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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Equipment, Chemicals & Supplies

I have found that custodians often don't empty their machines of water and chemical when finished with their water extractors or dry forming machines. Could it harm the machine if you leave water and chemicals in the tanks overnight? Many managers don't think so. What do you say?
How much toilet paper and paper towels should I use for 25 bathrooms with 3 stalls in each one of them.?
Post construction cleaning of 100,000+ sf residence hall. All concrete floors. Required to sweep, mop, clean, and high speed buff floors. Any recommendations on equipment? We were going to utilize just brooms, vacuums, and 2 walk-behind floor buffers....some long hallway expanses, but many smaller bedrooms. Would use of larger auto sweeper and auto scrubber save time or be suitable for this service?
I just secured my first office cleaning contract. The Property Manager says she will supply all cleaning supplies as soon as I forward a list of desired cleaning products. What cleaning products would you recommend I use for stainless steel (kitchen app. sinks and counters). Marble (huge marble table)... Not to mention copious amounts of woodwork, interior glass windows, leather chairs, and lcd/plasma flat screens?
Is there any chemical that has a killing contact time of 3 minutes or less?
One of my janitors used toilet bowl acid in a restroom sink and spilled some onto the Formica counter top and now there is a whitish dull tint on part of the top. I tried using multi foam, and stainless steel cleaner thinking it would at least bring back the shine, but that did not work. Any suggestions?
What's the latest trend in the cleaning industry regarding the usage of string mops on the lavatorial floors and regular floors? And the best way to prevent cross contamination.
I am custodial operations manager at a 34,000 student body population school, responsible for maintaining 6.5 million sq. ft. of space. About a third of the space is carpeted. We are considering a truck mount or similar portable equipment. What are the pros and cons of having this kind of equipment in your inventory?
I'm volunteer director at a mid-size religious facility (about 100,000 square feet of carpet). We're in need of a walk-behind carpet cleaner with the option of using a wand. We're going to be staffed completely by volunteers, many of them women. We need to be able to take it to a second story without an elevator. What machines would you recommend? We've tried the Cascade 20, but some are a little nervous about the ''grey-water'' cleaning concept. It is still in the running, though. Any help is much appreciated
Iíve been working for the Post Office for over ten years as a truck driver and now I am a custodian and I am learning to strip and refinish floors. I have done a couple of jobs and I feel proud that they came out well since I am new at this. Unfortunately, I didnít get much training in cleaning, so I need info as far as mixing the stripper with water. What does it mean to mix in parts? For example, 1:3 or one part product and two parts water?
What type of equipment is needed to clean a 45,000 sq. ft. building? How many machines to buff and vacuum and strip, etc.
I am looking for some information on the ByoGlobe cleaning system. Also, has there been any feed back from anyone currently using the system?
I am interested in purchasing Activeionís Ionator EXPô for my business. Has anyone in the commercial cleaning business used this product with great effect? Has it replaced most, if not all, cleaning chemicals? Is it worth the price of admission? I need help in making an educated decision in purchasing this product.
Can you use a buffing machine on a wood gym floor to get up scuff marks?
What is the best vacuum and floor buffer to purchase?
What are the pros and cons of using brown paper towels instead of white paper towels?
I do a lot of research on new products and techniques. I started cleaning with paper towels; after some research, I came across microfiber towels, which work great. Then, I bought a microfiber flat mop, and a double sided bucket. I used it for one year; all my employees hate it and so do I. The production rate is very poor, nothing compared to my old yellow bucket and my string mop. I also try to use a microfiber dust mop; it is so bad that Iím not sure that all the so-called improvements are the way to go. I would like your take on this matter. Also, do you have a recommendation for a good dust mop? I try to vacuum the hard floor areas instead of dust mopping, but the time that it takes is just not productive.
