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Monday, November 30, 2015

Cleaning Procedures

I have a customer who brought his vehicle by my office. Gasoline was spilled inside his car and the odor is persistent... How do I get rid of the gasoline odor from the fabric upholstery and carpet that is black?
What can be used to put a high gloss shine on a wood floor? What is a good floor stripper for hardwood?
Can you tell me how one can restore a white board that has been damaged by detergents? What chemicals can be used for daily maintenance?
A cancer treatment facility that I maintain was recently remodeled and the flooring installed in the infusion suite, where chemotherapy is administered, is made by LONSEAL. The product is not holding its own and looks horrible, although my staff has followed the care instructions to the letter. The suite is a high traffic area with a couple hundred people walking across the floor on a daily basis. Recently, the factory rep visited to look at the flooring. The practice manager threw me under the bus, claiming that I was not following recommended guidelines. The management, furthermore, will also not allow me to do any more than I am doing due to cost overruns. In addition, some other company has been called in to handle the floors, despite my staff doing what was recommended by the factory. Any thoughts?
No-rinse strippers state that rinsing isn't required. Do you believe that rinsing would be a good idea anyway?
We have a linoleum floor at my church that needs cleaning. For the life of me I cannot figure out how to remove the foot traffic residue which leaves what appears to be a dark colored smudgy film in the heavy traffic areas. The linoleum (a light tan colored linoleum) was installed one year ago. Any suggestions?
My company has been awarded the contract to service a 300,000 sq. ft. distribution center. We currently service only retail and office facilities. My question is, what additional processes are involved in cleaning these types of facilities? The warehouse consists of concrete floors, resin racks, conveyer belts, anti fatigue mats, HVAC ducts, etc.
I am cleaning a large manufacturing floor in a plant that makes wax candles and the wax is all over the floor. What can I use to break down the wax before scrubbing?
What is the best procedure for cleaning an indoor rubber gym flooring and how much should I charge per square feet?
How many man-hours does it take to clean 200 sq feet of general cleaning? Walls, dorms, bathrooms. Is 200 sq. ft. per hour the norm for 1 man to clean?
How do I care for tile floor under the plastic mats that roller chairs are used on? The rest of floor is stripped and refinished (light colored tile), but the tile under mats always look bad when I pull them up. What should I be doing to the floor under mats?
Is there any way to clean oven cleaner off a VCT tile floor? There is overspray on the floor from cleaning a stove and it has discolored the tiles.
We have a chest-style freezer that was inadvertently left unplugged for a number of weeks. The freezer was full of food at the time, including a large amount of venison. The meat thawed and became rancid. Needless to say, the freezer reeked to high heaven. It has since been cleaned out, but the stench remains. We have tried many different methods of scrubbing out and absorbing the odor, but to no avail. Even after multiple cleaning efforts, ice from the freezer still makes our drinks taste like deer meat. Do you have any suggestions for permanently removing the smell?
I need to clean cement with 3 people. The place is 10,000 sq. feet. How long will it take to do this?
How do I clean painted cinder block walls to remove oil and grime that have been exhausted from manufacturing machinery onto the walls for 20 years or so? The walls that need this cleaning are 25 ft. high, but the bad part only goes up approx. 5 ft. I have tried some industrial strength cleaners and a stiff brush, but this didnít work. I was wondering if any rental equipment such as dry ice blasting or steam cleaning would do the trick.
Recently some of the floors in this building were striped and recoated with an ultraviolet system. What is the best way to maintain them daily and more specific what is the process for striping and refinishing?
I have to bid for a building of approx. 8000 sq. ft on 4 floors. I don't know how much I can charge. Can you help me with the price, please?
I have a 10 year old cork floor in a kitchen. It is made of tiles pretreated with water based urethane that have been given several layers of a topcoat of water based urethane. The floor was cleaned with a substance recommended by the manufacturers that contains d-limonene, a surfactant, and 5% ethanol and it is diluted in water. The owner complains that the floors have never looked clean; they always look as if there is grease build-up on them. This year, in the heat of summer, the floor became sticky. Every footstep is audible; socks stick to the floor. Re-cleaning the floor doesn't change this in any way. The manufacturer recommended using TSP diluted well in water and rinsed many times to get all residues off, and then dried. Iíve done this, but it remains sticky. It feels as if the urethane is melted, or something like that. It felt that way before the TSP was used. In a small area, Iíve redone the TSP on the off chance that there remains some grease residue, and I even dared to scrub, and the urethane coat (not all of it) came off, and then the floor seemed less sticky in that area. There is still a coat of urethane covering the cork, so the TSP didn't get down to cork. It's less sticky but it's still sticky. What is going on? The manufacturer says theyíve never seen/heard of this happening. Theyíre not keen on re-sealing it until the problem of what is going on is clear - I suppose they fear that resealing wonít solve it. Any help is much appreciated.
How do you remove black heel marks from vinyl tile floors?
The senior custodians were trained to burnish between each applied coat of finish on vinyl tile. Time has been over the established five (5) year strip cycle and now the current crew is trying to remove the old finish with great difficulty. They have, 10 times, applied stripper, allowed 5 to 8 minutes of dwell time, agitated, scrapped, and wet vacuumed,and the finish remains. Time is running out to complete this task, for the students return in a few weeks and reservations wants this room back on line before the 17th of August. What suggestions do you have to speed up this process?
How does one deal with bed bugs?What procedures or methods would you recommend that would be cost effective?
Is there a regulation for a janitorial company in Florida pertaining to wearing scrubs, booties, etc. when cleaning operating rooms after hours?
I am looking for a substance to be applied on the glass viewing window to repel particles/dust and, hence, not allow a layer of dust to build on it over a period of time.
What is the best procedure for removing clear scuffs marks from a finished VCT floor? Will a burnisher with a specific pad do it or do I need to scrub and recoat?
I'm having problems with hard water streaks forming in toilets and urinals. We have tried using CLR and Lime Away with limited luck. Any suggestions?
How do I clean pencil lead off finished vinyl tiles without hands and knees scrubbing? I'm looking for a product that won't strip finish.
We have recently installed a Marmoleum tile floor and were wondering what is recommended for the care and upkeep of these floors? Do other institutions have them? What are the pros and cons that are found with this flooring? Has it been a good choice overall?
