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Saturday, September 05, 2015

Water & Fire Damage Restoration

What's the estimated cost for clean-up and water removal in a child care facility of approximate 1000 sq. ft. for flood damage, including material and labor?
I had a fire in the laundry. Is there anything that will remove the black soot from my white table linens and bed linens?
We suffered minor flooding in two rooms caused by rain water. The water is almost gone, but a smell has developed that will not go away. Is the source of odor the padding? Do we need to scrap the padding and replace it with new? Can the padding be saved?
I have a customer who had a flood problem. They removed the water, but have a musty smell. How can I help them?
I would like to know if there is a web site for water restoration that gives instruction and details and possibly forms (invoices) that can be used.
We went through some IICRC courses and are certified in Water Restoration. When I checked with our insurance agent, the janitorial policy we have doesn't cover water restoration. I have only found so far one company that does, but they want 10+ percent of our payroll. That would be about a $20,000 a year increase in our insurance cost. Any suggestions of a good company that would be interested in insuring a janitorial company that has never had a claim and is in its fourth year?