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Friday, October 09, 2015

Hiring & Staffing

How many FTE's would 1,260,787 CSF require?
I'm looking for the regulation/manual that covers, how many cleaner/janitors it would take to clean 83,000 square feet. I believe that one cleaner should be able to handle 15,000 sq. ft. of area per shift.
Our County Government is close to opening a new 100,000 sq. ft. court house. Our present court house is about half the square footage. We will be hiring one more full time housekeeper bringing the total staff to 3.5 full time employees. What are the industry standards that one housekeeper can clean in eight hours?
In a 2 year old, 180,000 square foot hospital with 100 private rooms, Iím trying to determine required # of FTEs for 2 shifts 7 days a week.
What is the current manpower standard for housekeepers and building mechanics per sq. ft. for an average facility (university)?
Is there a estimate list of how many square feet each FTE should be able to clean? For instance, for a 240,000 sq.ft. hospital, how much staff should I have?
Greetings ICAN Members: Can you help? What is the average turnover rate for the commercial cleaning industry? Many Thanks - Allen Rathey
What is the best way to find good subcontractors? Also, do you have a good source to obtain an agreement with subcontractors?
What would be the typical percentage of time a janitorial shift supervisor would spend doing actual hands-on custodial tasks vs. the support activities?
How many custodians are needed to clean a facility with 214,000 sq. ft. of building space with obstructed rooms?
Are there any guidelines for required housekeeping staffing per sq. ft. for casinos? We are a 24-7 operation with heavy usage on the weekends and are responsible for all areas including carpet, tile, ceilings, and trash removal. The hotel and restaurants are not included in this equation. Bill
How do I calculate the number of FTEs based on square footage? Are there standards which are available to use as benchmarks of efficiency?
If you have 14 janitors responsible for the cleaning of 532,000 sq. ft. of rental space that is obstructed (office desks, file cabinets) in a five (5) story building, what would be the acceptable sq. ft. production per janitor within an 8 hour shift day shift? What would be the best process to distribute the work load fairly and equally among the janitors?
Do you have any information on salaries for someone who cleans high places. It is indoors, but uses various lifts, safety harnesses, etc. We are in Minnesota
We team clean and are going to start interviewing for an open position. What are some good questions to ask of the person being interviewed for the position? We rotate our specialists.
How much do major franchise cleaning companies pay to their experienced or non-experienced Quality Control Representatives?
What variables are considered when calculating how many square feet a custodian can clean per hour in a high, middle, and elementary school?
What is the standard for the number of personnel needed to clean 4 buildings amounting to 40,830 sq. ft. of office space, including 4 locker rooms with showers? What, if anything, is contracted out? Example, carpet and window cleaning.
How would you pay and bill for a day porter in a building? Is it in the monthly billing price (sq ft rate) or is it separate as an extra? Whatís the pay scale and how do you price it? If the pay rate is $8 per hour, is a formula of $8.00 per hour x 3 = $24.00 per hour as a billable hourly rate ok?
We are looking to add a sales staff. Could you please tell me what the standard commission is in the custodial field? We provide daily janitorial services. The sales staff will be selling at least 1 year contracts for our services with service from 5 to 7 days per week.
We have a 25,000 sq. ft. outpatient medical office. It has 32 exam rooms, 3 procedures room, 14 restrooms, and numerous offices/cubicles. How many hours daily would it take to have this facility cleaned?
What is an acceptable ratio for supervisor to janitors? One for every seven?
Is there an industry standard for staffing schools with in house staff for cleaning purposes? While I understand there is no one size that fits all, there must be some basic formulas that we can apply for consistent staffing levels.
What is the general rule of thumb regarding how many custodians should be hired per X # of square feet? I am at a small Massachusetts municipality where there are many small town-owned buildings and several public bathrooms that are used heavily in July and August by tourists, but lightly for the rest of the year. I read your response about benchmarking (August 20) but you didn't direct readers to any source for rules of thumb or specific standards. Thank you.