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Friday, October 09, 2015

Carpet/Furniture Care

This is in regard to carpet cleaning in my own home. I recently received a flyer regarding having my rugs cleaned using the Von Schrader Dry Foam Extraction. Is this a good way to clean a carpet or is there some other method I should consider?
I have a church contract and was asked to clean/ shampoo 27 church pews. I would like to know what's the average rate. They are pretty standard length pews with upholstery back and seating.
Any advice on how to take salt residue off the carpets and mats?
Over the past summer, one of our carpet cleaners let a wet carpet bonnet sit on a classroom carpet for approximately one hour. The water from the bonnet soaked into the nap and left a nasty brown circle where the bonnet had been The brown stain remained even after the carpet had dried. We have attempted to re-clean the carpet, but we have not been able to remove the brown circle where the bonnet had been. Do you have any tips or tricks for removing it?
We just started cleaning a doctor's office and everything is going great except for the carpets. The entire office is carpeted with a grey, commercial grade, low nap carpet. There's no padding with a concrete slab underneath. The problem is twofold. 1) On a daily basis, patients are spilling soda, tracking in oils & tar from the parking lot, spilling food, and the like. 2) The previous cleaning company had a closet full of Dollar Store foam carpet cleaner, so in general the carpets are saturated with soap. My question is what would be the most effective method to keep up on cleaning all the new stains? It's not feasible for us to use to or leave behind a full size (AquaClean18) portable carpet extractor for daily use. Purchasing a small one would be an option. The other problem is, even when we extract using 3 wet/1 dry pass, resoiling is an issue, with stains reappearing the next day or a week later. Of course, with the problem area being a 100 sq. ft. waiting room, and the amount of spills, it could just be new stains and not resoiling.
is the best method of cleaning Berber carpet?
A hand truck had oil on the wheels and left about 80' of 4" spots on and off on the carpet. I had some stain remover and attempted to remove the oil by applying the chemical, than scrubbing with a hand held nylon brush, than using a carpet machine to clean up the area. The oils seem to be gone, but there are now dark spots on the carpet where the spots were removed. It looks like the mistake I made was to scrub the area with a brush. Is it ever going to go back to normal? Is there anything I can do to fix it?
We are implementing a carpet maintenance program for our county buildings. What type of carpet extractor would you advise (drying time is crucial) and how often should carpet be cleaned per year? All work would be done during the non occupied time, either evenings or weekend.
How many sq. ft. of carpet can one person clean in an hour with a Whittaker machine at a normal pace?
What is the best way to clean carpets in a facility that operates 24/7/365 so that people don't track dirt onto newly cleaned (damp) carpet?
1) Do acid and alkaline agents have effects on carpets when being used? (2) Is only carpet shampoo to be used on carpet? (3) Is it appropriate to use hot water on carpet, too?
What are the advantages of using a Pro-Team quarter vac versus a Pro-Team upright vacuum (including cost, performance, versatility, user friendly?
We had an accident and spilled acid bathroom cleaner on a 3 inch by 5 inch area of commercial carpet, destroying the fibers. I need some information on repair and possibly carpet dyeing if the patch we use doesn't match up.
I do cleaning for a Headstart school, and now that school is out for the summer, all the furniture is moved, the VCT could use some scrubbing, the carpet is very badly stained with food and drinks. What is the best method to use to clean the carpet? Hot water extraction did not work because some of the spots resurfaced.
Any suggestions on how to clean red fruit juice out of carpet? I tried a proxy product and hot water. Nothing comes off on a white cloth. The juice must have acid because it also whitened red brick tile.
I have just purchased a dirt napper for cleaning carpets, it has 1-1/4" trim bristles outside rows and 5/16 trim bristles for the inside rows and a bonnet in the middle. I have never used one before and need the dos and doníts of using this; should I wet the bonnet with solution or just spray it?