I have VCT to clean and it has a yellow discoloration in the traffic lanes. How can we get the yellowing out and what causes it? How do we stop it?
How can I get deep smears, smudges off a rubber type flooring with welded seams? I used degreaser 'profi' as directed with a white pad, red pad, and it does nothing. I scrubbed on my hands and will not go away. it looks like betadine stain; but I don't think it is since we have stain remover for betadine, used as it is spilled, and 7 days a week cleaning care. What is the correct procedure on these floors? They are supposed to be 'fool proof'. I haven't seen a 'fool proof' flooring yet!
I have been getting requests from clients that have unfinished and finished concrete floors to "put a shine on the concrete floors". How do you apply a finish to concrete and how do you strip off old finish and what products are suggested for this process?
One of the buildings that we clean has marble walls. These walls have a yellow stain on them. I cannot positively identify the stain. It resembles smoke stains from tobacco smoke or residue from sulfur water, but I cannot be sure. What do you recommend for removing these stains?
I have mirror tiled floors that are dull. I have scrubbed, but it does not bring back the shine. Years of wear seem to have removed the factory gloss. Is there anything I can do to bring back a shine on the floor?
What is the shelf life of Super HDQ when deluted to the proper ratio? Does it have a shelf life stored in an open container, how about a closed container?
What type of floor finish is better for high traffic floors?
When performing or creating a cleaning audit, how do you determine how many areas to audit? Is it by sq. footage? If so, how many sq. ft. per area audited?
We have started a new venture in using micro fiber towels for cleaning restrooms. A few of the employees are concerned with using them because of contaminants, cross contamination, effectiveness, whether or not they are safe even after washing, what should be used to clean the microfibers, and so on. What kind of information can you provide that we can share with the employees to help allay their fears? What kind of laundry detergents would work in washing the towels that are used in cleaning of the restrooms, should we worry about cross contamination, and what process or procedure would you recommend for using microfiber towels?
Can you please advise me if there have been any scientific papers on Microfibre?
We have a 3,000 sq. ft. banquet hall floor of VCT, used pretty much daily for dart leagues, parties, receptions, banquets and meetings from September through May. The 10 or 12 banquet tables and 100 chairs with plastic glide feet are dragged and this scratches and damages the floor beyond belief. To make matters worse, the schedule does not allow for an appropriate maintenance schedule. The building houses an additional 7,000 sq. ft. of hard floor. The facility has no auto scrubber, no burnishing machine, and no time to institute a proper maintenance program. We have a 2 speed swing machine and a wet vac to do all the work. There appears to have been pigment leeching from the stripper and pad leaving the blue tile faded looking, scratched, and blotchy. This floor needs to be stripped, refinished, cured, and burnished at least once, if not twice annually, and, at the very least, a burnisher should be purchased. It is dry and damp mopped daily, but the workload leaves little time for burnishing, or deep scrubs and recoats, especially September thru May when heavy use prohibits the removal of obstructions. Still, the gold standard is demanded. I have done this work for 30 years and I canít get through to them; bookings and lost revenues are far more important. Either I am out of my league or they are. Any words of advice would be appreciated. Iíve been there almost 8 years and I know what I should do, but the economy in this area isnít exactly bursting.
In a daycare setting, is it safe to apply 5 coats of finish or will it create a safety hazard for the kids and the staff? This school used a contractor who only applied one coat of finish when the VCT tile was laid. They have been open now for 3 months and after nightly mopping and daily traffic the floors are dulling out and looking scratchy. Is it too late to offer monthly spray buffing on the floors? I offered this to the owners in my initial bid, but at the time they could not afford it. Now, they may consider it.
I daily mop a school kitchen that has black and red VCT. When I use a microfiber flat mop on the dark tile, it always leaves a haze and you can see mop streaks. I do not get this problem with a common wet mop. I am using a neutral floor product, but I have tried several different products including vinegar and water. Iíve tried mopping with a drier and a wetter mop. I have checked the microfiber mops after laundering to ensure there is no soap residue. When I go back to the wet mop the floor gets better and the haze goes away. The haze does not show up in places where we have white tile. Please help as I really miss using my microfiber flat mop!
I have noticed custodians leaving their dust mops on the floor while attending to another job. Would that leave an oily stain on the floor, causing future slips and falls?
We are a non profit community program for people with disabilities and we are training clients for cleaning. We are looking for simple direct cleaning training material, and we have been given a citation for not having our mop heads out of the cleaning solution while the individual is cleaning sinks, etc. I am looking for standards for mop storage. Any suggestions would be helpful.
How does one remove white board magic maker dust that has settled on the walls surrounding the board? We have tried degreaser and other products, but this dust or hand prints will not come off.
I know there is a dilution ratio with chemicals when diluted with water, but recently my staff is putting less water in their mop buckets due to worry about spillage. . This concerns me due to not only the waste of chemicals but to the dilution not being effective. Are there procedures for properly wringing out a wet mop? Example: You should have enough water to rinse mop out before wringing out the mop. We typically use a 26-31 quart bucket.
I have some wood desks that have polish build up. What do you recommend?
Years ago my boss had some kind of formula that he used to calculate how much time was needed to clean the offices in our building based on the square footage of the offices and building. Do you know where I might find something like this? The one he had is dated 1988 or something like that, and since then a lot has changed.
How do you get grout lines in restrooms clean ? We have stripped them, scrubbed with wire brush with powerful cleaners, yet cannot get rid of the black color. The grout was originally light brown.
Whatís the total number of employees needed to clean a 6940 sq. ft. building? It has to be cleaned three times a week.
What is a good way to clean wood laminate that has lost its shine? The client wants the 1000 sq. ft. floor cleaned and the shine restored.
One of our offices ran into a medical building that was requiring a terminal cleaning certificate? Is there such a thing, and if so, how would I get certified?
What is the best method and products for cleaning new VCT floors in a day care center? What price per sq.ft.?
Our client is asking us to use a leather conditioner on all the leather chairs once a week. Is this the best way, as it is very expensive?
When using an acid rinse with hot water extraction, can one use vinegar or should one use a brand name product?
How can you remove scratches from stainless steel mirrors, if they can be removed?