I have been using Facility Maintenance brand floor stripper per client/customer approval for sometime. It has been quite effective when applied and used according to instructions. This is a "water activated" product. However, my manager has instructed me to use this "straight"...without water. I have explained that the chemical make up of the product requires water to activate the solution, but they are not listening. What kind of damage will be done to the tile and cement flooring if we do as my manager has stated, "use it straight?" Obviously, it will leave a white residue behind, but will it not also permanently discolor the tiling? Or, potentially "eat it" up? HELP!!!!!
Can you please tell me what will be a good carpet spotting machine?
Do you have a product which can be used to clean and then kill bacteria for food processing equipment which is environmentally friendly?
We are considering purchasing a backpack sprayer to apply a disinfectant to the carpet before vacuuming. What would be the proper disinfectant to use to rid our carpets of virus and germs?
I am looking at a Hydrogenie pto truck mount steam cleaner thatís in an 1997 Ford van. The machine has 8000 hrs on it and looks in rough shape, very dirty, beat up. The asking price is $14,500, and includes customer base and supplies, wands, hoses, tools. It seems that it has too many hours on it and it wasnít taken care of. Does anyone know anything about this unit and where I can have it checked out mechanically? Iím in the Pocono Mountains area of PA.
Is there a product that does a similar job in cleaning and polishing stainless steel as Sheila Shine that green certified?
Is the difference between a burnisher and a regular floor machine (buffer) just RPM?
I am planning to buy a new auto scrubber and need to know the pros and cons of rotary disk versus cylindrical cleaning heads. I donít have time to burnish, so I want the scrubber that will keep my floors looking their best. I also need to do the top scrubbing and stripping as quickly as possible, and am not sure which head will do this best.
What is the best method for restoring/refinishing terrazzo floors? What is the typical charge per square foot for this process?
I recently took over as Environmental Services Manager at the hospital. My question is, can you give me any info on any chemical that is or has been effective in the cleaning of rooms for c-diff.?
I work at a 1500 bed correctional institution. The health care department is all worried about MRSA. They came in with bleach and "Comet". I believe that our Quat cleaner is enough. Please let me know the best way to deal with MRSA in an institutional situation.
According to the EPA, what is the difference between a pesticide and a disinfectant?
Floors that I see in magazines and on TV showing government facilities, office buildings, schools, and hospitals always show a high gloss shine! I cannot find any sealer/finish combo that will give me that look. I do a 25k sq. ft.& a 10k sq. ft. machine shop--once every [6] six months--dentist office, thrift stores, no buffing. Would you apply a sealer first and then a hard finish or a combination?
Does anybody deal with ABC Vacuum Warehouse? I was surfing and came across their website. Their pricing looks very good; Pro-Team backpacks for $379 with free shipping, for example. In fact, EVERYTHING includes shipping, now that I look again. Iím just wondering about their service, etc.
Is it cheaper to buy a top of the line upright vacuum and maintain it instead of getting a new low end model every six months?
Is there a certain type of vacuum that can pick up sand without hurting the fan or motor? I oversee the cleaning of a child development center and the kiddies dump sand unto the carpet. Our Sanitaires are getting some abuse.
We are having a problem with drain flies in little used drains. I know that part of the problem is organic matter on the sides of the drain. Would a drain line maintainer be the best bet or should we use something that you can drop into the drain that will coat the sides?
I'm working with my boss on the next yearís budget, and I would like to know how many cleaning supplies I will need for the next fiscal year. Floor cleaning, floor finish, stripper, paper products, restroom supplies, etc
I would like to know what company has the best floor care program for stained concrete. I need to strip, seal, and refinish this floor and then maintain it using a high speed buffer on a daily basis.
Our college has used the Kaivac restroom cleaning machines for about 6 yrs. The biggest problem we have is leaky pressure -guns. It is not the nozzle that leaks, but the gun itself. We replace them constantly. I would say the longest we can use them before they start leaking is a month. They are not fixable. I have replaced all the parts available on them and still have the same problem. I would like to know if anyone else has this problem and if there is any way of correcting it.
What is the best floor finish to use on a stone floor (terrazzo)? I am thinking about using one from National Chemical called 24/7. All the finishes I use do not hold up very long.