We have a newly constructed facility--opened 1 Aug 10. The custodial agreement reads "The dry foam cleaning method shall be used when it will thoroughly remove all streaks, stains, and spots. When the dry foam method is not sufficient or appropriate, the water extraction method shall be used. Also, the contractor shall use the water extraction method after a carpet or rug has been dry foam cleaned three consecutive times". I went to the site yesterday to observe the carpet cleaning and saw that they were using the extractor type machine with water being sprayed on the carpets. Just would like to make sure that this is ok..... My understanding of the contract was that they would use an extractor ONLY if the foam method did not take out the stains. This is a new building and the carpet looks brand new...
We may be cleaning 100,000 sq. ft. of carpet which requires moving chairs and small furniture and removing stains from carpet. What is the average length of time to clean 100,000 sq. ft.? I would have to pay employees (how many?) plus the rental of equipment.
I need a chemical to remove rust.
We have a chemical spill on a commercial nylon carpet. We have the MSDS sheet with the chemical ingredients to submit. We would like to know if this spot can be removed or if it is permanent stain, so we can determine if we have to do a carpet repair. Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated.
I have two questions: (1) What is the best way to clean the carpet on a raised, carpet tiled floor, to ensure liquids do not get onto the cabling and equipment below the floor, and (2) Is the application of an anti-static chemical after carpet cleaning effective in preventing static discharge from disrupting/damaging computers located in carpeted facilities? Is there a more economical, yet effective method?
I was asked to clean about 1500sq. ft. of a small office buildingís off-white carpet that is trashed from very high traffic. It looks as if it hasnít been done in a few years and has red dye, grape juice, and food from spills. I have an apartment complex that has the same problems. I used Matrix Grand Slam SC traffic lane cleaner prespray, Matrix Confidence Premium extraction detergent, and a fiber rinse, but the carpet doesnít look that much better. What can I use to make this look good?
I am considering a startup dry carpet cleaning business, marketing high end homes and business. I am looking at the Host Carpet Cleaning System. What are the pros and cons using this particular system?
How do I remove tar from carpet?
We have a room with a line down the middle of made with white paint. We are now making that room into an office. How can I get white paint up?
We are currently seeking to change the way we clean carpets at our facility. We are using hot water extraction and bonnet cleaning on 8 yr. old carpet with heavy traffic. The person who cleans the carpet is going to retire and I've suggested a couple of different options: 1). To continue to clean the carpets as we are now (which is at 5 am and never letting the carpet totally dry before the foot traffic comes in) Totally wrong. 2) Switch carpet cleaning to night time or weekend activity. 3) Contract hall and entrance way areas to outside contractors 3x / year. 4) Invest in a low moisture type system such as Von Schrader and clean them at night in- house. 5) Buy a self-propelled walk-behind extractor and clean them in-house at night. We maybe getting new carpeting throughout the building (36,000 sq. ft.) possibly carpet squares. Will any one system be better than the others?
My 2 year old leaked urine from her diaper onto my furniture cushion. My care instructions say to use a dry solvent. What is the best for urine?
We have some commercial carpet where the glue has deteriorated in traffic areas and where chairs are with no plastic mats. The carpet was laid in the early 1980s. It has been cleaned with a portable extractor once a year, and was dry within 4-6 hours. What would be the reason for this? Also, what was the life expectancy of carpet put in back then? i
I have a potential customer who owns a local hotel and would like to have a free demonstration of carpet cleaning. I have a Hurricane truck mount system. If he likes the job my equipment does I can get the entire building, which has over 100 rooms, plus common areas. How do I go about doing the free demonstration? Is this common? What would the current sq. ft. charge be? Iím in the northeastern PA area. Iím thinking starting at .09 sq ft. Am I correct?
have commercial glued-down olefin carpet that has been presprayed, rinse extracted, and plain water extracted several times but with dark traffic lanes reappearing within a week. This happens even with HVAC on and floor fans in area cleaned. Any suggestions for reversing this chronic condition?
I have veteran floor care staff telling me that they use glass cleaner for spot cleaning carpets. However, I seem to remember reading a source that said that was not good, but now I cannot find the source. Can anyone help?
We have huge area rugs made of wool and faux silk in public areas. As per manufacturer's specifications, we can only dry clean them. Please advise what the best way is to clean them? Can we use the HOST powder system?
