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Friday, November 27, 2015

Contract Cleaning

I currently have the opportunity of getting a cleaning contract for a medical office of about 4008 sq. ft. with a waiting area,7 patient rooms and 3 doctor's offices. Daily job is to clean floors, pick up trash, wipe down all counters/desk areas, clean mirrors, service and clean restrooms. Once weekly: dust furniture, clean all glass doors and reception area windows, dust light fixtures, blinds & a/c vents. Once monthly: scrub & strip tile floors, wipe down baseboards, walls and door frames. I really want this first contract, but do not know what to charge...please help.
I was asked to quote for cleaning 4,000 sq. ft. of office space in New York City with 2 restrooms, 1 break room and bi-weekly cleaning services. How many people can be used to do this work and what should I charge for such cleaning per month? Please help me out on this project.
What is the average rate of pay for cleaning 2 bedroom/1bathroom apartments, newly remodeled?
I am just starting my business in cleaning services, and I would like to know how much to charge and what to offer. Should I offer free floor services like waxing and cleaning floors?
I have an offer to clean an approximately 1000 sq. with 8-10 offices, 4 cubicles, 1 restroom, 1 conference room. Basic cleaning; mopping, vacuuming, wipe down tables and take out trash. Need service 1x week, 1 worker should be able to handle it. How should I price this?
I am currently doing a PM course and need to break down the monthly & annually cleaning fees of a fitness centre which is 38,000 square feet.
We are bidding on cleaning a 100,000 square foot concrete floor twice a week in addition to a 5000 square foot office space five days a week. Any help on figuring out what to charge would be greatly appreciated.
I have two areas in a restaurant with terrazzo floors to strip and high speed burnish. Area #1 is 15x5, area #2 is 60x10. I am looking at two men for the job; chemicals will be added to the price. There will be detail work under all the tables which are mounted to the floor.
We need to hire a cleaning compnay. Can you please let me know what the average cost per sq. ft., including consumables, might be in the Dallas/Fort Worth area?
I am bidding on a dialysis clinic cleaning 3 days a week 5 carpet rooms, 5 restrooms, mopping 4500 sq. ft. tile. Then, I need to bid on the same clinic forr 6 days a week, with 2 employees, about 4 hrs each. The building is about 8500 sq. ft.
Please, can someone help me to give a new customer a reasonable quote for her RESTAURANT & BAR........This is my first time and I will be very happy if she hires my company. I have no idea how much to charge. The place is about 4,000 sq ft. and involves 7 days of cleaning after 2 AM. She needs general cleaning, included kitchen and bar, and the restaurant is on two levels. Please let me know how much I can charge for my service per month.
I am about to get this job to do a construction clean up of 38,000 sq. ft. Also, also they want me to strip and wax VCT floors. I do not have an idea how to charge them. This is my first time doing this type of job. Can someone help me?
I am with a contracting agency. They have given me a LOT of work, but the kicker is, they don't pay for 60 days. I ran broke for the first 60 days; barely had enough money to eat. Then the big day came when they said they would pay me and I ran to the mail box and there is no check. Another week goes by and still no pay (I called them and they said "we don't know what has happened"). Well, I get the check eventually and all is well until the next month, and no pay again; had to wait forever to see anything. Well, this has happened for at least 5 months now and it's getting so old. I really want just to pull the plug, but my family and I really rely on this because there is money to be made, although, at the contracted prices, I am sure nearly half is all I get of what the agency gets paid, and keep in mind the delayed payments. I really want my business to succeed, but not with me about to lose all my hair and wife. Maybe you could give me some advice!
The question I have is regarding the event facilities in the hotel I manage. It is 11,642 square feet. How many working hours do I need daily to clean this space? What should I charge?
How much should I charge to clean and service a restroom?
A public school in South MS is bidding out its summer strip/refinish work. The school is about 200,000 sq. ft. We are very capable of completing the work, but do not want to under bid. The bid is for labor and equipment only. The chemicals would be provided by the school district. We would move/replace all furniture, strip and apply 5 coats. Our bid estimates are about .11 cents/ sq. ft. Does anyone know the going rate for a school strip/refinish with the contractor removing/replacing furniture.
What is the price per sq. ft. 10000 sq. ft. car dealership?