I have been cleaning this three year old office that had film left on the windows for all that time while it set vacant and now, no matter what I do to the glass, it looks like this plastic film has burned into the windows and they look terrible. I know I am cleaning them well, but when you step back and look at the window you see these lines that are always there. Is it possible that this film with the hot sun burning into the glass is what is causing the windows to look like this?
When it comes to stripping and finishing floors, I notice the answers sometimes include the words percent of solids. What does this mean?
Is there a way to calculate how much area a mop can clean?
What is the the best all around spot cleaner for carpets?
We recently stripped and refinished a high traffic 1500 sq. ft. restaurant with VCT floors. The entrance way tile was yellowed where a rug had been sitting. The yellowed tile now is shiny and yellow. How can we get that yellow discoloration out?
One of my business clients has a vinyl floor with what I call dimples in it (little small pits as a pattern). It gets dirt in these little pits and looks really bad. We mop it every night and once a week scrub it. Scrubbing gets some of the dirt out, but not all. I have even tried to use a scrub brush on it. How can we resolve this?
I am not sure if you had a question like mine asked before, but what would be the best product to use to clean a deck on a battle ship that is usually at sea different times during the year?
Do you have any suggestions for the best type of equipment for cleaning wool carpet in aircraft? We have a portable carpet extractor, but we use low water and low heat because of the natural characteristics of wool fibers. This makes the extractor not as effective as we would like.
Can you give me an example of "Best Practices" ways to present on-going cleaning & training that are easy for a staff from different backgrounds to understand?
What is the MRI floor care cleaning process? How are the floors being stripped and resealed? With what type of equipment?
What do you use to stop floor stripper from passing under the doors? I had to do a hallway, and didnít want the floor stripper to run under the door and strip the medical lab floor. I used some trash bags and some tape. What do you recommend?
Can you advise me on where to get a good video on restrooms cleaning from start to finish, or do you have a source that I can refer to on this subject, especially on cross contamination? What is the national average of square footage per person in West Virginia, given that we are in the coal mining area of the state, on a college campus with dorms included, as well as academic buildings? Average of 1,000,000 square feet on campus.
What kind of cleaner do you have to clean whiteboards? We have tried Quad Stat, and Clear Image and they do not clean it very well. We tried Workout and the result was a smeary mess when they tried to erase the Expo marker. We had to clean the boards 3 times to get it off. Is there anything else we can use?
Any thoughts on the following memo sent to workers: "Effective immediately, it is required that all personnel working in a housekeeper, janitor, or maintenance position wear safety glasses 100% of the time they are working, regardless of the task they are performing." Is this necessary and is it prudent.
What is the shelf life of diluted cleaning and disinfecting agents?
What is the most effective way to remove old gum from concrete stairs and sidewalks?
How do I get the "polished look" on bathroom fixtures (porcelain) in the bathrooms that I clean?
I am cleaning behind a woman who cleaned tile floors with hardwood floor wax. How can I remove this from the tile floor without ruining the tile or the grout?
Some one in our facility used a scratch pad to remove stripper from a stainless steel elevator door. A very dull scratched swirl is now showing on this door. I tried stainless steel polish to hide it, but the spot is still showing. What will hide this spot on the door?
Our elevator cab floors are Emperador and Botticcino Classico marble with epoxy grout (over thin-set and a steel pan base). We need to thoroughly clean the floors and remove the years of finish and sealer build-up. Is there a product or a method that can be used rather than using a stripper, or must a stripper be used as well? Also, is it best to hone for a natural finish or apply a non-skid finish/sealant?
Do you have case studies on back pack vacuums that will prove to my employees that they are the way to go?
Can you offer any statistics/studies that show the expected savings from utilization of output vs. input cleaning specifications for a 500,000 sq. ft. office building
is the best procedure for cleaning up vomit on a floor and on a carpet?
I have a plastic 32" x 32" shower in my cabin in North Michigan. Over the winter, chipmunks or whatever made a nest of pine cones, acorns, etc. I removed the materials, but they left a stain on the plastic. How or what do I use to remove the stains? I believe the stains are tannic acid from the pine cones, etc.
How do you remove tannin stains from boards left on ceramic tile?
I am a custodian for a consolidated school (PreK-12th). I have an 8 hr. shift that begins at 3:00pm and goes to 11:30pm. I am allowed two paid 15 min. breaks and an unpaid 30 min. lunch, which leaves me with a total of 7-1/2 hrs to clean. What is the standard number of square feet that one should be expected to clean in the time that I am given and what should be done on a nightly basis? At present, in the main building, I am cleaning 7 elementary classrooms (4 of them have toilets, all of them have sinks), 2 elementary bathrooms, approx. 800 sq. feet of elementary carpeted hallway, and 4 offices. I also clean a preschool building approx.1200 sq. feet (includes two restrooms), a modular that is approx.900 sq. feet, a Vocational Ag. classroom (includes two restrooms), a wood shop classroom, approx. 200 sq. feet of carpeted hallway, two staff restrooms, and the Administration office, approx. 600 sq. feet. Keep in mind that the last five items mentioned are all in one building. In general, on a nightly basis, I am to vacuum all carpets, clean and mop all restrooms, clean all dry erase and chalk boards, collect trash, clean and disinfect all desks and tables, wash dishes in Admin. office, and mop all non-carpeted floors. Not to mention check and lock all doors before leaving, and do setup and cleanup after numerous events, all with little to no over time. Our school is only in session Mon-Thur 8-4, so on Friday I am expected to dust all rooms, disinfect keyboards, phones, door handles, etc., dust computers, wipe down walls, clean windows, and any thing else that is not done during the week. Am I crazy or is this way too much? Help?!
How do you get iodine stains out of a stainless steel sink??
What is the proper way to take 20 years of finish buildup off a marble floor? Would it need to be honed or can I just strip the finish and polish with recrystallization?
I have been given an opportunity to clean a 3000 sq. ft. home with 4 bedrooms, 2-1/2 baths, and a lot of hardwood floors. This is to prepare for the sale of the home. It is empty and the 3-car garage has to be done also. What is the going rate in the triad area of NC when you provide all supplies for a job like this?
Some tile flooring has a gray discoloration on some of the tile in some small rooms. Stripping did not take it out. Do you have a remedy to remove this discoloration?