I am a mother of three and I would like to start a carpet cleaning business. I bought a hot water extraction machine like the ones they rent at your local supermarket. Is this machine good enough to start a carpet cleaning service?
We are replacing our pews with chairs. What is the best way to bring the Nylon carpet back to its original height after many years of being pressed down under the pew legs?
I am interested in learning to dye carpet stains. Can you send me info?
How do you moth-proof a wool rug?
We purchased and installed a Shaw polyester carpet in two rooms 3 months ago. I have used various vacuums on it and it still seems to be shedding a lot. I had a person inspect it a month ago and though he said that it should stop, it seems to be shedding the same as it was 3 months ago. What do you think could be wrong?
I believe I have cellulosic browning. When I washed my Berber rug, it turned a reddish color. Can this be corrected?
My employees tell me that the company uses a large amount of salt during the winter months. I have ordered some finger tip rubber matting to help keep the salt from coming into the building and then have our walk off mats moved after them. Is this what you would recommend?
Can you recommend a good cleaner for leather chairs? I have some that are a rust color and, on the edge of the seat, they are turning black.
How do I get red stains, like fruit punch and Gatorade out of carpet?
What can I use to remove dried blue permanent marker from a nylon carpet? We found them during our last break and they have been there several weeks. We have tried working with a multi-purpose carpet spotter and indelible ink remover with water extraction to follow. One has lightened up but the other is as bright as ever.
How can I remove oil base paint from nylon carpet?
I have spots on my carpet that disappear when cleaned, but gradually come back over a two week period. How can I stop it?
How do you remove old coffee stains from carpet?
What product can be used to clean carpeting where a bed ridden elder person with staph infection lives?
I am trying to come up with a form that the teachers can fill out when there is a spill on the carpet in their room. That way, I will know how long it has been there, what it is, and where it is. I am also going to send a note to call my office and leave a message so I can get to it as soon as possible. The forms are for my night crew in case I am not called. Any ideas on the exact questions to put on the form, or does someone already have something I can use or adapt?
How can I remove yellow chalk dust from the carpet below the chalk board? This build up is over quite a few years and does not come out with regular cleaning.
What do you use to eliminate freezing in a truck mount carpet van?
I have an opportunity to give an estimate to clean 5250 square feet of commercial carpet in a day care center. This includes removal of tables, chairs, lockers, and toys. The occupants total 75 boys and 18 personnel. The work is scheduled for a week of during vacation. Methods and precautions are my choice. What price and how many hours should I use to calculate a price. I live in Northern New Jersey.
With a budget of $2200-$2600, what portable extractor and/or powerhead might you suggest we look at? I know this is rock bottom pricing, but if possible, could you give me any ideas? We are cleaning commercial glue down (70%).
I am getting a new building and 90% of the flooring is carpet. How do I approach this and what cleaning system do I need? Do I use a pre-spray, spin cleaner, extraction rinse and cleaner? Is a shampooing good?
I am considering purchasing a portable extractor. I would like to know which is more important, heat or waterlift?
How do I remove Wite-Outģ from a brand new carpet in a classroom? Is this product water-based?
Please give the rundown on the carpet cleaning system known as encapsulation. I have read several varying reports of the best method and machinery to use. I took your advice on a nursing home project mentioned in a previous question, and now the carpet is looking good again. Do you recommend encapsulation as a maintenance method, or should I continue extracting and rinsing? My understanding is that the product is pre-sprayed onto the carpet, then agitated with a floor machine and pads. Are the pads applied to the carpet wet or dry? Cotton pads or rayon? Is a 175 rpm machine effective for this type of carpet care?
What can you tell me about the following two items? 1. Carpet cleaning devices like the Rotovac rotary wand. The ads make them sound like the finest thing ever created, but I've never seen one in commercial use. Are they reliable? Do they produce a significantly better result than a standard wand? They are expensive, and I don't want a product that's hard to operate or service that ends up stored in my garage. 2. The Prowler, a portable, 13 HP truckmount-style machine that sells for around $7000. The concept seems like a great middle ground between portables and truckmounts, but I have concerns about reliability and performance.