We have been asked to clean 5,000 sf of office trailer (6 small offices, 2 larger rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and a small lab) as well as an office space around the same size that will need to be cleaned every day. The office spaces are in two separate trailers about a half mile apart. Total cleaning space 10,000 sf. How many hours and how many people ?
I have an opportunity to provide janitorial service for an existing customer on a weekly basis in another building. The space is over 6000 sq. ft., has 6 beds, 6 baths and multiple living spaces on 3 floors. Lots of hardwood floors and detailed woodwork to be dusted. There is one person residing there now and several others on occasion. They will provide all supplies etc.. What price per sq ft should I charge? The other building I clean for them is priced @ .05 per sq. ft. and is used daily by several people.
How much for construction cleaning of a building that's 10,000 sq.ft in Miami FL
I'm bidding floor cleaning only for offices in and around a manufacturing plant. How long will it take to vacuum 24,000 sq. ft. per night? How long will it take to damp mop 25,000 sq. ft. of hard surface per night?
Where can I register to get information on contracts and/or bids for janitorial cleaning? I have looked everywhere on the internet. No luck
The building is 25,000 sq. ft. to be cleaned 3 times per week. My intent is to staff with 4 people with a cleaning time of 3 hrs each day. Your thoughts???
I am seeking a contract for 2 schools. One facility is 44,000 sf, around 600 kids, and the other is 80,000 sf, around 1300 kids. They need one custodial person during the day for 8 hours (cleaning the lunch room, taking out the trash, cleaning the kitchen and restrooms). What is the hourly rate I should set for 1 person, 8 hours a day? Next, they need 2 people at night to vacuum, clean the restrooms, spot clean walls, take out the trash, disinfect all the door knobs. I estimated it will take 2 people around 5 hours a day, = 10 man-hours How much is the weekly rate, not hourly, that I should ask for?
Would you have any information on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Janitorial Services?
We are contracted to strip and refinish a commercial store of between 55,000-60,000 sq. feet coming up in the next 2 weeks. We have been allotted a period of 2 weeks to complete, as they prefer we do it section by section. We will apply about 5-6 thin coats of finish, thin because drying takes a long time between coats. We are in Ontario, Canada and wondering what the minimum to maximum price per sq. ft. should be for this job. We are leaning toward the lower bid since we already are contracted to clean the store and have a very good and reasonable relationship with the owner, so weíre not interested in "soaking" him; he trusts us. Still, this is the first time weíve done this (and will have the help of 2 more professionals who will be teaching us the ropes). What prices would you suggest per sq. foot that would be very reasonable, but not appear naive?
I want to participate in Tender about cleaning of hyper market, but I donít know how many workers I need to do it. The area is 96,000 sq. ft. on one floor.
If my contract update is approved, I will have an additional 6000 sq. ft. of terrazzo in an airport lobby to mop and clean each day. It is all open space. Do you recommend manpower or a 20Ē auto-scrubber?
What is the average rate for construction cleaning for concession build out spaces in SE Regional Airports?
In construction cleaning, what is the estimated square footage one person can clean doing a rough cleaning and final cleaning? And what is the going price for construction cleaning of 13,000 sq. ft versus 80,000? Can you please help?
I would really appreciate it if you can help me with a template to use to make my to make my proposal. My store Manager offered me the daily contract cleaning for the supermarket, rest room cleaning, and doing the floor with the scrub machine, as well as refinishing. I know how much itís going to be; I just need help to create my proposal.
I do construction cleaning all over the metro area. I used to subcontract for a company; now I am starting to get jobs of my own. My question is, what should I charge for a construction cleaning, in this case, on a newly constructed home? Most times, it is done in stages, starting with a rough cleaning, followed by often several touch-ups, and a final clean. Sometimes the final is followed by a touch-up depending on the contractor's need. Should I charge by the sq.ft. or do a contract? In either, what is the going rate in my area?
If a worker is on antibiotics for MRSA can they still work in the workplace? Or, do they need to stay home until all medication is finished?
