dusting, no restroom or mopping. Each home is approximately 1,000 sq ft. What would be a good rate to bid on this size of job?
A client recently purchased a used home with 1500 sq. ft. of 3/4 oak flooring that is in good shape and wants us to refinish the floors with a high gloss finish. How should we clean it and what should we charge since the home is empty?
I need know how to estimate the cost for cleaning elevator windows on the inside of a glass hoistway of a building. And also, how much is a fair market price for this service in the southeastern region?
I am going to bid on a 20,000 sq.ft. building. Half of the building is carpet and the other half is VCT. I have not done a building this big before. My questions are, how long do you think this will take to clean, and is $20.00 an hour (my normal charge) too much or to little to be charging? It is just my husband and I that do the work. We do not have employees.
What should we be charging to clean commercial tile and grout; about 1000 sq. ft. with no sealer.
We will bid 4,950 sq. ft. at an airport. There are 7 terminals that will need some cleaning. Most of the floor is carpet; 700 sq. ft. is divided into concrete, terrazzo and tile. I think it would take about 4 hours to clean, but the walking to the terminals should take over an hour. They want green products used. Should I use zone cleaning or team cleaning? And how many people would I use? HELP WITH ANY INFORMATION. Due in 6 days.
A client has a new 4400 sq. ft. VCT tile floor he is having installed. How much should I charge to strip and finish it, including materials and projected labor?
I would like to know if there is a formula for paper supply consumption.
How can I find out what the going rates are for contract cleaning in Philadelphia, PA? Rates for cleaning buildings, hard floors, carpet.
How much should I charge to strip and refinish about 800 square feet of hair salon vinyl tile floor?
We are going to bid on a church that is 13,000 sq. ft. Clean once a week. As of now they havenít moved in. When they do, there will be 2 restrooms; one has 5 stalls, the second has 2 stalls and a urinal. 3 offices, plus 1 youth room, 2 child care rooms, kitchen with stove, ovens, cabinets, walk-in refrigerator, cafe area with tables and chairs, 3 entrances with tile areas to be mopped and cleaned. We are to vacuum all other rooms, mop bathrooms, dust in video room, entrance area carpet, stage area with podium, etc. Estimate cost and time, and how many workers.
The building that I am bidding on is a Gold certified LEED facility. It is approx. 50,000 sq ft. but only 18,300 is going to be used for a surgical center. What is the going rate per square foot on LEED buildings? They will pay for building supplies.
I have a bid for a theatre with 8 show rooms, the area where popcorn and candy gets sold, 1 arcade area, 1 men's bathroom with about 8 toilets plus the sinks, 1 women's bathroom with about 12 toilets plus the sinks. We must vacuum the whole theatre area. I would say the whole place is about 20,000 sq. ft. I am thinking about charging $2,688.00 per month, but I honestly have no idea if I am charging a reasonable amount. I don't know if I am undercharging or overcharging. With this rate I will pay for 2 employees at a pay rate of $8.25 an hour. The job is to be done 7 days a week, for 3 hours a day. Please give me your thoughts!
I have a 45,000 sq. ft. three floor office building to bid on in the Cleveland, Ohio area. I need to know the average rate per sq. ft. for this area. There are 6 restrooms and several small kitchen areas that will need detailed cleaning daily. The rest is just floors (wood & carpet) & trash to be done daily as well. And some limited dusting.
Iím in the Syracuse, NY area and I need some info on bidding. What is a normal estimate that one person can clean per sq. foot per hr.? Do you charge separately or all together when you bid? Do you charge for how many garbage cans to empty, how many bathrooms to clean, the sq. footage to vacuum, sweep, or mop, or do you just add everything together no matter what the cleaning is per sq. ft.? What is the commercial charge right now a square foot? How do I analyze and come up with a fair square footage charge? What is a fair profit to pocket per year from a cleaning contract?
I have to bid a 50,000 sq. ft. building in the Milwuakee area. The 3 level building is carpeted, has 8 bathrooms, and they want cleaning twice per week. My question is, How much should I charge for this project?
I have a bid for 40,000 sq. ft. 10,987 is carpet; the rest is linoleum. How many people do I need per day and how many hours per day will it take to clean?
We are just starting our business and we want to visit many grocery stores. Our services are scrubbing, buffing, refinishing once a month, and stripping twice a year .We know the time for each store, but my question is, How much we can charge or bid? We are two guys running this business.
Iíve been cleaning office buildings for years, but now Iím looking to start my own cleaning business. My question is, How do you determine the square footage of areas that are not squared, but oval or circular?
Presently, my company maintains the floors in six super markets. The average square footage ranges from 30k to 40k per store. We dust mop, autoscrub, and burnish (propane) every night, seven days per week. We are paying $9.00 per hour for labor. We provide all equipment, mops, etc. and floor finish. The only item the store supplies is the actual cleaning chemical used to autoscrub the floor on a nightly basis. I have placed the cost per hour at $22.00. I have found that just doubling the labor rate seems to be a little short as a method of determining the rate per hour. Besides the floor finish, my biggest expense is equipment repair for the autoscrubbers and the propane burnishers (the equipment is only 2.5 years old). Is there a general rule of thumb to determine the rate per hour on floor maintenance seven days per week? We deep scrub and recoat (2) every ninety days.
For some time, I have been conducting time studies on the amount of square footage that can be stripped and refinished by our team members. I have seen several articles on benchmarking, but no one comes out and says, "On average, you should be able to complete xxxx square feet per eight hour shift." Is there an industry standard that would provide that? Granted, there are a number of variables (well, a lot), but on average, with average equipment and ample materials, what can be expected from a team of floor care techs?
I need to know how much to bid on just labor to strip new VCT tile to remove mill finish and apply four coats of floor finish to floor. Burnish floor after 24 hours after final application. Open area with nothing to be moved. The job is 122,000, but will only do around 5000 feet per night.
I need help figuring out how much to bid for a 50,000 square foot Edwards theater going up. The bid consists of the construction clean up throughout the entire duration of the project. It will be a 10 month job and I will need about 5 workers plus myself on site 7 to 8 hours a day M-F. The clean up consists of your basic clean up of the job site everyday inside and out, hauling out trash and debris, doing floor maintenance and pressure washing. At the end, there will be a final clean up. Throughout the project I will be responsible for changing burned out bulbs and air filters in HVAC units. How should I charge a job like this?