I recently began a contract to clean carpet in a beautiful nursing home, and have just finished the first extraction. The waste solution was BLACK and thick. Although the carpet is only two years old, and doesn't appear terribly soiled, it must be saturated with dirt. Do you have any suggestions for me? They want me to come every quarter and are pretty committed to keeping the carpet nice. When the waste solution is that dark, I am certain there must still be a large amount of dirt in the carpet. What would you suggest for removing the maximum amount of dirt each visit? In case, it would help you to know what I use, my equipment is portable extractors, 500 psi, heated.
I recently took a newly created position as Property Manager at my church and found that we have two water extractors. In the past, they have rented carpet cleaners to clean the carpets. Can you clean carpets with extractors? What is the process and does it do any damage?
What is the best way to get a vacuum belt burn out of the carpet? What is the best way to get a vacuum belt burn out of the carpet????
I am trying to eliminate cat odor from an upholstry couch cushion. I have tried the oxygenated cleaner, but still have an odor.
What is the appoximate price per square foot for wet extraction carpet cleaning after a flood?
Which type of carpet is best suited for an educational institution (college), modular carpet tile or regular carpet (broadloom)?
I'm using the same vacuum cleaners (Eureka - bagless upright) that I have used in my business for the past year with no problems. Only now, when using them to clean the brand new carpets in the homes ready for settlements, they are constantly getting clogged. This happens mostly at the beginning of the suction inlet just past the beater bar. It also happens in the area where the hose inlet dumps into the top of the bagless container. I know that it has to do with the carpets being brand knew and I'm sucking up all the excess loose nap (fibers). I was looking at other vacuums and from all the reviews I have read it appears they won't do any better. My there any regular vacuum out there that will solve my issue, or do I have to go to and industrial upright vac to the job for a lot of money $$$? And will it solve my problem?
I am trying to collate information on the affect of poor maintenance to carpet. While there is an abundance of literature and information as to the benefits of good maintenance, I can find very little on the cost, health and other results of poor carpet care. Can you help?
One of our buildings has a custom designed, cut pile carpet that runs right up to the exterior doors. During the inclement weather of the snow gets carried in on the feet of people that enter the building, even though there is an exterior matting system. The building occupants do not want to cover the designer carpet with walk off mats and want the designer carpet covered with another carpet, that will match the patterns and colors of the designer carpet. The maintenance staff have already used a piece of the original carpet and had it bound on all sides. The challenge is the "creep factor." the top of carpet tends to creep over the bottom carpet. To date, special industrial types of "tacky back" mats and tapes have been used to no avail, duct tape has been used (carpet tape doesn't work) and also a velco system has been tried on back of the carpet. The floor system is concrete. Special plastic rivets were tried to attach the top carpet to the bottom, but it would not work because there is not enough space between the bottom carpet and the concrete as the carpet is glued to the floor. Any ideas on how to stop the top carpet runner moving across the bottom carpet? Alan Bigger
We are about to start using a black light to check carpeting for pet stains when apartment residents move out. Will the black light only show urine on the fibers, or will it also be apparent on the backing and pad?
What is the going price to charge for cleaning carpets in New Jersey?
What method of cleaning is recommended to clean sofas, chairs, and loveseats? What is the going price to charge for these in New Jersey?
We have a carpet that has had stripper spilled on it. We have tried wet extraction and the spot has returned. What else can we try?
What is the best way to remove tar from carpet, and what percentage realistically can be removed?
We are using a 175 rpm floor scrubber with a brush to clean our carpet. Will this process cause damage to the carpet?
My client rents square "carpet tiles" (450mm x 450mm) to the exhibition industry. Between every exhibition these tiles have to be cleaned - 10% of which will have marks on them. Any suggestions on the most efficient way to do this?
Does anybody know of training classes for carpet repair and stretching available in the upper midwest? Perferably the Chicago and surrounding metropolitan areas, including SE Wisconsin
I have large computer classrooms and labs at my facility. All of the computer and electrical wiring is under the flooring and is accessible by lifting out flooring panels covered over with carpet. Anyone have such areas? Will a system like the Host Dry Extraction System work well? I feel as though wet extraction will be to risky, and I do not like to bonnet shampoo since you are just cleaning the tips of the fibers and are not really removing the soil, just pushing it down into the carpet. Thanks, Dave B.