I read an article about washing micro fiber cloths, cautioning on which setting to use while drying the cloth so as not to destroy it's properties. Can you help me find that article again?
I have a floor made from 1 inch by roughly 18 inch river rock slabs. When I moved in 3 years ago, it looked beautiful but now it's dull and in spots where water has has turned it white. I mop with just water because no one seems to know what to use since the rock has a textured surface. I'm just trying to figure out how to get it back to its original shine.
I just received a contract on a county juvenile detention center. The lobby floor is dull one-foot square ceramic tiles that are chocolate brown, bordered by white tile with black specks in it. The customer wants the tile to have a shine. The flooris is damp mopped daily and automatic scrubbed monthly with a neutral detergent solution. How can I get this tile to shine? Is there some type of coating besides floor finish that I can apply?
When using the 3Mô Easy Clean floor pads that are color coded (red, green, blue, white) is there an industry standard as to which color should be used for cleaning restrooms?
How can I learn to clean and detail car interiors? What products and tools do I have to use?
How long will a typical cartridge last in a waterless urinal in a busy high school washroom?
Tell me how to clean marble tile, scrub, seal, refinish, buff/burnish. What products do I use? Also, do you buff/burnish terrazzo tile?
We have marble in the lobby and the guy doing the lobby for the last 8 months has been spraying glass cleaning on the tile and burnishing it. Now it really looks bad. Can the floor be restored, without replacing all the tile?
We do the janitorial services for a small, country school with 25 year old VCT. The tile has yellowed areas throughout the facility however, high traffic areas (this is a junior high) are lighter. For example, in the lunch room you can see lighter streaks about 3 feet wide that run under the length of where the tables are where the kidsí feet have rubbed off the finish. I assumed this was simply finish build up (we've only been cleaning there for about 6 months). A couple of weeks ago one of my crew chiefs applied stripper to the lunchroom VCT and agitated using a low speed buffer and an abrasive black pad. This was followed with rinse passes using an auto-scrubber and fresh water. The yellowing was not removed. The crew chief said he went over yellowed area along the baseboard and his scraper did not lift any finish. I went out today with a fresh bottle of stripper and a stiff handheld nylon brush. I applied undiluted stripper and also, on a 2nd area, a low dilution stripper on a small area of yellowing. I hand scrubbed for about 5 minutes and then let it dwell for an additional 5 minutes before rinsing. The yellowed areas remain. They simply will not come up. What is causing this, and more importantly is there any way to remove the yellowing? It appears that perhaps the tile itself has just turned yellow because of age.
How do I achieve the wet look on VCT?
The rotunda molding has a laminate finish and over time there are deep smudges that are very hard to remove. Is there a way to remove smudges without stripping and resealing the wood?
We have a bank of skylights that were covered with a film of black soot and grime. We cleaned them and from the outside they looked fine. When we went inside to check them, they looked awful. You wouldn't even think they were the same windows. There were swirls, streaks, and mysterious looking crop circles on the inside of the windows. The skylights have been there over 20 years. I can't even get a window cleaning company to come out and look at them; they just laugh and hang up. Are these skylights damaged beyond hope?
We have a mobile home with a lot of cigarette smoke. What is the best way to remove the nicotine from the walls?
I have just taken over a new building with white 1 foot square ceramic tile with black speck in it. The contractor did not clean the tile before turning over the building, leaving a red clay tint on it. I have auto-scrubbed with a brush. It cleaned the grout, but left a light red tint. I have also hand scrubbed tile with deck brush with little or no results. Any suggestion what type of cleaner to use, or any suggestion would be deeply appreciated.
My question is, why do I see a slightly gray foggy look in the floor finish now? Did I leave the burnisher on the floor too long? Not long enough? Did I not clean it properly before I started? It is about 4000 sq ft. What would I charge to maintain the floors every other week?
How do I clean mosaic tiles? Many people insist on using hydrochloric acid. Is this chemical right for cleaning mosaic tiles? If not, what would make them more white and shiny?
We have an office building (circa 1980) with reflective glass windows. The reflective glass coating is on the outside, lite #1. After the last cleaning, these windows became foggy and streaked. Has anyone had any experience repairing this kind of damage? What is the recommended next step, short of replacing the window units?
Is there any problem using a steam mop on a Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) floor? Iím concerned that it may affect the adhesive. We have areas around desks with dirt ground in from the wheels on chairs.
Has anyone had success cleaning inside concrete stairwells? If so, what system do you use and how do you keep the water on one level at a time?
I need to find an inexpensive way to remove urine stains under the urinals
I have fabric covering on walls in meeting rooms. They havenít been cleaned in a long while and over the years hand prints, shoe scuff marks along the bottom, and just general grime have turned the covering gray. I have vacuumed the walls to remove dust, but don't know how to go after the grime without affecting the glue or the sheet rock behind it.
What is the standard procedure for cleaning a restroom and lunch/break room?
I need information on how to clean walls, bathrooms, hard wood floors, kitchens like the professional would.
The community college where I work is going to open a day care within the year. Can anyone tell me about special procedures for cleaning a day care center?
How do you suggest removing permanent marker graffitti from glazed cinder block walls? No graffitti remover has worked yet.
I have been in the cleaning business for about 30 yrs. I have opened and closed 2 businesses in cleaning. I have been in business for a third time for about 15 yrs. I have mainly stayed with residential cleaning, but would like to start doing construction cleaning again. It has been about 20 years since I last did construction cleans and I am not up to date on the prices per sq. ft. And is there a price for cleaning the interior and a separate price for the windows? I live in Colorado.
What is the best way to clean a newly refinished hardwood floor? The floor has been top-coated with a polyurethane finish. It has now been curing for at least two weeks and is ready for some light cleaning.
How would you clean HVAC diffusers? Can you power wash? We have 500 to clean. What would you charge?
We have black tile floors and no matter what we do we can not keep a wet-look shine on these floors. We are currently using Equinox (Pioneer) and buffing daily. We have been working on getting a shine for 8 months now, but cannot figure these floors out. They shine to a point, but we canít seem to get a deep enough shine and once we mop them, it puts us back to square one. I have been doing floors for 26 years, so I have an extensive knowledge of floor care. All of my light colored floors look amazing. Is there a secret to maintaining black floors?