For a year now, Iíve cleaned a 2,600 sq. ft. office space once a week. I charge $250.00 per month. Even though this office is small, it has desks all over the place, carpet, vinyl plank, and 5 bathrooms. I spend around 2.5 hours cleaning it. I tried to figure out how much I charge per sq ft, so here is what I did: $250.00 / 2,600 sq ft = The result is $.096 per sq. ft. $250.00 x 12 month = $3,000 per year 3,000 / 52 weeks = $57.69 per week 57.69 x 5 days a week = $288.00 per week 288.00 x 52 = $14,999 per year 14,999 / 12 month = $1,249 per month 1,249 / 2,600 sq ft = $.48 per sq. ft. I know it is complicated, but can someone help me? I don't know what Iím doing wrong. Which one is it? $.09 or $.48? The 0.09 is way too low, the 0.48 is way too high. I already have this account, and Iím doing fine. I have been in business for over 2 years, and know I really want to stop guessing prices, and start really making them work for me.
I want to start a strip-refinish and maintenance company for a local grocery store. I have been working in janitorial for two years. Many store managers have suggested I put in a bid to the corporate headquarters of the company I work for. There are two shifts to do the strip-refinish maintenance: Day porter shift (one employee) and night shift- (two employees to strip and refinish, scrub, buff floors, take trash out, clean restrooms, change buckets of dirty water). These shifts are seven days a week working with the store contract schedule. I researched how local companies do similar work for local retail business. They act like subcontractors of a national company; however, they don't put enough effort to do the right work. That is why store managers tell me I need to place a bid. I know the prices for machinery I need to use, the labor, the insurance, and all related details. My worry is how to place the bid. I don't know how to do it. I think I should go to the main office and tell them I want to start my company and want to place a bid, but I'm not sure that is the correct way to do it. Do you have a template with the formal way to introduce my bid? And a template to make a portfolio of the company? I want everything to look professional and to maximize the chances of getting the bid awarded to me. I really appreciate your help.
I have been asked to bid on a 7000 sq. ft. office building. I would be cleaning twice a week. Cleaning would include dusting, windows, floors, bathrooms, desks, a small kitchenette, and baseboards. What would be a fair rate to bid?
Iíve previously submitted my question in regard to providing janitorial cleaning services for 7 days a week at several city facilities in California. Approximately 200,000 sq. ft. are involved. What would be the best way to bid, by sq. ft. or man-hours? We also need to supply all paper goods and keep three day porters on site all week.
I am taking bids to strip and refinish a 10,000 sq. ft. facility. After stripping, I would like 4 coats of finish applied. How much per sq. ft. should I expect to pay? And, how much to do a scrub and recoat?
Iím bidding on several Caseyís stores with two different estimates. One is for stripping and refinishing with chemicals provided at 40 cents a sq. ft. and the other for scrubbing and refinishing at 30 cents a sq. ft. with chemicals provided, also. There will be at least ten stores, and a one-way driving distance of about an hour. Is this too high? With fuel costs, chemicals, and labor, I feel Iím average.
We were asked to do a bid on an 8500 sq. ft. building. It only has 1 unisex bathroom with a toilet, shower, and sink. It has one kitchenette and approximately 20+ cubicles. It is mostly carpet. We have to include semi-annual carpet cleaning of heavy traffic areas. My question is: Should we do 2 separate bids, one for cleaning 2 days per week and one for carpet cleaning? We charge $35 per hour. What should we charge for a government building? They want this by the square foot. $35 per hour. What should we charge for a government building? They want this by the square foot. We charge $35 per hour.
Project: Newly constructed school with 154,000 sq. ft. Final cleanup plus stripping of manufacturerís finish from hard surface floors. I donít know yet how much square footage of floors there is. Should I just give them a flat sq. ft. price, or one for final cleaning and another for floors?
I'm thinking about bidding on a carpet cleaning job for a 110,000 sq. ft. government building. They want carpet cleaning 4 times a year, for a 2 year period. I have found that under bidding is major problem in my area. What is a competitive bid? I was thinking about bidding .5 cent per square foot.
How do I calculate how much to quote for consumables such as paper towels, hand soap, liners, toilet paper? Isn't there a quick way to do it by the square foot per building? I have been using $.0015 per square foot.
We are located in Goshen, Ohio. We've been in business for 4 months. We have done a lot of cold calling to locate clients and to secure cleaning contracts. We have done several bids and have been told by at least four potential clients that we are 'WAY TOO HIGH'. Our last bid was a child care facility in Goshen, Ohio. The facility has 3,655 sq ft of carpet and 3,644 of VCT flooring. For two nights a week at $35.00/hr was $280/wk for general janitorial cleaning. For three nights a week at $30.00/hr was $360/wk. Monthly billing for two nights a week totaled $1,213/mo and three nights a week the monthly billing was $1,560/mo. General cleaning included vacuuming and edge all carpets, sweep & mop hard floors, trash removal, feather dust and damp wipe all office furnishings, dust window sills & ledges, clean & sanitize restroom and kitchens, clean overhead light fixtures once a month. Facility supplies paper products and trash bags. On a separate quote we bid the carpet shampooing and extraction at .25/sq ft. for 3,655 sq ft. which added up to $914. For smaller target areas we quoted .30/sq ft. For hard floor cleaning for complete strip & wax for 3,644 sq. ft. we quoted .40/sq ft. which adds up to $1,458 and we supply the chemicals. For a complete neutral scrub and spray buff for same sq footage we charged .25/sq. ft. which adds up to $911. For smaller target areas we quoted .30/sq ft. Quote included wiping down all base boards. These bids include only the two owners working the entire jobs. What do you think we are doing wrong? Are these bids way too high in your opinion?
We have a new out-of-state janitorial company that has come into the Jackson, MS area and is bidding Class A office space at .055 per square foot. This includes carpet cleaning, hard floor stripping and finishing, and 5 day-a-week cleaning. How is he doing it for this price?
My husband works seven days a week cleaning a ten-room movie theater. His boss suggested we start up our own company, but wonít tell us how much he gets for that job. Heís paying my husband around 2 thousand bi-weekly. How much would you suggest we charge a movie theater for regular cleaning 365 days a year?
How can I start my commercial cleaning company?
I am bidding on several schools. As part of the contract, paper products are included. To do the bid I needed to know a rough number, or average of how many cases of toilet paper, hand towels, and soap cases they use per month. They did not have this information for me and I am having difficulty finishing my bid. So my question is . . . what is the average use of paper/soap products in an elementary school setting- 140 kids, 18 staff, 7000 sq. feet?