I have two places equaling 16,500 sq ft. One place is 11,000 sq. ft. and the other is 5,500 sq. ft. The larger one is cleaned 7 days a week, 6 restrooms with a person working for a few hours mid-day Mon.-Fri., 40 rooms. The other is cleaned Mon.-Fri. with 3 bathrooms and 25 rooms. The contract calls for mopping, dusting, vacuuming, restroom detailing, buffing (quarterly) and as needed, we supply the can liners. These are my figures. Please let me know if I'm wrong and if I am, what I should charge for this. 11,000 sq. ft. x $0.035 per sq ft = $385.00 per day 5,500 sq. ft. x $0.035 = $192.00 Total = $577 per day Is this too much? What would be a good price for this type of work?
I need a square foot price to scrub and apply floor finish for a new supermarket of 11,000 square feet. I need to know the recommended number of coats of 25% solid finish.
I am new in the cleaning business, and in the process of pricing a contract. How much should I charge to clean a 4,000 sq.ft. bar/night, 5 nights per week? How many hours will the job take each night?
We are a janitorial company and one of our costumers is a health care provider. They are asking us to dust the fire sprinklers in all their buildings. The contract does not say anything about who's responsible to perform this task. I was trying to search on the safety issue with some people with experience in the construction industry and they all say that there's a potential risk to activate a sprinkler head while the cleaners are dusting them. You can imagine the consequences if that happens and all damages that we then would have to pay. Our insurance does not allow to have any cleaner climbing on any ladder, so this task have to be performed with the use of an extension. Are the janitorial companies responsible for cleaning the fire sprinklers? Isn't this more their maintenance department's responsibility?
How do I price out a restroom cleaning job?
I have to bid out floor care maintenance for about 25 convenience stores that I manage, ranging from 750-1500 sq. ft. of flooring that will require cleaning. I need the VCT to be buffed and polished every 6 weeks and I need the carpets steam cleaned every quarter (back offices). The carpets range from 100-500 sq ft and the VCT ranges from 500-1200 sq ft. I need to know what I can expect to be charged per sq. ft. for each of these surfaces, on average, so I can properly evaluate these bids. Obviously being a convenience store, the traffic and wear & tear on the floors is moderate to heavy.
What is the difference between starting a cleaning business on your own and starting with a franchise? Which is better, money wise and educationally? I have a yearís experience and my wife has 12.
I have 3 small accounts right now and an opportunity to bid two office buildings. One building is 59, 000 sq. ft. and the other, 16,000. Iím a new in this business and this is my first time holding a big account. My client wants a quote by sq. ft. for a five day a week cleaning. My question is, how much should I charge by sq. ft., what else to be added after computing by sq. ft., and how many hours the job will take each day.
I have three new agencies to clean only on Saturdays after 5 pm. The first agency has 1,600 sq. ft., the second agency 736 sq. ft. and the third agency has 1,176 sq. ft. They want me to pick up trash, clean restrooms, and do dusting each time. Carpet and tile is extra and priced differently. How much would this be for each agency? We use our own supplies.
I would like to know about training and bidding classes for my line of work, and how to train employees properly.
We plan to have subcontract work with an outsourcing company (not a cleaning company). What should we most consider in doing subcontract work with this company? Which is the best, share profit or pay agency fee (marketing fee) to outsourcing company. Can you tell us a common agreement in subcontract work with outsourcing company?
I am being asked to provide post construction clean up on a new 125,000 sq. ft. building. We have been in the cleaning business over 20 years, but on the few post clean ups we did, the company basically told us what they were willing to pay so we did not have to bid. I am trying to figure a production rate for a seasoned cleaning crew. This new company has a lot more work if our bid is right.
I currently have a window cleaning account that needs to be done once a week. It is about 1050 square feet; what is a reasonable price to charge per square foot?
How many hours/employees are needed to clean a building that is 177,000 sq. ft.? Basic general cleaning, i.e. dusting, trash pickup, floors, and restrooms.
We clean a bar and a restaurant with two-year old unsealed slate floors that get pretty dirty. The owners were told they did not have to seal or finish them. Now, they have gotten dirt in the crevasses from mopping. We have been using an auto scrubber and flat mop and they have really cleaned up. Now, we want to seal and probably put a finish on them to aid in clean up (dirt and debris wonít stick, so clean up is easier) My question is, they were told that they never needed to strip or seal them. I have not seen any thing on the net that says this, so I guess it is the opinion of the person who sold them the floor. What is the best way to help them to understand that they do need to be stripped and sealed?