An article in 1/08 CMM, page 15, about grout cleaning mentions Creatinine testing. Where can I get a test kit for this?
What is the best way to clean raised white floors in a computer room that has cables and electrical wiring running below the floor. Is there a dry method that I can use?
I work at a large hospital were there are a lot of interior doors that have old floor finish on the kick plates. Could you tell me the best way to get the old finish off the plates?
Is there any way I can order an old booklet called ďFloor Care GuideĒ copyright 1982 by the American Institute of Maintenance, copyright 1987 by Cleaning Management Institute?
We have a contract on a 34,000 sq. ft. building for post construction cleaning. 3000 sq. ft. of the building is newly installed VCT. What would be the estimated production rate for sweeping/dust mopping 3000 square feet? What would be the estimated production rate for mopping with neutral cleaner? What would be the estimated production rate for finishing 3000 square feet? How many coats of floor finish should be used? What is the drying time between finish coats?
How do I remove the light-brown stains left behind after the successful removal of chewing/bubble gum from broom-finish concrete?
Please comment on the recent news story concerning MRSA (staph infection) and the importance of restroom, gym, and locker-room cleaning.
Can you please advise of any cleaning procedures/strategies used for public telephone booths?
Where can I find some free videos relating to cleaning safety?
Please tell me how long it takes to buff 11,500 sq. ft. of VCT. This is a day care facility, so we will have to move furniture.
I am having a problem finding the right product to clean up red spots. Many claim to work, but not with much success. What product would you recommend for red spot removal?
I have bathroom with floor and wall tile that is not sealed has become imbedded with soil. I have tried vinyl and stone strippers with a floor machine and it didn't remove it. Can I use 00 steel wool under the floor machine or will it scratch the tile?
I am a student and have been given an assignment to give out the procedures used in cleaning a gym or exercise room. Please, can you help me out?
What is the fastest and most effective way to clean dirty tile grout with a build-up of dirt and oil? Also, what is a good product to use?
How do you strip VCT tile with an autoscrubber?
Our new print shop has VCT. The tile is "dirty" around the edges of many tiles and this spreads like a virus. Whatever it is can be scraped off with a knife. It is black in color and a little sticky, very unsightly. It looks as if the substance is coming up from around the edge of every tile, worse with traffic but a close look shows no substance on the actual joints.
How can I take plastic sun block film off a window?
We recently switched to a new disinfectant for CA-MRSA and now one of my custodians, despite wearing protective clothing and gloves, is complaining about itching and redness. Has anyone experienced this with their staff, and if so, what was your solution?
We have a urine odor problem in some of our school restrooms. Some have suggested using bleach to eliminate the smell. Others have said to use enzymes. I am looking for something safe that will do the job and solve this problem.
I am being asked to clean and finish a rubber tile floor. The tiles are approx. 18" x 18" and are 1 - 11/2" thick with beveled edges. The tiles are in a weight room at a gym. There is a lot of heavy traffic and the owners would like it to look new again. I am wondering which product(s) should be used for cleaning and finishing?
I have a recently laid granite floor which is appearing as if it has dampness in it and water marks. It is polished and can not be take up or relaid. Please advise. It is located in a dry climate and high foot taffic area.
How do I remove hydraulic fluid spilled on terrazzo?
What would be different when you strip and refinish floors with wood subflooring instead of concrete?
I need to know where to find the cleaning procedures for research facilities
What is the recommended process for cleaning floor mats in a commercial kitchen? Please list any equipment that can be used in this process.
What is the best method for removing oil stains from a concrete driveway? Power wash? Chemicals? Acid?
I am looking for some help on how to clean and maintain horizontal blinds. We just got a bank to clean that has tall windows with black blinds in each office.
We have rubber stair treads on the stairways in our building. After we clean them, we would like to apply a finish to help preserve them. Is there a recommended product to accomplish this and not present a safety hazard during wet conditions?
I am having an issue with a ceramic tile floor. It has many yearsí build-up of a residue that I believe is graphite. I have tried to strip the floor without any luck. I have even tried tile and grout cleaner. Any suggestions?
Can you recommend an effective product for removing dirt from aluminum storefront window frames?
We have a problem cleaning water spots off tub and shower glass surrounds. Someone even suggested, of all things, oven cleaner. Any suggestions?
What are the procedures to strip and refinish vinyl flooring in a residential kitchen?
What is your suggestion for cleaning, stripping and refinishing a large area of textured rubber floor (12000m2)? The customer insists on applying floor polish twice a month for a glossy appearance.
What should be used in urinals to keep the calcium from building up in the pipes and clogging them? How often do you need to treat these pipes to keep them free running?
Iím looking for information on cleaning computer room floors.
I would like to know to remove an old ink spot from wool carpet?
We have custodians who claim they cannot clean a restroom unless they use disposable gloves. In the past, we have been told to wear a stronger, more durable glove (such as latex) to prevent tears and exposure to body fluids. What is the best glove to use for restroom cleaning?
Can you recommend an effective means of removing black ink from nylon carpeting?
We have a plastic basin mop sink that has been used for years to dispose of large amounts of coffee and tea after catered events. The plastic is now brown, and we would like to clean it. Is there a safe and effective way to remove the long time tannin stains from the plastic?
How do I get rid of water spots on glass?
We are proposing to put an in-house program in place for 250,000 sq. ft. of marble flooring in a five-star hotel. My idea is for the cleaning contractor to do the daily general cleaning and we will maintain the marble by crystallization polishing, remove stains, seal, fix cracks, etc. What type of floor machine should I buy and can you recommend a daily/weekly/monthly program?
I have a marble floor that has floor finish on it. The building owner wants us to "strip and wax it". I told him he should restore it by a restoration company, but he doesnít want the expense. He wants me to handle it. Should I strip and seal it with a sealer, or strip and polish it?
How do we clean stainless steel commodes in a jail when they appear to be tarnished from urine and water stains? Also, how can we make stainless steel sinks look better when someone cleaned paint brushes in them and dulled the finish?
I clean an office area once a week. It has a smoking room with the exhaust fan running constantly. The doors and door frames are painted a glossy white. However, in the smoking room the door surfaces are becoming yellow. I have tried several products to no avail to return the surface to white. Any ideas?