We recently submitted and lost a bid on a 30,000 sq. ft. office building. 72 work cubicles, 15 management offices, 3 gigantic conference rooms (one which seats 80 people at 20 tables). Restrooms: 11 urinals and 23 toilets, 22 sinks, 2 shower stalls. Breakrooms: 3 rooms with combined seating for 100, 5 refrigerators, 5 microwaves. Combination Floors of marble, tile, hardwood, and carpet. Glass doors with fanlights everywhere and lots of granite or wood horizontal surfaces. 6 days per week service with an estimated 15 labor hrs. per service. We bid $5700.00 per month. Where did we go wrong?
I have an opportunity to do move out cleanings for a local apartment complex. They want a very detailed cleaning, including stove and fridge, on all their units. I do now have to do steam cleaning/shampooing of carpets. I want to know what the going rate is to do this type of cleaning? How would I estimate a 1 bedroom/1bath, 2 bedroom/1bath....and so on? Would I be completely out of line to estimate as follows? (Prices ranging from $187 to $259) Do my prices seem reasonable or are they too high? What would you recommend?
We are bidding on a contract we currently own. We need to know the average cost per sq. ft. on cleaning a medical facility.
I need to give a quote for scrubbing a 5,000 sq. ft. warehouse floor and then applying two coats of a static free epoxy coating. How much should I charge per sq. ft?
We must provide supplies and clean the walls, windows, floors and do initial cleaning of 19,000 square foot of an old hospital so a new business can occupy the space. How long should it take and how much should I charge?
I want to know if a rate of $.198/ month is appropriate for a 23,000 sq. ft. building with regular general maintenance. All the office rooms are carpet. There is approximately 6,000 sq.ft. of linoleum flooring which will require finishing. Includes carpet cleaning. It will be done 6 days a week and I will include exterior cleaning (picking up paper cups, trash, debris) We are charging $4,554.00 a month.
We recently submitted and lost a bid on a 30,000 sq. ft. office building. 72 work cubicles, 15 management offices, 3 gigantic conference rooms (one which seats 80 people at 20 tables). Restrooms: 11 urinals and 23 toilets, 22 sinks, 2 shower stalls. Breakrooms: 3 rooms with combined seating for 100, 5 refrigerators, 5 microwaves. Combination Floors of marble, tile, hardwood, and carpet. Glass doors with fanlights everywhere and lots of granite or wood horizontal surfaces. 6 days per week service with an estimated 15 labor hrs. per service. We bid $5700.00 per month. Where did we go wrong?
I am bidding on a 40,000 sq. ft. gym. It is to be done 7 days a week and includes: cleaning over 1000 exercise machines, 10 bathroom stalls, 9 shower stalls, 2 saunas, and a cafe. This includes dust mopping and wet mopping the floors and cleaning all mirrors and doors. We have two people 3-4 hours per day.
We have the opportunity to work with two major companies in our area; one is construction and the other is a disaster restoration specialist. Our company normally charges by the sq. foot, but one company is requesting I give them a basic labor rate or hourly minimum. We normally charge between $400.00-700.00 per house with a 2-3 person crew. The company stated they are paid by the insurance company and the insurance company has set rates to pay out. How do I bid this and not lose this potential client?
I have a residential cleaning company and received an opportunity to clean an office building that has approximately 5,450 sq. ft. I donít know how much I should charge. The client is still deciding if he wants it cleaned every night or every other night. I would really appreciate some feedback.
How do you price a large retail/condo complex (50,000- 100,000 sq. ft.? If by square foot, how much per sq. ft.?
I recently opened a cleaning company and need help with a bid for a 35,000 sq. ft. building with 4 three-stall restrooms. I would clean it 5 days a week.
How would I bid on a 59,000 sq. ft. medical facility with 25 restrooms? Also, there will be bio-hazard handling. How long will it take 2 people to clean daily?
I have been asked to clean 3 suites similar to a bed and breakfast. All have bathrooms, and the beds are to be made, and towels replaced along with other needed items, which will be provided by the owner of this business. I will wash the towels, and pick up sheets left at a nearby cleaners. The facility operates 7 days a week and cleaning time will be 3 hrs a day, maybe? I estimate this should only take one person to do, but my problem is calculating a price, by the hour or by the job? The client prefers the hours. What would be your take on this?
I will be stripping and refinishing 15,000 sq. feet of floors. I would like to know how much I can charge per sq. ft.
I live in rural Oklahoma and am trying to bid on a 34,000 sq .ft. building for after- hours cleaning. It involves carpet, tile flooring and ten 5-stall restrooms, a faculty lounge, 21 offices & 6 upper and lower lobbies and hallways. I guess I need to know the formula you folks use to figure out the hours needed to clean and how to go about how to figure what to charge the state for cleaning this area 5 days/wk- 5 hours/day.
How much do I charge per sq. ft. for cleaning restrooms with a spray and vacuum system?
We have been asked to submit a bid for cleaning and sanitizing about 1000 mattresses for one of the dorms. We have found a process that we think meets the requirements, but have no idea of what to charge. Can you make a suggestion for a system and for competitive prices?
I recently walked thru a production company building of 30,000 sq. ft. They need cleaning 5 days/wk in the evenings. The current cleaner takes 3 hrs to clean. Most of the building is carpet. The Job Specifications are as follows. I have 4 cleaners at a rate of $7.50/hr, and myself supervising at $8.00/hr, 3 hrs/day as well. That is as far as I have gotten in this bidding and they want me to hand in the bid ASAP. What am I missing in price for this bid? I supply the equipment and supplies. I went with hourly pay instead of sq. ft. Do I need to add sq. ft. costs in the bid price as well?
I was called to look at a Harris Teeter food market to be stripped and refinished with (3) coats of finish. Can you give me some info on how I would bid 38,150 square feet of floor?
I have been asked to put in a bid in a government building. It is 12,250 square feet. 4400 is tile, 800 is concrete and the rest is carpet. They only want it cleaned one time for now. Just a good, thorough general cleaning. Mopping, dusting, vacuuming, restroom cleaning, window cleaning, etc. I have never charged by the square foot, so I am wondering what the typical price is to charge per square foot in WV?
I'm a subcontractor and would like to know how much I should charge to scrub and buff a 19,000 square feet store using a 26 in. NSS auto floor scrubber and a 27 in. buffer. The contractor is supplying all the equipment and cleaner. I'll also sweep after buffing. What should I charge for this job by the month?