In order to protect a new carpet from construction debris, pieces of carpet were laid over it and duct taped to it. After a two month period, the pieces of carpet were removed and there were duct tape adhesive marks left on the new carpet. What is the best procedure for removing these stains from the carpet? Clyde Copeland
Dealing with carpet cleaning- define "encapsulation". John Calhoun
I am currently carpet cleaning 18 retail stores with heavily used traffic lanes. I have tried bonnet and extraction cleaning with a portable extractor. I am still seeing large areas of wicking. I am trying to decide which is the best type of cleaning method, bonnet, extraction, or encapsulation. Any suggestions? Thank you.
I have a 28,000 sq ft building on campus with all carpet. We are leasing this building and the previous tenant used some detergent cleaner when cleaning carpets. We pre-treat with a peroixde cleaner but only use cold water in our extraction machine. We have to drain our tanks because of all the soap we extract. It's time consuming and labor intensive. Any ideas on how to remove the soap that's in these carpet?
I'm trying to remove candle wax from a sofa covered in Crypton fabric. I took out most of it with an iron and paper, but the splotch is still visible. Will steam cleaning help? thanks
We are in the process of bidding on a cleaning contract. The facility in question is a church measuring approx. 10,000 sq. ft. We are a husband and wife team. We have a truck mount and a portable cleaner. How do you suggest that we tackle this assignment? Should we cover different areas over a period of time? Hire help to get the job done over 2-3 days?
I wonder if you could advise me on what type of carpet cleaner to buy for cleaning my house carpets: a steam cleaner or an upright which uses detergent? If you could let me know the benefits of each, that would be most helpful.
As the weather turns colder here in Iowa, can you give us any common sense recommendations to keep the water line from our truck mounted cleaning units from freezing up?
How do I clean up some liquid (glycol from a Galileo thermometer) that was in a glass vial and broke and spilled on Berber carpeting?
I am looking to buy an upright carpet / drapery / upholstery extractor. We work in confined, slow-to-dry areas on sailboats and yachts. Is there a specific product you would recommend? Would a heated extractor be an advantage, or is a non-heated model a better choice to prevent damage?
After cleaning our three-year-old, nylon carpet, it looks clean while wet. But when it starts to dry, high traffic areas turn brown. If we use a spot cleaner like RESOLVE High-Traffic Granules, the brown can be cleaned away. We tried extra rinsing while cleaning the carpet, but it didn't make a difference. We even vacuumed the extra water out of the carpet. Do you think this is dirt surfacing?
I placed an area rug over my white Berber carpet and held it down with double sided tape. When I lifted the area rug and pulled the tape off it left a sticky residue that I cannot remove. Please tell me what to use to get this sticky substance off of my Berber carpet.
How do I remove red ink from my carpet?
What advantages are there to cleaning carpet with a truck mount verses a portable self contained extractor? Is there any recognized ISSA standard productivity rating for truck mounts? If so where can I go for the info?
What will get the odor of dog urine out of carpet?
I am doing a presentation for my speech class, and I was wondering if you could give me a few pointers on how best to present the process of cleaning a carpet.
We have meeting rooms with lots of coffee spills - whole cup at a time. How do I remove coffee stains? Sometimes they dry before it's discovered.
We have bleach stains on the carpeting. What are the options as far as restoration of the carpet?
We had our carpet cleaned, and the cleaner did not cover the bottom of the legs of a coffee table that had metal studs. This resulted in rust stains. The cleaner now does not return our calls. Is there any product that will remove these dried rust stains? It is a beige carpet. Thanks.
I am researching the carpet cleaning business. In researching various equipment that is used in the industry, I found that the wand is the most widely used equipment for carpet cleaning. What is the difference between the regular wand and the Rotovac? Is the Rotovac widely used in the industry?
We have Couristan 100% wool carpets. Can we use the Hoover carpet cleaner on them?
With 1800 high school students, how do you keep carpet looking fresh and clean in traffic areas?
How do you remove a stain from an old tartar sauce spill?