Our church is becoming busy and we have never had a "professional" custodian. In the past we have used volunteers to help with the cleaning. Now we need to strip and refinish a tile floor. Whatís best to use after stripping, a liquid mopped on finish or a sprayed-on and buffed-in product?
I work in a hospital / prison for the criminally insane. Today a patient urinated in a wooden closet and since we were unaware that it happened, it soaked in. How do we clean the wooden closet, short of replacing the whole unit? Do we use an enzyme type cleaner? How would we get rid of the smell?
A car dealer needs his service bays cleaned. There is heavy oil and grease. No floor drains. Any suggestions on equipment, chemicals, or procedures?
What do you use to remove Betadine stains from vinyl chair at a doctor's office? Also, what can be used to remove Betadine from tile?
How should I clean Commercial Milliken carpet? We have HWE, but Milliken recommend the CAPTURE system, can we use encapsulation instead?
In a retail box store we have VCT with rust on the tiles. I have tried scraping, scouring, and spot removers. ls there anyway to remove the rust without damaging the tile or sanding?
How can we clean hydraulic fluid off indoor porous concrete tennis courts? The fluid was splattered over 9 courts from a leak on a sweeper.
I came across a job that will need to be cleaned to get it ready for rental soon. There are several of what I think are broken fluorescent light tubes. What would be the best way to clean the mess up and dispose of them? I usually take them to a recycling company, but they were always intact and not broken. Is there a breathing risk when using a shop vac when cleaning them up?
I will be sealing a slate stone tile floor. It is in a natural state right now. It is two years old and needs to be scrubbed before I seal it. After I scrub it, do I have to wait 48 hours for it to dry thoroughly before I seal it? I will be using a water based sealer/finish.
There has been a strong sewage odor in the public restrooms of the building that we can't seem to get rid of. This is a retail facility and the strong, unpleasant sewer odor obviously decreases sales. There are sealed toilets, extended vent stacks, working p-traps, no real noticeable causes. What might be the source of this? How can we get resolution to this problem?
What type of mop would be best to use for the cleaning of operating rooms with seemless vinyl flooring ?
My client just turned one of his office areas into a gym with a rubber floor. What product can I use to clean the floor and do I need a special type of equipment, or can I use a mop to clean it? There are footprints from the construction and mopping it with a neutral cleaning does not remove the footprints. What do you suggest?
What is Green Cleaning ?
Do you use a metal stripping pad to strip finish from a tile or a vinyl floor, or just use a black pad or another pad?
I am going to be cleaning the "chandelier" at Caesars, Indiana (casino boat). It's not a true chandelier; there are thousands of 6 to 8 in. triangular prism crystals hanging from the ceiling around the perimeter of the deck. No lights are involved (there is lighting in the ceiling). How do you suggest cleaning these crystals? I thought of taking a large cup filled with some type of cleaner, "dipping" each crystal, then wiping it down, like milking a cow!
What are the technical difference between low solids and high solids finishes? Can high solids be made to shine like a mirror? What level of solids is best for highest level of shine?
I was just wondering if there were any special procedures to follow when cleaning a book store? It would be my first time cleaning this type of facility.
I recently purchased new carpet. I had a Galileo thermometer that broke on the carpet. It smells like a solvent and feels oily. What is the best way to get the residue off the carpet? Should I patch the carpet or is there something that will remove the residue?
We have a question about floor wax and polish. Whatís the difference between the the two? No one on our cleaning crew seems to know. We have vinyl flooring and have been using a Johnson product, and we are due for a strip and wax, or polish?
Does anybody know which dry carpet cleaner is better? The Host compound or a Brush and Clean compound? We want to import one of these products but first we want to know which one is better.
Recently my company was asked to clean the unpainted cinder block walls of a basement that was completely submerged from a nearby overflowing river. After careful inspection, I decided to clean the walls with detergent and bleach assuming that I would not only thoroughly clean, but inhibit the growth of what looked very much like mold beginning to form after the water had resided. Is there anything more that I could have done to treat these walls? Because of the porous nature of cinderblock could the mold return?
To do a scrub and refinish of tile, which pad would you recommend to get the best results, green-red or white even though this one is used for buffing? One thatís not too aggressive to provide just a light cleaning so as not to take off the top finish? Would you also recommend a sealer/finish to recoat, and what would be the best time to use this?
The facility has two toilets that develop recurring streaks very shortly after the toilets are cleaned. It looks like the toilets were not cleaned when the client's employees arrive in the morning. Sometimes the streaks reappear even before the crew leaves the building. Any ideas what it might be the cause of the stains and how to eliminate them?
Should screens be use for stripping finish off vinyl flooring? The screens that I am asking about are the ones use for cleaning wood flooring.
Recently I scrubbed and refinished a floor. When I went back the next day to clean the building, I did my daily routine. Before dust mopping the floor I changed to a clean dust mop and used a clean wet mop head to mop the floor. Still, I get streaks after the floor dries. What could be my problem?
I am looking for information pertaining to a possible outbreak of the Avian Flu and what cleaning procedures are being talk about in the cleaning industry in order to be prepared if this were to occur in the USA.
What causes yarn mop (dry/dust)drag? I clean and burnish day care floors twice a week . Lately the yarn mops have had severe drag (mop wants to fold over on itself and not slide across floor easily). Even when I try a clean mop this occurs. Does the fact that the mops don't get treated have anything to do with this situation? What is the best ratio of mop head to work with (rotation)? I prefer my workouts at a gym, not at the day care center.
1) How often should brass, like in an old elevator, be cleaned and/or polished? What should be used in between polishing to remove finger prints?
How do I remove old dried-on floor stripper from Plexiglasģ panels with out harming the panels? At this time, replacing the panels is not an option.
I was recently bidding on an auto dealership and the competition stated that they would use a three-step process which included "polishing" the new finish immediately after laying it so that the brand new floor would shine more. I stated that the "polishing" or high-speed burnishing is not necessary immediately after you apply finish. It is more of a maintenance procedure. Who is correct?
What's the best way to remove beer, cheese dip, ketchup, and mustard stains from concrete steps, isles, and rows before, during, or after mopping? Is there something I could add to the water other than detergent and bleach that would break these down. The floors often remain sticky after mopping, especially after the beer is flowing and spectators are bouncing off the walls.
