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Monday, November 30, 2015

Production Rates

How long should it take to auto scrub/propane buff/dust mop a 40,000 sq. ft. food market?
I know there are national averages on how many FTE's are needed to clean an area. I am looking to update my totals. I know APPA uses sq. ft. My question is, what are the updated sq. ft. numbers for how much a person can clean in 8 hours? Also, a few years ago the national average for cleaning was 18,600 sq.ft. per 8 hours. I am wondering, is that still the average today?
Do you know where I could find a checklist for a custodial staff that needs to document its daily cleaning routine?
I am looking for the industry average cleaning production rate for a large fitness / health club. My gut feeling is about 3200 sq. ft. per hr., but I need to be more accurate than that. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Is there an industry average for sq. ft. coverage for cleaning for medical suites? These are office buildings of approx. 24,000 sq. ft. each with doctorsí offices.
We are an in-house operation, and I what to know what are the norms of percentage of cost for; daily and routine cleaning, benefits, and project cleaning (carpet cleaning, stripping & refinishing tile floors, window cleaning). Also, what are the current cleaning costs per sq. ft. for colleges and universities in the Southeast?
Are you able to provide any guidelines for the number of hours required per week to complete usual residential cleaning? Duties required would include all cleaning (windows, bathrooms, floors, etc), routine kitchen cleaning (but not cleaning out the fridge or the oven), garbage removal, changing bed linens and doing laundry. Guidelines based on number of rooms, square footage, or certain duties would all be helpful. We are a company of therapists who often recommend home making services for our injured/disabled clients.
Why are production rates often indicated in terms of unobstructed space? What is unobstructed space? I have several different types of buildings from gyms to accounting offices. Our production ranges from 1900 sq. ft. - 3500 sq. ft. per hour. Is this in the ball park?
I have been Laundry & Housekeeping Manager in a hospital for slightly over two (2) years. During that time, I frequently have heard a general productivity industry standard of 1000 square feet per hour for housekeeping in a health care setting. However, I cannot find any source where this number is written down. Are you aware of the source of this number?
Is there an industry standard for supervisor to employee ratio? For example, there should be 18 custodians for 1 supervisor, etc.
How does the production rate for the "no touch" Kaivac approach compare to traditional methods of cleaning restrooms?
What are the most current production rates for jan-san services?
As the federal government reduces frequencies from 5 days per week to 1 day per week we are finding that most time standards break down due to the fact that it takes longer to perform restorative work as opposed to daily work. Do you have any suggestions as to the percentage difference? Any other suggestions/comments are welcome.
I have the opportunity to bid on a cleaning contract in the state of Florida. My existing company is here in Massachusetts. The facility is a "huge" clubhouse for a 5,500 unit gated community. My initial questions are; do you know what the hourly pay rate for janitors in the state of Fl. is, and what would you expect to pay a working manager to oversee this operation? The clubhouse consists of several types of buildings (dance hall, library, internet cafe, arts and crafts room, and fitness center).
I am trying to determine industry productivity standards for patient unit cleaning in an acute care hospital. By way of example, we have a 9200 SF inpatient unit that consists of 28 beds, ( 21 Private Rooms and 4 Semi Private). I am trying to establish a benchmark relative to staffing models.
Do you have current published information as to how many square feet a worker should be able to clean per hour on average? Do you have any current published information as to how many square feet a worker should be able to clean per hour on average?
I understand that an association has put out a complete list of production rates for every task that is performed, from the time it takes to clean restroom fixtures to stairwells. Could you please tell me how I can get this document? Is there any cost for it? Do you know where I might also find other sources? Also, is there a way to show various production rates using back packs vs. uprights, team (gang) cleaning vs. zone cleaning?
I have an urgent question(s) for an expert. On 4/21/2005, I was asked by a prime contractor to give them a quote on (1) stripping & waxing - about 323,131 sq ft; (2) carpet shampoo - about 311,893 sq ft and (3) buffing - about 232,131 sq ft. I am experienced in preparing cost proposals. However, I urgently need to know about how many sq ft can a worker do in each of the three (3) work categories per man/hour. A best possible "guess estimate" is better than none. Thanks
I am seeking benchmaking information regarding sq. ft. assignment per custodian for state government facilities. Your assistance is appreciated.