Is there a standard percentage rate that I can use to accurately calculate the cost of paper products and supplies for an account? Like 40% of the monthly billing?
I found two web sites that recommend using their finish on all types of floors. It is a semi- permanent finish (water-based urethane, used on vinyl and other floors). I believe they claim it lasts for years depending on wear and it is an alternative to acrylic finish. The companies using it are finish line floors ( and performance finish ( I also read a post on your site (under hard and resilient floor care) about someone trying this stuff but then having trouble removing it. I was wondering where I could find more information on this or a similar product, and where I can purchase it to try it for my self.
I need equipment to assist in the cleaning of: vinyl and rubber tile, slate, marble, stone, aluminum/vinyl mats, a concrete garage floor, elevator thresholds and commercial carpeting with no cushion. Can suggest a source for these items in my area?
Our sport facility is 92,000 square feet and we are looking for a cost-effective and time efficient way to clean our hardwood floors (playing surface). Currently, we manually clean them, but we are looking for a machine to reduce cleaning time at a great price.
What is the most durable vacuum cleaner for getting sand out of carpet?
Does one have to clean burnishing pads? If so, at what intervals and what are the procedures for cleaning them?
I am interested in hearing from anyone who currently uses the Kaivac system for bathroom cleaning. Are there any hidden problems or disappointments with this system? Is it worth the investment if you have 18 restrooms to clean in an industrial plant?
I have a cleaning business in Sydney, Australia servicing residential and commercial clients. Recently, our firm was approached by a distributor of colloidal cleaning products and were offered the use of their products exclusively. I would appreciate any info you might have on colloidal cleaners and their effectiveness in the cleaning of commercial and residential properties.
One of my customers asked me to supply them with hand soap dispensers and paper towel dispensers. It made me think about selling products to my customers and maybe other janitorial businesses. How can I get started in selling janitorial products and finding suppliers and manufacturers?
What information do you have on the pros and cons of waterless toilets and urnials? Thanks.
What is the best chemical or product for cleaning hard water spots off of glass?
A potential client asked us what we would use to clean and sanitize/disinfect a steam room. Should we use a quaternary -based product for this? This is a large health/wellness club.
Who are today's big cleaning chemical and equipment manufacturers? Do they use distributers, or sell directly? Where can I get detailed information on this industry?
With the increased use of ceramic tile, stone, finished concrete and other hard floor surfaces we are considering investing in hard floor (grout) cleaning equip. Basiclly a beefed up portable carpet extractor with a high pressure wand. We currently use a floor machine, grit brush and wet vac. (with a 10 minute dwell time on the chemicals) to do this same job. Depending on the condition of the floor we can do anywhere from 150sq'/hr (really bad floor) to 500sq'/hr. So my question is, as compared to the procedure we are using now, can we expect to see cleaner floors & grout? Should we expect to see our production rates increase and if so by what %?
I have a square, double fiberglass sink which is used by the employees to dump the remains of their coffee they drink and make. The sink is starting to get porous on the bottom from all the harsh chemicals that have been used on it. A mixture of half water and half clorox has been used to bleach is back white, but this is very toxic to breath. Is there a different product you know of that will work on this? Also, can the sink be polished with something to help prevent the staining? Thank you
Are there any industry standards, or other agencies, requiring rolls of toilet paper to have wrappers while stored on the shelf in custodial closets?
We have recently purchased an Advance riding extractor. At present there appear to be no others in the market. Will there be others coming out to choose from other than Windsor who shelved the idea after bringing one out at the ISSA Show?
Are you aware of any equipment company that makes a 17" propane burnisher?
Is there a portable steam cleaner on the market that is built for industrial use? If so, is steam a good way to clean grouted floors?
I read an article in a tech magazine about robotic vacuum cleaners. They are used in residential settings, as are items such as battery powered automatic lawnmowers, etc. Do you see automatic robotic vacuums making an impact in the commercial cleaning industry?