I have recently been offered an opportunity to clean half (9 of the 18) of a Multiplex theater. The offer requires the work to be completed by 9AM. (Earliest start time is 2AM) What is the most efficient means of completing this and doing a great job using 1 or 2 person team? Please include where to start, how to start, suggestions on equipment, chemicals, and any resources I may use to learn more about cleaning cinemas. During the initial very short meeting resulting in this offer I was told that using a blower to clean the theaters was necessary, and occasionally we must vacuum the theater walls. As this is a second job, time is extremely important along with the sense of providing quality service.
What should I clean when doing new home construction clean up and new commercial building clean up?
We have two different accounts, each with its own problem. Problem #1...The tile floor around the entry mats is browned and dirty looking. It is as if it is embedded in the tile. Is there something to use to make this part of the floor look like the tile under the mats? Problem #2...The linoleum has yellowed around the rugs of one of our clients. The linoleum is of residential grade and I have tried to get the yellow out. Is there something else I can do?
Can you tell me the difference between sanitizing and cleaning a food preparation area?
How many square feet of floor space will a gallon of floor finish cover?
What procedure and materials should be used for restroom cleaning in a commercial location?.
How do I get permanent marker off of metal and brick?
I have about 160 windows to wash, and half are 2nd and 3rd story. Inside is only a problem in the foyer but outside is a problem for the second floor. Should I rent a lift or could they be pressure washed?
What is the proper cleaning procedure for an elementary classroom? I need to know where to start, exactly what needs to be done? I also need to start a basic training program for new hires. We clean green.
If Amtico (nonwax vinyl) has been waxed, can it be stripped and left bare? What's the best procedure. If the customer wants it waxed after stripping, what type of product will adhere and give a polished look without regular buffing?
When a VCT floor needs fixing after it was waxed, does entire floor need to be stripped or can you just strip tiles that are affected?
I recently took over the maintenance of a childcare center. A cleaning crew does the washing and buffing of the floors on a weekly basis and stripping and refinishing on a six-monthís rotation. I have noticed what looks like little air bubbles or minute debris all over the entire floorís finish. Is it some sort of a reaction of the finish or could it be in the application or something else?
What do you recommend to clean "hard water" spots off clear glass shower doors?
Please tell me what products and procedures I should use for daily cleaning of vanities that are made of real marble.
I need to purchase a truckmount that will handle 2 RX20's and a tile and grout cleaning tool that will run 800 feet of vacuum and solution hoses and maintain the heat where I set it. I have a couple in mind but want to know what you would recommend and who I could talk to. Thanks
How do you remove iodine from a floor that is dry with out removeing the finish?
There is a problem in one of the school district's kitchens where food is prepared. It appears that grease and other soils are embedded in the quarry tile and grout. What chemicals and or process should I use to clean the floor?
I have 2 cube trucks, both with slide-in truck mount units. We are running between 700-800 feet of both solution and vacuum hose, servicing 2 RX20s out of each truck, Both units produce 859 CFM. Hot water extraction is all we do other than tile and grout cleaning in the rest rooms. I have been hearing and studying about the encapsulation process and I have seen some impressive results from it. My question: Is the encapsulation process going to eliminate the need for hot water extraction?
Weíre renovating one of our buildings next year and debating which boards are more suitable and more economical, chalk boards or white boards?
What is the proper procedure for cleaning stairs? Two procedures have been recommended to the trainers. 1) Starting at the top and sweeping down, stepping backwards. 2) Starting at the top and moving down, sweeping the stair just below you. The second procedure presents a safety issue, as you're leaning forward going down the stairs. Can you recommend a book on safe cleaning procedures?
I have had two opportunities in the past thirty days to clean upholstery made of microfiber material that has been heavily soiled by kids and daily usage. In both instances, the owners had cleaned the material repeatedly with water to remove spills of every nature. The end result left what appears to be water stains in the material along with black stains. I have tried standard upholstery cleaning procedures with great success in removing soils, vomit, and other food and beverage spills, but with little success on these stains. What do you suggest I use for the remaining water and black stains? Can they be removed?
I just received a contract for cleaning an office with carpet (with very short strands) and vinyl floor in the offices and rest rooms. The workers track grease from trucks and other heavy equipment onto the carpet and vinyl. What chemical cleaner should I use to remove the grease, and which is the best machine to use on the carpet, a rinse extractor or a rotary with a bonnet? What is the best chemical for removing grease from the vinyl?
What can I use to remove floor finish build-up from grout?
I have oak parquet flooring on some stage floors in some schools. We sweep and damp mop with water as needed. What can we do to enhance the luster?
How do you get urine and urine stains out of terrazzo floors in high traffic menís restrooms?
I mixed floor finish from two different suppliers. The finish did not flow well when applied, and the floors are now dull and streaky. Can I spray buff the floor to bring out the shine? And how does a person spray buff? Or would just buffing do the job?
My company is looking at Certification in Mold Remediaiton. Do you know where I can go to have our guys certified in this. Do you know if this is at a state by state basis or is it nationwide?
The front entrances of our building are glass with aluminum frames. Someone cleaned the glass awhile ago and whatever they used is now stained the glass where they didn't wipe the glass dry from the squeegee. Also the solution that was used dripped onto the aluminum framing and has left a white streaky residue. Is there any way to get the stain or etching out of the glass? What can be done to clean the aluminum frames?
I am wondering if someone can suggest a product that I can use to remove carbon from a tile floor in a carbon manufacturing plant I clean the account two times a week, scrubbing the floor with a machine, but it is not doing the job.
Some number 2 heating oil accidently leaked onto the concrete floor in the boiler room. It was cleaned up immediately, but there is an oil odor in this area and an adjacent room. What can we clean the concrete floor with to remove any residue or odor?
We have encountered approximately 50,000 square feet of Saltillo tile that has been coated with floor finish and some sort of varnish (I was told that it was varnish). We have been able to remove the old finish with stripper but unable to remove the varnish. We have tried varnish remover in a sample area and it worked great. The customer was excited with the results. Due to the large area that we will be servicing, do you know of another method/ Chemical we can try before we settle with using the varnish remover? Since the smell of the varnish is very strong, we want to avoid any problems with the building occupants. Your input would be deeply appreciated.
