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Sunday, October 04, 2015

Facility Management

We have 130,000 sq. ft. in 3 buildings with 5 acres of grass and flower gardens that equal 1,000 sq. ft. We have one building that was just built, a 1967 brick building with a 20,000 sq. ft. metal building, and a 1980 metal skin building. They all have updated hvac systems. I'm just looking for an average of how many building mechanics we should have.
Why is it that toilet seats in commercial settings are always horseshoe-shaped, with a gap in the front? It seems that every office building I enter has this type of seat, yet I have never seen one in a private residence. It's ok if you don't know.
I have a facility that is about 100,000 sq. ft. and I would like to know how many people I should use and how much to charge per sq. ft.
How much is the current strip and refinish rate for 2500 square feet of VCT with 4 coats of finish?
I am trying to find out what the maintenance staff ratio is per sq. ft. for medical clinics (not hospitals). The maintenance staff does mechanical maintenance of HVAC, plumbing, repairs, preventative maintenance, etc.
Is there an industry standard for how much should be spent on custodial supplies per square foot?
How many maintenance workers does a 700,000 sq. ft. building need? It has kitchens, latrines, and all office work stations. Is there a regulation somewhere?
What is the best finish to keep old, high traffic terrazzo hallways appealing with a wet looking, high gloss appearance?
Where can I find an estimator to guide me in how many employees are recommended according to sq. ft. ? We have 4 full time and 15 part time employees. Some of our facilities require 24/7 care for continuous traffic: our prayer room, restrooms and other seminar facilities.
I have an old copy of the official cleaning times from ISSA. How I can get a new copy?
Is there an institute that has recently updated their curriculum and/or training programs in the Hospital Series and Custodial Series along with updated DVDs and manuals?
How can LEAN help in the area of custodial Maintenance
What is the industry standard for sq. ft. production for custodians in libraries?
What are the major cleaning issues in a Class A commercial building that includes a restaurant? How do I handle these special needs effectively?
How do we reduce the cost involved in providing air conditioning to the facility? What is the requirement for AC per person in a facility?
I will be in Seattle, WA. on business in July of 2008. Are there any janitorial workshops, trade shows, or a big player in janitorial supplies that I can visit while there?
How do we prevent or reduce dust build up in all the areas of the building: offices, shelves, computers, high places, low places, chairs, etc. We continually dust using lambís wool and wipe with microfiber clothes, and use special dust collecting chemicals applied on floor mops, but for some reason, dust is building up everywhere. The building has constant air flow as the result of ongoing ventilation with heat during the winter and cooling during the summer. Is the problem with the special equipment or chemicals that I am using now?
How do I clean a concrete floor daily?
My sister and I have just started a janitorial business. I would like to know where janitorial contractors go to bid on cleaning office buildings. I have called the SBA office and the Chamber of Commerce to no avail.
Do you have square footage rates available for what an average custodian cleans in a NY State school system, keeping in mind the climate that is dealt with here?
Is there an association for cleaning contractors who's members obtain a lower rate on their insurance coverage?
Please help me find any possible and easy solution to fix the hair scratches on delicate stainless steel work. Is there any chemical that can hide the scratches, or do we need special sand paper and polish to fix the scratches?
I am trying to find a rule of thumb to estimate number of employees required for an acute care hospital based on square footage. This would be for an engineering department that takes care of all buildings & grounds with demand/scheduled maintenance for the facility. It includes also all renovations, etc.
Do you know of a guide for calculating the annual maintenance cost for the entire buildings of a campus? It may be maintenance cost per year per sq. ft. per building for different types of buildings, or any other standard method to calculate the maintenance cost for budget proposal.
Do you have a Environmental Services Department Policies and Procedures Manual or guideline for building such a manual?
With a new building opening on our campus we have had several organizations interested in renting the state of the art auditorium. How do I assess how much to charge for events such as theatrical plays? The auditorium seats 200 people.
With the increased terror alerts in New York, New Jersey and Washington, D.C., how important are custodians and other cleaning professionals to the security of buildings? Often working in buildings alone at night or with just a few other employees, these cleaning professionals would seem to be almost like soldiers on the frontline, so to speak, in the battle against potential terrorist threats. Since janitors are often working in various buildings throughout the day and at night by themselves, are they being instructed to be on the lookout for any suspicious persons, take certain measures, etc.? What is/should the cleaning industry's response be to help protect the buildings that we work in? Thank you.