My wife and I have a small residential cleaning company. We also provide carpet and upholstery cleaning service to our customers with a portable unit. We are interested in getting into contract cleaning. To keep things simple initially, our focus will be on general office cleaning. Could you recommend a book(s) or other resources that will help us learn what services we should provide and how to bid? We are located in S. Florida and competition is tough due to the large amount of undocumented workers and companies that use them. We have used only legal labor and that in itself is challenging. I also would like to know if you could recommend any resources for hiring the "right" persons to build our business. In the residential area, we charge $32 a man-hour and have customers that appreciate the quality of our work. We know there are people that want a 2000 sq. ft. home cleaned for $75, and I imagine that this is the same in the contract cleaning arena. We are also looking to join a trade organization. Would you recommend the ISSA, ARCSI, or other?
How much should we charge for washing walls in a garage? Trying to guess it would be 50 cents a sq. ft. Garage is two sides at 120x80x25. I need to turn my bid in today. Any help would be appreciated.
Is there an uncomplicated way of stripping a 200 square feet section in the middle of a larger floor area which has about 10 coats of floor finish on it? I need to strip this small section, refinish, and blend (using a propane buffer) the damaged area into the main floor area. I anticipate having difficulty containing the stripper in a well-defined area. How do I prevent the stripper from leaching?
Iíve been working for a construction company for over 4 years now, and I want to join in commercial cleaning but want to focus on construction, too. My question is, what are things you need to do or know when considering doing construction clean out?
I want to figure out how much to charge for stripping and refinishing a VCT floor.
Can someone tell me if receiving subcontracts to clean offices is as beneficial as bidding on contracts myself?
I am currently working in a 40 year old hospital that has been closed. We are stripping and refinishing the floors. Even with a 15 min dwell time and mixing the Thunder Hawk Products Thunder Hot stripper in a 2 parts cold water to 1 part stripper, we have to go over the floors at least 3 times to remove all the old finish. Plus, we are unable to get rid of the stripper slurry. We are doing this in this order. 1. Lay stripper and wait for 15 min 2. Scrub with a black scrub pad on a 1250 rpm buffer 3. Squeegee to a central point and wet vac up 4. Clean water rinse and rescrub with clean black pad 5. Squeegee to central point 6. Mop 3 times with clean water 7. Then, we go back and are still scraping 1/16" of finish. We have done this for two days in a row and still have 1/16 - 1/8" of finish left.
Presently, our company is maintaining the floors in a grocery store - dustmop, auto-scrub, buff with a high speed propane at night beginning at 11:00 P.M. until about 4:00 A.M.. Store management wants us to change the time to 5:00 A.M. until 7:00 A.M. Store employees would sweep the floor and we would be responsible for auto-scrubbing and buffing. My question is, are there OSHA restrictions for operating propane equipment while store employees are in the area trying to stock product on shelves? There is obviously a safety factor operating equipment where workers are present, but are there any legal or regulatory restrictions?
Iím just starting my business and I have to turn in a proposal by next week. I need your help on how much to charge by sq. ft. This facility has 3 shifts; our job is to walk around all day picking up everyoneís garbage and cutting up empty boxes and disposing of them. The offices need general cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, cleaning desks, mopping. There are 4 bathrooms and large cafeteria, all done 5 days a week. We also strip and wax once a month, and shampoo carpets. I also have to clean windows in/outside. Once a month I wash and wax warehouse floor. I thank you for any help you can provide for me so I can put this proposal together. This is in Newark, NJ.
I am adding a new service such as touchless restroom cleaning and I donít know how to price it. I need help to get ideas about how to bid this service for existent customers and especially for a potential customer.
What is the best care for rubber gym floors when mopping?
How much foot traffic per hr makes it a high (heavy) traffic area compared to foot traffic per hr for low (light) traffic?
How do I bid on a 15,000 sq. ft. facility that has hundreds of chairs and tables that must be moved and returned after stripping, sealing, and refinishing the floor?
My company uses dry ice blasting as a method for cleaning industrial facilities and their manufacturing equipment. I would like to know if my company qualifies for Green-Seal or LEED Certification. If so, what paperwork do I need to file to get this certification?
I am stripping and refinishing a school and also cleaning carpet. I have a square foot price, but they want an hourly rate. How do you convert the square foot price into an hourly rate price?