We have just opened a new waiting area. The vinyl chairs were very nice, until a child started writing with an ink pen. I know I can order a couple of different products that will remove it. I want to know if there is something I may already have that will work.
I have been searching for information on how to clean movie theater screens and where to purchase the appropriate products. Do you have any suggestions?
As I develop my business and move more and more into full time management, I would like to develop systems and procedures to fully document my business. This is in order to move to the point of being ready to implement ISO 9000 and become more professional. I am looking for resources, procedures and/or software that may assist me in preparing thenecessary written details and procedures, best practice implementation, etc. Richard Walsh
What is the minimum cleanable time for a restroom? Also included in this minimum must be the 10 minutes for disenfectant (chemical) to dwell.
How do you get old Betadine stains out of an operating room floor? Thank you.
What product and procedure would you use to clean a "rubber" floor that also has 2x2 square grooves in it? Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is in a laboratory environment.
I have a client that has a carpet that is now discontinued and will do whatever it takes to keep it in perfect condition. The carpet is light gray, sculptured, with very short loop. I' ve cleaned the carpet serveral times even done red stain removal with exellent results. He now has an area where a potted plant has over flowed while being watered and discolored the carpet a light yellow. Is there anything I can do to reverse or remove the stain? His words, "Money is no object just do whatever it takes." Thanks for any tips you can give me.
One of our faculty members used a black permanent marker on a new gray blackboard. We tried everything under the sun to clean the board but nothing seems to remove the writing? Any suggestions on how to remove the it. Thanks, Jimmy
I have staff adding chemicals to cleaning products, e.g., vinegar in glass cleaner. What are OSHA rules on this issue?
I have plastic chair mats that are stained with hard water spots, grease and soap residue. These stains donít respond to water and floor stripper. Whatís the best way to clean them?
I have been asked to bid on stripping, sealing and waxing a vinyl floor. While pricing the job, I noticed large buildups of wax under counters and furniture where it had never been stripped off. The buildups were at least half an inch high, from 6 inches to 18 inches long and anywhere from 2 inches to 6 inches wide. What equipment and chemicals should I use to remove this heavy buildup without damaging the floor? When making suggestions about chemicals, please be specific about brand names and places to purchase them. Thank you.
Is there a specific price to charge per square foot for cleaning carpets with an extractor? How about a per-square-foot price to strip, seal and wax a floor? Thank you.
What is the best cleaning solution to use on mirror-finished chrome plated/stainless faucets that always develop scales/water stains, which will not affect its shine or tarnish the metal finish?
I have allergies, what is the best carpet and pad for allergies? Also, when they take up my pad I want to clean the cement floor before they put down the new pad and rug. What can I use on the cement to properly clean it, since I have allergies and want to get all the dirt up.
My husband was doing some remodeling in my office. He duct-taped a dropcloth to my Berber carpet. It was there for about a week. When I pulled up the tape, some of the adhesive from the tape stayed on the carpet. Nothing seems to remove the adhesive--dirt just builds up on it.
1. Is it recommended to do dust mopping in the lobbies (main lobby and upper lobbies) of an office building instead of wet mopping or in between wet mopping? 2. Is dust mopping oil still advisable to use on dust mops? What about microfiber, does it still have to be treated with oil? Can we use sewing machine oil on dust mops? How much oil should be sprayed on the mop before using it so it won't leave marks on the floor yet be effective in picking up dust? 3. If acid is bad for marble and granite, how about alkaline chemicals? Up to what degree of alkalinity is acceptable?
Mold in Tile Grout -- My janitorial cleaning service has a contract to clean one of the older school buildings in our town. There are some rooms and halls in the building that contain a lot of tile on the floors and half way up the walls and there is tile in the bathrooms. The mold in the tile grout in the bathrooms is the worst, but there's also some mold in the grout of other tiled areas in the school. This is an "off contract job" that I am going to have to submit a bid for separately. What is the most efficient way to clean this tile and grout and how can I estimate time and materials? I'm kind of new to this business (we started only two years ago), so any help you can provide would be much appreciated.
Does spray-and-vac, or no-touch cleaning eliminate restroom odor?
My wife and I clean a building that has marble tile floors. By accident, we used a pH substance but quickly realized we needed a neutral floor cleaner for this type of floor. I don't believe the floor lost its shine due to our mistake, however, the floor doesn't look good or shine like it should. Do you have suggestions as to how to clean this type of floor and what is the best type of cleaner to use on it?
In vacuum cleaning, what is the difference between CFM and Static Lift?
1. Please help me clean a janitorial closet sink in an old plant that the new owners want clean. The sink is floor level and has a lot of buildup. 2. Also, please instruct me how to make the grout look new in the restrooms. We have scrubbed the ceramic tile and it is looking great, but we want the grout to look great also.
Are labor savings possible with portable spray-and-vac systems in restrooms? If so, how much?
I have a vo-tech facility that was built in the late 60s or early 70s that has 8" x 16" block walls in the restrooms that appear to have a ceramic coating on them. They seem to have severe water deposits on them in some areas. Any input would be greatly appreciated in how to go about testing different products in this facility to clean these areas and also how to graffiti proof these walls. Thank you
At one of our locations, the stairwell has 4X4 glazed red quarry tile. The tile has been impregnated with a (for lack of another word) grit. This grit makes cleaning the stairs almost impossible. You can sweep them easily, but if you try to mop them, cotton fibers are left behind. I have tried a finish mop, but you can't move it around. We have a small scrubber made for stairs and I cut down a red pad to fit, but it leaves red fiber all over. There must be an easy solution I just can't see. I posted this on CM Bulletin board with limited response. Any ideas would be helpful JWD
Would you recommend a wood floor in a home, versus carpet? I think it would be easier to keep clean but am concerned that water could damage the floor. What is the best way to clean wood? How often should it be recoated? As a child, my grandmother recoated her floor only twice in 20 years. Have coatings improved?
Why do disinfectant products require cleaning before applying the disinfectant?
I have a new residential customer who has a large white carpet with a dog urine stain that's a couple of years old. She said that when the stain first appeared she called a carpet cleaning company that came and tried to remove the stain but was unsuccessful. She wants to know if there is anything that can be done now to get the stain out? Do you have any suggestions?