Recently, there was a question regarding the national average for hospital cleaning per hour --1,500 to 2,000 square feet per hour. Do you have a national average (benchmark) for time to clean a nursing home resident room, or a number for square foot cleaning?
How much should I charge for cleaning a 20,000 sq. ft. office building that has 2-3 stall restrooms, 2-unisex restrooms, some offices (4-6 total), not sure how many cubicles. We would just be vacuuming, mopping, and getting trash in these areas, maybe 1-2 days a week. Iím not sure how much to bid it at or what my proposal should contain. If you can help me figure this out it would be great; this is our first time doing this big of a job. We usually clean houses, so weíre a little lost on how to approach this or what to charge.
I want to clean residential homes located through real estate companies. I have never priced house cleaning. How do I charge?
You said: "If a building requires six days a week, you would add 16.7% to the price and for seven days add 28.6% to the square foot price." How did you calculate these percentages?
I have a 30,000 sq. ft. retail building where they want a one-time post construction clean up. How much should I charge out here in California? Lots of dust and sawdust in every nook and cranny.
I just opened the business in Central Texas and will be attempting to obtain new clients starting tomorrow. Where can I obtain information about average rates per square foot per week for my area? This vital piece of information is preventing me from moving forward.
We were offered a job to polish the VCT floors at the facility where we work. Itís about 10,000 sq. ft. How much should I to charge to maintain the floors?
How I can buff a concrete floor with epoxy finish? What kind of pads and what kind of floor buffing machine do I need to do this kind of job? How much should I charge per square foot if it is over 1000?
I have a car dealership for bidding. There is a total of 4,367 sq. ft. of ceramic tile, 2,416 sq. ft. of carpet, 3 restrooms with 16 fixtures total, 1 lunch area with 2 microwaves and one sink, 2 entry doors, and a 2,336 sq. ft. concrete service area to be swept and mopped twice a week. They need 6 days a week cleaning. How long should it take and what should I charge?
I need to know how much to charge for a 7000 square foot day care center, cleaned 5 days a week.
I am bidding on a plant with several offices and small rooms. I have this account already. This is a re-bid. Example: One office is 1840 sq. ft. x $.14 = $25.76. It takes about 60 minutes to walk back and clean it. Next office is 5620 sq. ft. at $.14 it is $78.68. It takes about 1 hr. 30 minutes to clean. I pay employees $8.50 / hr. Supervision is not included. Do you notice the difference in price?
We have been using patient days to drive our labor budgets for years now. I am wondering what the national average for hospital cleaning per hour is. Is it still around 1,500 to 2,000 square foot per hour or has it gone up?
I can do small projects that are 2000 to 4000 sq. ft. but I now have an opportunity to bid on 12,000 sq. ft. I have never had to bid on anything this big. Can you help with how the math is done per sq. ft.?
I live in Florida and would like to know the charge to clean a 43,000 sq. ft. country club. It has 5 dining rooms, 8 bathrooms with showers, rugs, wood floor, many windows (250 window ledges), desks, tile and rugs, tables to be dusted, an employee area, bars, 3 elevators, and 4 stair cases.
We recently were asked to place a bid on day cleaning at one of our local schools. We have never taken on a project this large before. So, my question is, how do we even begin to quote such a job?
I live in Iowa and am curious about how to bid a job of 30,000 sq. feet in a manufacturing business. We will strip and refinish twice a year as well as scrubbing and high speed burnishing with spray buff once a week. The bid would be for labor only, since the customer would provide all supplies What is the going rate in Iowa for scrubbing, sweeping, and spray buffing with a 24 in. burnisher (20in. scrubber)? The client provides the materials; I provide the equipment and man hours. What is the charge to scrub a 30,000 sq. ft. tile floor with a 20 inch scrubber and a 24 inch burnisher with a spray buff included? This will be done once a week with the client providing all the cleaning supplies. I will provide the manpower and equipment. They also want a biannual stripping and refinishing with the same terms and conditions.
What should I charge to clean a restaurant seven days a week?
How do you price pressure washing of vinyl siding?
We clean the common areas in a small medical building. The contractor we replaced is a much larger union company. We know from the property manager that our monthly fee for the common areas is about the same. However, the previous contractor cleaned for some of the tenants in the facility. We have the opportunity to clean for the tenant(s). We estimate one office will take 1.25 man hours to clean once a week. The previous contractor charged a monthly rate of $78.00 to the tenant regardless of whether there were four or five services that month. How is a large union company like that able to charge so little?
I am starting a company to clean small buildings, etc. and was wondering if there is a website where I can learn what the sq. ft. prices are in Atlanta, Ga.
A company wants me to bid the floor cleaning of a 300,000 sq. ft. warehouse using their rider scrubbing machine, so I can take the cost of using their equipment into consideration for my price. The actual amount of cleanable space is 150,000 sq. ft. Charging $.04 per sq. ft., the monthly billing would be $6000. The hiring manager says it takes the current guy about 3 hours a night. If I charge $18/hr., my bid would be about $1080 a month. I know which proposal the hiring manager would prefer, but which proposal should I use? I am not worried about my overhead.
I would like to submit proposals for beauty salons and spas. How much per sq. foot should I charge in NJ? Should I make cold calls on the phone and make an appointment, or just drive around and do a walk-in? How many bids I should submit per week to get at least one account weekly?
My partner and I are researching a bathroom cleaning business. How do we estimate a bid using the Kaivac no-touch systems?
Are there cleaning service companies that specialize in cleaning casinos? If so, can you give some names?
What is the square footage price to shampoo carpet in the Northeast? As well as strip/finish a tile floor? Should we combine the prices or list them separately?
Is there a test procedure that will determine the type of finish and number of coats on a VCT tile floor? What are the determining factors and related procedures that effect whether or not one can strip off just part of a multi-coat finish?
What is the going rate per sq. ft. for encapsulation cleaning in commercial buildings?
How do you price grout cleaning for a rest room roughly 200 sq. ft.? Traffic areas are rough, but the rest is not too bad. Iím using steam vapor. How about construction clean up on 15,000 sq. ft. of gym floor. Is 20 cents /sq.ft. sufficient?
I have to bid on construction clean-up for a medical office, with 13,400 sq. ft. 7000 sq ft. is tile with 1800 sq. ft. of carpet and the balance sheet linoleum. There are 35 windows, all ground accessible. VCT will be refinished with 3 coats. Is there a general clean-up rate for construction? I figure roughly 30 hours.