Weíve been doing post-construction cleaning for four years now, in the past year, it has developed into our main line of business. We have recently stepped into the ''restaurant'' post-construction sector'' (a whole different world). I have a job to take care of where I feel Iím going to run into the same issue as I did on a few past jobs: The kitchen floor. I believe itís quarry tile; red, grouted in maybe 6" x 6" squares with little traction rivets in the top. Itís not a problem of scrubbing; they come clean pretty easy. The issue is that these kitchens are already full of equipment and we canít just fit an autoscrubber in there. We throw a lot of water and solution on the floor, scrub, and than squeegee everything into the drain, but the drywall dust and what not, gets caught on the grooves and in the grout and shows up when the floor is dry. We donít own a tile cleaning machine and canít afford one at this time. I figure we need something that will spray with pressure at the same instant it is sucking it up, not allowing the dust to settle again on the floor. I was hoping there was a way of ''rigging'' up a carpet wand, or an inexpensive hard floor wand I could hook to a box extractor.
I have been asked to clean the VCT flooring in a school. It is new construction and I will be doing a one-time cleaning before it is turned over to the school to do the upkeep. I have been told I need to finish the VCT. It is new construction so what is the typical cleaning and prep for this type floor? I have been told that it has a manufacturerís coating on it now that probably needs stripping. Would it be best to sub this out to someone who does this on a regular basis?
If utilizing sales personnel, what kind of percentage is given for work or per contract obtained?
Does anyone have any studies which reflect employee injury data on the use of upright vacs vs. backpack vacs?
In reading some of your how to do: I'm glad you were not my tutor. Try doing some research before giving an answer to problems. There is always some one who has been there and done that, don't be afraid to admit you don't know / it's not a crime to lack the correct knowledge with youth.
I am in the Washington, DC area and would like to know what to charge for commercial post-construction cleanup in my area. 1. Does this area charge by the hour or by the sq. ft.? 2. How much should I charge per sq. ft. or per hour?
How long should it take to daily clean a 24,000 sq. ft. library that includes 20,000 sq. ft. of carpeting, 4,000 sq. ft. of vct and 5 washrooms totaling 1,000 sq. ft?
I have been an general cleaner for many years. I am interested in operating a commercial cleaning business, but do not know how to start. I do know that I would need to be licensed and bonded and have insurance. I donít need training because I know about all aspects of the work, but do not know how to bid the contracts or where to obtain information on contracts that are open for bidding.
I have an apartment complex to clean. Itís 368,000 sq. ft. of new construction. I need to know what the going sq. ft. rates are in Raleigh, NC for cleaning; this includes windows.
I have some questions about encapsulation carpet cleaning. Who does it, how do you do it, does it work? What about chemicals, equipment, and methods?
We provide cleaning and sanitation services in India. ORICLEAN going to bid on a 15,000 sq. ft. area with 25 toilets in 30 restrooms to be cleaned once a day. May I get the calculation to bid this, please?
What is the best method to completely remove old multi-purpose floor covering adhesive from concrete? There was carpet glued to the floor, and when removed the glue remains. New tile is to be installed so the glue needs to be completely removed.
I need to figure out how much staffing it will take to strip and finish over 85,000 sq. ft. of corridor tile once per year. Also, the time to top scrub the same amount once a year and maintain it during the year by buffing it twice a month.
I have to bid on a 60,000 sq. ft. facility after the construction clean up. The vinyl floors will need a light mopping and 3 coats of finish on 35,000 sq.ft. The ceramic tile (about 5000 sq.ft.) needs to be steam cleaned and sealed. The carpet of 15000 sq. ft steam cleaned. I have seen that the cost will be approx. $11,000.00 What do you think a fair price range to charge the customer would be? Is .69 sq./ft. OK?
I am looking for a floor finish for that is resistant to alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Right now, when these types of sanitizers drip onto finished floors, they leave big blotches (dry spots) that do not mop or burnish out.
How do I calculate the area covered per hour of cleaning when using a walk behind scrubber-dryer?
Is there a standard cost estimate for cleaning services? What is the difference between cost per head count (numbers of cleaners supplied) in determining the contract cost and a cost per sq. ft. when cleaning a manufacturing facility? Which is the better method to estimate the cost of cleaning?
Please advise if there are any effective control methods for public telephone booth cleaning to be applied by the client in order to insure maximum contractor performance.
