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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Slip & Fall

In order to reduce the amount of salt and water that enters our building in the winter, I purchased some 3x6 fingertip mats for our entrance ways. I was told to remove them because two of our employees with special needs feel that the matting is dangerous because it feels funny when they walk on it and they might fall. It is not that Iím insensitive to people with special needs, but the entrance way has plenty of room for these employees to bypass the mat. I was told by my boss that as long as they have a reasonable request it must be honored according to the Americans with Disabilities act. I know this is a fight Iím probably going to lose, but unless Iím allowed to keep a wet-dry vac in the entrance way ( which I am not) I really donít know of any other mat that scrapes salt and retains water better than the finger tip mat.
We have a vitrify floor in the restroom that has turned bald due to rigorous cleaning. The floor has become slippery. Kindly suggest remedy to prevent this.
Any idea where one could find good quality safety shoes or overshoes, specifically designed to prevent slip and fall injuries while performing floor stripping operations?
what is the best product for making tile non-slip and where can i get it ? also the easiest to apply...Thank you, donna B