I have been invited to meet next week with the CEO of a company that has six different locations and all I have are cards and flyers. Can you tell me where/how to put together a proposal/presentation?
I need to know how much can I charge to clean mini-blinds and fluorescent lamp fixtures.
I just started my business and I received a request to clean a building that is 6000 sq. ft. Iím not sure about how much to charge.
I just opened a business and I would like to start cleaning offices/ buildings. How much should I charge per sq. ft. here in Seattle, WA and what will be a good way to promote my company? Also, are there any websites where I can get more information about other cleaning services such as construction and residential rates in WA?
I am proposing a parking garage sweeping contract to a facility with 10 parking garages, each about 40,000 sq ft. I will be using a ride-on sweeper with about 50,000 sq. ft. of cleaning coverage per hour and a run time of 6-7 hours per charge. Will you please suggest a way of putting the contract together? How much per square foot to sweep? And maybe an option for a yearly or bi-yearly scrub with chemical.
Whom do I ask to find out how many square feet there are in a building?
We are a new company bidding on our first building, which is a Pepsi facility. The contract will include janitorial services along with floor cleaning. We estimate the hard floor and carpet square feet to be approximately 40,000. Can some one tell us how we bid on this type of a building to compete with other well known cleaning companies?
I am bidding on 12 branches of a local bank. The size ranges between 2,000 to 4,000 Sq Ft. They want service 3 times per week. There is some distance involved. How can I give them a good fair price that will not only get me the contract, but be in line with other contractors? Is there a formula that I can use? I can't afford any software yet so can you give me some guidance and HELP?
Is it fair to charge 10 per cent a month for a building that is 30,000 square feet and up?
I have an invitation to bid on three buildings in Houston, Texas. They are 10,000, 12,000, and 20,000 sq. ft. respectively, all done five nights a week. What is the charge per sq. ft. for nightly cleaning in this area, and what would we charge for a three times a week service?
This is my first bid ever and I would like to know if there is a simple way to get the cleanable area of carpet in an office. The floor space is actually 12000 sq. ft. but there are cubicles, furniture, etc. So is there a formula that would get close to the cleanable area? I have been told that 2/3 of that would be very close to right. Any thoughts would help.
We are bidding on a government job and they are using a variety of pricing methods. Primarily, we are asked to submit cleaning prices for "hundred square feet". Is there a concise formula to reflect pricing in hundred square feet instead of the usual square foot pricing?
I have recently been asked to bid on a small movie theater that has 4 screens with approximately 224 seats in each theater. The companyís former policy of hiring their own janitors and their lack of knowledge in building maintenance for at least the past 15 years has created a very big mess. I am fortunate enough to employ someone who worked there 15 years ago who has given me some good information about how they were instructed to clean. According to my source, she was given 5 hours daily, seven days a week to clean. She admits to not being able to get everything done in that time. I have estimated 8 hours daily to clean all theaters with 2 restrooms (4 stalls each) and a 40x40 concession area. In addition to the daily cleaning, I must also propose upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning. They are in danger of being closed down and the business is not doing well (comments in local paper about the condition and cleanliness). How can I submit a proposal to maintain profitability and yet try to educate them that the neglect has caused the need for additional services without offending them? Any insight or firsthand experience cleaning theaters would be greatly appreciated.
I want to know what to charge per square foot for cleaning in the Chicago area?
This is a request for advice on how to develop an independent government cost estimate for cleaning the restrooms on this air base. The labor cost is not a problem. We will use the wage for a janitor in the wage determination for our area from the Department of Labor. My first question is about estimating time. Is there a standard time per sink, a standard time per square foot of mirror, a standard time per stall, a standard time per urinal, and a standard time per square foot of tile floor, so that I just plug in my numbers to get a time for cleaning a specific restroom? My second question is how about how to estimate supplies. We want the contractor to supply the toilet paper, paper toilet seat covers, the paper towels, and the soap.
We are trying to determine our overhead rates and are looking for the correct formula. Is it best to determine overhead rates by dividing all indirect expenses from the P & L statement by the total of all direct expenses to achieve a percentage and then multiply that by the direct costs associated with each job that we are bidding on?
What is the going rate to strip, seal, and refinish hard surface floors with the contractor furnishing the materials?
I have a new vinyl floor that needs to be scrubbed,sealed, and finished. I gave an estimate of $800.00. Is this a good estimate?
My director has asked me how many square feet a housekeeper should be able to clean in an hour. I have 6 full-time housekeepers and 2 part-time housekeepers now. I feel I need at least one more full-timer to get everything done.
I am bidding on an 11,218 square foot transit (bus) building that is being LEED certified. I will be providing green janitorial services. Do I bid based on the square footage, and if so, what is the industry standard (I live in Charlottesville, Virginia)? If not on the square footage, then do I add up labor, supplies, etc.? And the question is what is the correct profit margin to build in?
I'm starting out with commercial properties which are 1200 - 1900 sq ft. (insurance business offices). My dad's business is in Indiana and he uses sq ft prices 10, 15, or 25 cents depending the job. He also told me how to determine a job using hrly rate. How do I determine these general rates in the Pennsylvania area?
What is the current price for billing per sq. foot?
I am interested in opening a post-construction cleaning business in the Okeechobee area of Florida. How much should I charge per sq ft and per window? I have seen many variations.
We have been asked to bid on the final cleaning of a 40,000 sq. ft. electronics store. The job includes carpets, all display fixtures, shelving, a concrete warehouse floor, windows, etc. We will be cleaning everything in the store for it to be turned over to the electronics company to move their products in and open for business. What do we charge? Any ideas on a sq. ft. charge for this type of job?
How much can I charge for painting apartment homes? I need painting done in a 1200 sq. ft. apartment. The job involves prep work, plastering, sanding, and 1/2 room removal of wallpaper. How much time and cost should I figure? It is a two man job since moving of furniture is involved.
I work for a company that has been in business for 13 years. We are opening an office in Atlanta which is a new market for us. I have run into problems of over-bidding strip and refinish jobs for small retail stores (under 15,000 sq. ft.). I have been bidding $.15 per square foot--a number that is used in the next closest market (Greensboro, NC). Is that price too high for Atlanta, assuming that the floors have been kept up over the years?
I live in Oregon and was wondering if anyone could tell me what would be the best way to bid a 33,000 sq. ft. scrub only on a concrete floor? The floor is new and has tire marks and dirt build up and should be fairly easy to clean. I am not sure if I should bid by the sq. ft. or by the hour. Also, would you know what the going rate would be in this area?