I want to do post construction cleaning jobs. Is there any web site where you can get in touch with home builders to see if I can do their work?
Who do I talk to about cleaning forclosed homes?
I am interested in doing post-construction cleaning of new homes, condos, apartments, and hotels. What should I charge per sq. ft. for each new building? I live in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area. What is the price for doing homes and offices that are lived- in? Where can I find a bid sheet or contract for this type of service?
I have locations across 5 states that I have maintained for 18 years and have tried every combination of floor care technique on them to achieve the best overall appearance that I can muster. I have to work within a very limited frequency of service intervals (bi-weekly), so I have to use the hardest finishes that I can find and must keep the price as reasonable as I can, especially since one of my largest customers, is currently in bankruptcy. This costumer has been with me for all 18 years and I would hope that their difficulties would be worked out shortly. With that said, the locations that I maintain are on the average 900 to 1200 sq. ft. and are retail establishments with greatly varying levels of traffic. I also maintain driver delivery depots for the same company on a monthly basis. At present, I am stripping and refinishing each location, for the most part, twice a year and maintaining bi-weekly, except for the driversí areas. Since there is very little, if any maintenance being performed in between my visits, I am forced to reapply finish on each visit simply because there's very little finish left to burnish. Since I am very limited in the price that I can charge due to the financial constraints of this customer in particular, is there a better course of action?? I have had very few complaints over the years so I am blessed with understanding customers. However, I am always striving to give my best.
Are you able to use the Kaivac system around drywall?
I am thinking of purchasing a janitorial business that would include staff and a number of supervisors, with low attrition of staff, as well as the majority of accounts that have been around for five years or more. The revenue is consistent over time, though the margins appear to be lower than average for this size of operation. My question is, what should I be on the lookout for as I review this business?
While stripping a colored vct floor (blue and green) we got over splash on cleaned areas and foot prints that could not be mopped up. The tile absorbed everything like a sponge. We kept the floors wet at all times during the stripping process, went over the total floor with clean pads and neutral cleaner, and then again with clean water. We still had a very bad time with over splash and foot prints absorbing into the tile. WHAT DID I DO WRONG?
I need to know if you could help me with a bid price. This project is a 45,000 square foot main library located in the downtown area. The building has two levels of windows for a total of about 200. It is mostly carpet with about 15 restrooms, two break rooms and stair wells. There are garage offices and two lobbies, with an auditorium. Escalator glass, marble, ceramic tile, and cork flooring. Deep cleaning for spots on carpets, clean skylight interiors and all the bases.
I am planning to open a new commercial cleaning business in Southern California. I have an established business in Chicago, and large subcontracts from a larger companies were very helpful as a start-up. And I am trying to get some subcontract accounts before I get adjusted to the California environment. What are the largest cleaning companies that tend to give subcontracts to the experienced and proven cleaning contractors?
Can you link us to a company that can deal with oil contamination and oil cleaning?
I am a new business owner. For a surgery center of 32000 sq. ft., how is the maintenance of flooring calculated? We are assuming a one-time charge of $0.50-$0.70 /sq. ft. for the initial strip, scrub, wet-vac, finish, and buff. The variance depends on their chemical use vs. ours. However, for a maintenance fee of $0.20 /sq. ft.- Would we charge that weekly or monthly? Is there a formula? Should the charges be calculated for man-hours and chemicals, or by square feet?
Would a small company need bonding insurance? If so, what would be the price range, and what could this be based on?
Our charges to clean a 20,000 sq. ft. office in Houston are about ten cents per sq. ft. for a five day a week service. What would be the charge for three and two days per week? Please explain your formula to determine the charges.
Iím a new business owner. On several occasions, when Iíve called on potential clients, especially medical offices, Iíve been asked, ďDo you specialize in medical facilities?Ē or ďAre you experienced in cleaning medical offices?Ē Are you aware of any certifications or information (books, links) that could help me specialize in this area?
Can you recommend a sealer/finish for Mexican tile? I have been using a regular stone sealer which I use on Terracotta and other hard surfaces, and it is working fine. When I use the same on a Mexican tile it powders off soon after.
How do you price out window cleaning--power washing sidewalks--cleaning corporate jets--power washing sanitation trucks?