I am interested in doing some contract house cleaning, but do not have any idea how to estimate or bid it. Some of the contractors here do not need a bid, but I do not have any idea what to charge. I have been on your site and found it very helpful, but wanted to know how to charge in the Florida area.
Hi I have an opportunity to give an estimate on cleaning a concrete floor that has been clear sealed as I am really more a carpet cleaner some advise would be great, first of all and most importantly I need to know a ball park on how to charge for the cleaning the floor is around 115,000 sq. ft., I have not seen it yet but I guess there are some scuff marks etc.. Also types of chemicals and machines (I am thinking that those walk behind dual scrubbers would do the trick) that I should rent and how long do you think this process would take to do and if there any specialty stain products or procedures would be appreciated, Thank you, God Bless
To provide my customers with what I believe is a proper cost to strip, seal, and apply finish, I use the following procedure: I divide the square footage covered into the cost of a gallon of finish to get the finish cost per square foot. I do the same with the sealer and stripper. This is next multiplied by the square footage of the job. Is this the best way to get material costs? I also throw in the costs of the regular and finish mop heads, the scrub pad, and the floor machine rental. Then, I multiply the hours the job will take by $30.00 to get my labor cost to the customer. So far, I have been making a profit and my customers have not argued that Iím too high priced. Does this sound correct for charging a customer? Is this the best way to quote floor jobs like this?
I have provided some vacation relief (three weeks of office cleaning) in a building in NYC. They would like me to submit a proposal for a small job in their building. Their lobby has a 30 ft. carpet runner and they want to maintain it every 3 months. Clean, deodorize, and remove the gum. My questions are: What is the best method to clean and deodorize (hot water extraction, Cimex, etc.)? What could I charge for such a small job to make it worth my time. This is also a way to get my foot in the door for future jobs. They have 4 buildings.
What would be the rate to charge to clean a 50,000 sq. ft. warehouse floor that needs to be cleaned in one day so it may be sealed? This is in the North East. Also, what is the break-down scale for sq. ft. rates? We understand the higher the square footage, the lower the rate would be?
How much should I charge to strip and refinish 3,100 square feet of vinyl tile in a factory office and two break rooms? I was informed that cost per square foot rates have gone up to an 18-30 cent range. If I went with that information does that include materials, equipment, overhead expenses? Does it also factor in the labor by using the ISSA benchmark?
Is the $.16 cent per sq. ft. rate for cleaning a standard price nationwide, or does it vary? How much is it in Texas?
Is there is an industry standard for charging for paper supplies per square foot for a building that is run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?
How much should I bid a 235,000 sq. ft. hospital that needs 4 coats of wax, and the floor to be covered with paper?
I live in Dallas, Texas and the job is in Florida. The new VCT (200,000 sq. ft.) and SLV (35,000 sq.ft.) needs 4 coats of finish...2 coats, cover floor, then come back to do 2 more. Also, 40,000 sq. ft. of rubber floor needs cleaning only. I have man power availability. I understand travel expenses. I have to drive to Florida twice. Maybe pay a crew of 6, $100-$150 per day. What is a fair, yet profitable price for this job?
I own a small commercial company that I started about two years ago and have about thirty of my own accounts cleaning buildings and doing floor care. I am trying to find out what the deal is with sub-contracting six national chain pharmacy stores from another cleaning company. A typical store is around 7,000 sq.ft. and requires dustmop / autoscrub/ propane burnish once weekly. The travel to a couple of these stores is about 45-to 50 miles. I have a helper with me making $14.50 per hr. and the work takes us about one hour for which they pay us $150. We strip the floors one time yearly, and scrub and recoat them three times yearly. The strips pay $850 and the scrubs pay about $230 - $260. It takes us about 9 hours to strip and then three more to apply five coats of finish for a total of 12 man-hours. I usually have two workers with me when we strip, and just one to finish, or I stay and apply finish myself. They supply the stripper and finish. I supply everything else, including paying all relevant taxes, insurances, etc. I am unsure if I could be getting more money from this national contracting company. I know I can't get from them what I would charge on my own. I have had their accounts almost two years without any complaints or problems. Their customers are very happy with the service my company provides. Last week, out of the blue, they called to say they were replacing us with new contractors at two of our stores. The reason was they couldnít find subs for stores in a certain area and another contractor in my area that also subs for this company made a deal with them for more work close to home and in turn he would take care of stores that are 2-4 hours away. I am sure this is common practice throughout the industry and hopefully they will call me in time to take the stores back. I am just not sure if it is worth it. What is your opinion? I think I can make more money on my own, but these accounts have been pretty easy and profitable for us.
How do I estimate by square foot? Is there an average rate? I'm operating in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia.
What should I do when someone on the phone wants me to just submit a proposal and I have not seen the place?
I am in the process of starting my own cleaning business. I am trying to find out the average cost for cleaning a building, home, etc. based on square footage. Any information that you can provide will be greatly appreciated.
I am new to the janitorial business and I am trying to gather as much research as possible. I wanted to know where would be a good place for me to get a listing of industry pricing, expenses, and trends. Also, what are some things I should watch out for when starting up?
My wife and I clean a 10,000 sq. ft. day care center five nights a week. They asked me about stripping and refinishing the floors! How do I figure something like that? How many people, how many machines, how long, how much money? Sub-contract or not? How would I find a good company in my area to do the work if I don't want to do it myself?
This facility is a 10,000 square foot daycare that was added on to an existing church. My wife cleans this space Monday thru Friday. Our contract expires in September. How much should we charge per sq. ft.?
I have never bid on a government contract before and this one is a 24 hour 365 day interior and exterior grounds cleaning contract with required quality assurrance monitors, monthly scheduled and unscheduled inspections for a Youth Correctional Facility and an office bldg annex at seperate a location. It requires strict supervision and documentating procedures. I would like to know where I could find information on how to bid on government contracts.
I provide bi-monthly office floor care for a large grocery warehouse. I have been scrubbing/recoating the VCT portion for about three years. This weekend, I stripped two areas for the first time, using a 17 inch floor machine and it was a very slow process. As I will be asked in the near future to strip other, larger areas, I need to know an appropriate amount to charge for the work. The floors are in good condition, but have been burnished regularly, and have many coats of finish. To strip two rooms, approximately 1500 sq. ft., required eight gallons of commercial stripper, and three strippings of each floor. Labor was 18 man hours, much on hands and knees with putty knives. The outcome was beautiful, and I charged .40 sq.ft. Is this enough? It is far less profit than I receive from the scrub/finish, which usually provides $.16 /sq.ft. for 15,000 sq. ft., in the same general amount of time. Also, what range is reasonable and customary for commercial strippers who use the propane machines? Perhaps I could hire the stripping out while retaining the contract.
I have several questions. 1. What would be the estimate for cleaning a 356,470 sq. ft. park? 2. How many hours are needed and what size cleaning crew? 3. For weekend cleaning, are over-time hours paid? 4. After the festival is over, should all garbage be picked up? 5. Should the bill be based on square feet or on how many people were needed? 6. Would we charge additional for taking the garbage container to another place?
What is an average price to charge to clean carpets in apartment complexes (moving in/out) in the Atlanta metropolitan area?
Although I am new to the commercial cleaning business, I have 11 years experience in residential cleaning. I'm having trouble finding out what others charge for their services. I am going by the cost to run my business and am curious as to whether or not I am pricing too low. I am charging $0.08 / square foot for general office cleaning and $0.09 / square foot for deep cleaning. This is based on what I can afford to charge and still make a small profit in the Tulsa, Ok.area. Am I under charging? What is the best % of profit for a janitorial service to grow on? Is $10,000 a month for providing two general and one deep cleaning a week (about 20 hours) for a 10,000 square foot space reasonable?
Can someone help me. I need to bid on a 4,250 sq. ft. bank in New Jersey. The offices have carpet, the kitchen has VCT and bathrooms have tile that need stripping and scrub/wash. Other details include: 15 persons, 6 cubicles, 2 rooms for managers and 7 desks that need furniture polish. There are 8 inside windows (5x2) that wash and clean .The bank wants an initial cleaning of all partitions, vacuuming all carpets and 100% dusting of all surfaces. How much should I charge for initial cleaning and how much per month for 5 day a week service?
Do you know where I might find a proposal (example) for the cleaning of a bank. Any book or information how I can get this document.
My janitorial business is just starting. How do I find out who my competition is, and what are they charging?
I have a small cleaning business. I was recently refered to a Fire Restoration company who desperately needed a job done ASAP. The company they orginally hired quit. Because the job was already started they asked me to put in an hourly rate to finish the job. They are going to supply the chemicals and equipment. I just need to supply the crew. I bid $125hr for a 4 person crew. On a hand shake it was a deal. I switched some jobs around to beable to complete the job for this company. This evening I received a voice mail stating the boss said we should be able to do it for $75. I know I can not do the job job at that rate and make money after paying my employees and taxes. I guess what my question is what is a fair price? I am willing to come down a little bit, but not much. The job involves washing all ceilings and walls to remove soot, windows and furniture. The family still resides in the home. I know we will have to move furniture etc.. Any advice would be helpfull incase I am asked to do something like this in the future. Thank you, Wendy Wright
I have to bid a Best Buy Store and a Lazy Boy Store. Both will be completely empty when we clean up construction dust, etc. I don't see a great deal to do --- vacuum about 30,000 sq.ft. of carpet, clean some glass at the front, and clean a couple of new bathrooms. No shelving or display racks will be in place. I'm thinking about charging $.10 per sq.ft. This is a lot less than we normally charge, but I can't see us being there all that long.
We are going national with a franchise system and are at a point where the Rimrock and MITC programs are in our future. We have used the MITC program and were not impressed. We found that it underbid accounts and required way too much tweaking to be "right". What I have seen over and over again reading through your answers is "that it is difficult to determine pricing due to variables." I agree with you and for years have trained people to quote jobs with the mindset that they must know the work before they can quote it. My current bidding formula is based on a knowledge of cleaning and a basic understanding of the general market. The consultant that I am working with to streamline our operations has made a real stink with my assessment of the bidding process. He says that there has to be a way to create a benchmark for bidding regardless of the market. Years of knowing how to bid being questioned by someone with very little experience have brought me to my limit. What do you recommend? Is there an easy way to get this done?
Is it ethical for the window-cleaning subcontractor to ask me for all the drawings and specs for the project now in order for me to get a quote from them to include in my bid OR can I simply add pad to my bid and hire a window-cleaning subcontractor later on in the project?
What is average cost per sq.ft. for "Post Construction Cleanup" or "Pre Occupancy Cleanup" in Mid Atlantic region.We charge anywhere from 18 cents to as much as 28 cents per sq.ft.. Are we in line?
I have an opportunity to bid construct cleaning of a brand new restaurant and also the finish clean. I have used every formula I could find. The facility is about 6000 SF and would be responsible for everything. Acid washing the 2800 SF of tile, cleaning and polishing 800 SF of stainless steel equipment, 700SF of windows, etc. Could someone please help me. I so NEED this job. I have 5 employees plus myself. Thanks to all of you.
I'm not sure how to do an estimate for washable ceiling tiles and vents/diffusers. Do I "guesstimate" hourly plus supplies, or do I go with sq. footage?
I currently have a Building Services Contractor maintaining the hallways in one of our buildings. I would like to know how much I would save if our in-house staff were doing the floors. Do I subtract what the college is paying per square foot for the building minus the floor square footage the contractor is doing?
We have been doing floor stripping & refinishing for 18 years and it is extremely rare that we have requests to strip baseboards. However, we now have to strip a standard 4" vinyl base that is used in rooms that have VCT that we will also strip. Our price for stripping & refinishing floors has always been around the national average, which is currently $0.33 per sq. ft. I have always estimated jobs in the past by figuring time & materials. I generally estimate the time required to strip a hundred linear feet and use that as a base. However, in some larger buildings there can be close to a mile of baseboard & the time it takes to estimate the cleanable footage is too time consuming. There has to be a better & more efficient way to estimate. Is there a rule of thumb for pricing baseboard by the linear foot? Any suggestions?
What is the industry standard cost per sq. ft. for basic janitorial services? How many sq. ft. can a person clean in 1 hour? At present, I'm charging $0.13 a sq. ft.
How do I compete with a mom and pop janitorial companies that way underbid contracts, when they are doing the following; cleaning the property themselves, carrying no insurance, workmans comp, liability insurance, bonds of any type or paying taxes like they should? When I lose a bid I ask the people why and 100% of the time I am told because someone came in a lot cheaper than me. The prices I charge for cleaning reflect everything you need in order to have a legal and successful business in Oklahoma, however, these companies that I am refering to keep driving down the price so much so that when everything is said and done for that specific place the price ranges from five to eight dollars per hour.
Question: Would putting a proposal together with ISSA standards guarantee a valid proposal? Does an ISSA standard factor in traffic level, movement of furniture, and type of surface being cleaned?
I am hoping you can help me. I've been searching all over to find out what the pricing is per sq. ft. on 3 phrase rough cleaning on new construction. I live in California and need to bid on construction site that has 47 homes. I already have a contract with this developer to do the models. I've working with this company for 2 yrs. They are not satisfied with their rough crew and asked me to bid on it. Any info would be much appreciated, this is a whole new ball game for me. The models are the cream of the clean. Thank You, Renee
I have been providing custodial services for the local library for nine years. I'm looking for the price per square foot for custodial cleaning. I do have furniture to deal with. I have read your articles and you folks say to look for articles that Cleaning Management puts out. I've saved all their magazines. I've looked thru their web sight and I can't find any article that has this information. I know I've read it and had a figure some time ago. All I want is a figure for custodial cleaning per square foot with furniture. Can you help me?
I'm a new small commerical cleaning service in the Louisville, Ky market. Please advise me on software I can use to do complete bidding and work order templates taylored for my market.
If a company is currently using a cleaning service, what's the best way to approach that company about submitting your bid? What's the best way to ask when is there current contract due?
Where can I find a place to learn about bidding and estimating in the New Jersey area?
Is there anywhere I can get a general chart of average national (current) square footage rates (basic janitorial cleaning) for small, medium and large buildings that are serviced 1 x, 3x, and 5 x weekly. I understand that add ons are not considered basic duties.
I'm bidding on a one year contract with optional years and need help in fiquring out the increase percentage per optional year. If anyone can assist me it would be appreciated. Thank you
Hi, I have enjoyed reading the questions on your web-site and I need your help. I contract about 7,800 sq.ft. of cleaning at an insurance companyís training lodge. This includes 24 beds, 14 bathrooms, seminar rooms, a large dining and den area, a very large kitchen with commercial stove top. We strip and remake beds, and put out all the supplies. We clean all areas each time to have them ready for the next group of trainees. Others have told me that I do not charge enough for all the work that is involved. What would be an amount you feel would be right for this size lodge? I am ready to give a new quote for this coming year and need some help with this.
How do I get past a prospective businessí receptionist when attempting to submit a bid? Is it better to call or make a formal visit when trying to introduce a new company to a prospective client?
How do you estimate the cost for supplies for a multi-unit building? We are cleaning the building for a real estate company and there are many, many offices. Do you add for supplies by the square foot, or ?????
I'm bidding on a high rise for the first time and I'd like to figure out the cleanable sq. footage for the whole building. If I take the cleanable square footage of one of the floor levels (aside from the main floor), is it safe to multiply that square footage by the number of levels there are in the building? Or should I measure each and every level to be more accurate?
We recently received janitorial proposals which included cleaning to be provided for over 77,000 SF. The annual SF cleaned figures that vendors provided were "all over the map". I am now being asked to provide a standard formula of figuring this SF. Eventually, vendors proposing on our bids will be required to use this formula to figure annual cost per SF cleaned. It is our organization's attempt at getting "apples to apples" comparisons during our evaluations. I have always used the annual cleanable SF figure divided by the annual base contract (without options like carpet, paper products, etc.) to come up with SF cleaned annually. Has anyone ever taken this approach in their bidding process? If so, has it proven effective? Am I suggesting an "industry standard" formula as noted above or are there other formulas that I should be aware of that are just as effective for making comparisons?
Okay, I have a contract that is about 13,000 sq feet. I have had this contract for nearly 4 years, but the indivdual handling this account now went and checked other prices. Here is the kicker there is another 10,000 square foot building that the same company owns and i also have this contract. Needless to say he wanted to start to pick apart the contact piece by piece like to itimize the whole bid. I said i just give a flat rate on the work you would like done. So he went and got other bids and he knew i would be in that night cause i do the work he left the lowest bid on his desk for me to see. Don't really know how to handle this guy. The other company was the company they had let go prior to me arriving there nearly 4 years ago and well yes it is a Coporate Franchise. In which if i lowered my bid to there bid it would no longer would be worth my wild to handle those accounts. Was wondering if you have any thoughts on this problem i have.
The facilities department where I work manages multiple buildings that total approximately 1,000,000 gross square feet. Is there a general rule of thumb that determines the ratio of cleanable square feet to gross square feet?
Can anyone tell me what a reasonable amount of insurance to carry on a cleaning business is? I'm sure there are a lot of variables but I have been getting some outrageous quotes. In the thousands! I have spoken to some other cleaning companies and they say they pay under 1,000 for there policy. Regards, Sue
Please indicate the average number of square feet cleaned per employee per eight-hour shift.
Can you direct me to information that will assist me in bidding on the maintenance of a commercial kitchen? I have been asked by a large, upscale hotel in my area to bid on the maintenance of all common areas in their facility, and on the kitchens. I have no experience in kitchen cleaning. In addition to bidding/estimating, I need to understand procedures and methods.
Is there a rule of thumb to go by when quoting to strip and wax a floor? Such as $1.00 per square foot, .66 cents per square foot, etc. I have quoted two floor jobs and both say I am way too high, but they have not yet hired anyone else to do the stripping and waxing.
I need helping determining the monthly bid cost and the number of employees required on a certain project. I recently retired from the military and started a janitorial service business. I plan to propose a bid on a project consisting of two governmental buildings totaling about 26,000 sf (5,593 sf and 20,421sf). Both projects requires on-site employees from 8am - 4:30pm five days a week and a day porter in each building. Also, both sites have multiple bathrooms and showers and the service provider is responsible for all equipment & supplies. What method of bidding should I consider for this project? Thank you.
Is there an industry standard or book on bidding and estimating that will enable me to compete with the larger cleaning companies and franchises?
In a building where we do janitorial work, I have a day porter. The building manager always asks us for maintenance work plumbing, changing light bulbs, etc... How do I charge for that or is that the day porter's job? It is not in the Janitorial Contract. Thank You Arnold Torres
A vinyl floor (approximately 1,100 sq. ft.) requires stripping, sealing, and finishing. The chairs have missing glides to protect the floor from the black metal chair bases. The black finish from the chair bases has worked its way into the floor, almost into the vinyl. I quoted a price of $1,400.00 which is about $1.27 per sq. foot. Is that good or not so good for a quote to strip, seal, and apply 3 coats of finish?