I have a janitorial business and I need to know how to bid and charge on this 1500 sq. ft. grocery store. The store has to be dusted, and the floor stripped, refinished, and buffed. This is a two man job, a 2-day a week service. How much do I need to charge them for this job per month?
I'm looking for a way to overcome my fear of meeting prospective clients. Are there any pre-exisiting presentations available that I can purchase that will make it easier?
What qualities in one floor finish makes it ward off black heel marks better than others?
I have a janitorial business and I need to know how to bid and charge on this 1500 sq. ft. grocery store. The store has to be dusted, and the floor stripped, refinished, and buffed. This is a two man job, a 2-day a week service. How much do I need to charge them for this job per month?
What is the square footage cleaned per hour for construction cleanup? For 27,000 and 97,000 sq. ft. or in general?
Is there a floor finish for high traffic areas that would last one year or more with routine sweeping and mopping.
What percentage of schools are contract cleaned in US or VA?
What is medical cleaning certification and how would a cleaning company go about getting certified?
What is hi-speed floor burnishing and what equipment and chemicals are required?
I have been servicing an account for over two years and I am still charging the same amount of money as when I started. When would be the best time to increase the service charge, or how often I should increase the service charge? The customer is very happy with the service.
I have to strip, seal, and finish a vinyl floor in a truck transport building. There is a heavy build-up of grease from the repair floor being tracked onto the vinyl floors in the offices and break rooms. What is the best chemical on the market to remove the grease from the floors? Or, will plain stripper do the job?
I am just getting started in commercial cleaning. As the contractor, should I provide hand soap, papergoods, garbage bags, etc.? Should I include the cost in the charges?
What method or chemical, is the best way to clean windows out-inside in this winter. Any suggestions on the most efficient way to do this. thank you
As a minority woman business owner, I have found that it is very hard to land the big contracts. A. Do I need brochures for commercial buildings such as churches, synagogues, schools, and universities? B. Does my business expertise and length of time in business have a lot to do with my not getting larger commercial accounts? C. Most business people give the impression that they would rather give the contract to the people they know. Am I experiencing prejudice as a minority woman? D. I also offer services in the areas of commercial, construction clean up, and homes. I have run all kinds of ads, but hardly got any calls. Do I need to send housecleaning brochures along with my mailings? Why does my mail seem to be a waste of time, stamps, and money? I am a member of the Chamber of Commerce here in Ratherford County, but I feel that my membership is just in vain. The money spent gets my name in the book but my service never seems to be called by the other businesses in town. What am I doing wrong?
I'm looking for the source page of a quote in one of your answers to a turnover question. This quote is from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and has to do with turnover rates in the janitorial industry, and also with the cost of turnover per employee. Is there more published information you can direct me to? Lastly, I wonder about information regarding the cost per sq ft ideal for cleaning private high schools.
How do you determine the monthly cost at $12 an hour? Do you charge for 40 hours weekly for thirty days, or 4 weeks (20 days)?
Turnover is a huge issue for us, as it is for most other building service contractors. Our profit margins are thin and don't enable much worker training. Any suggestions?
Is there a specific price to charge for private offices, such as a dentistís office? And if so, is there a book of estimates that I can find for New Jersey?
Hi, This is Debtosh. We are one of the leading contract cleaning services providers in India. I am from India and looking for a strategic partner for contract manufacturing of a cleaning machine in India. My partner should buy 90% of the production. Can you help me on that?
Question: How much can I charge to clean the inside and outside glass on a window in New Jersey?
Is 30-35 dollars per cleaning too low for a facility under 2000 sq. ft.? And, if so, how can I be sure not to do this again? I'm 6 months new to this side of the business, and I am in the micro stages.
There are many contract janitorial companies in our city that have their cleaners set up as independent contractors and there are just as many that set up their cleaners as W2 employees. We are a relatively new commercial janitorial service and we are trying to determine how to classify our cleaners, independent contractor or W2 employee? Any advice?
What is the best way to clean ribbed glass? drying the glass is the hardest part always look opaque after drying, I can never get a clear look. Any suggestion will be appreciated.
My client is accepting bids for cleaning office buildings in the Northeast. How do we know if he is getting good prices? Is there a database of typical contract cleaning costs? by region? by building type? for carpet cleaning only? Thanks for your assistance.
VCT floor finish was used on a ceramic tile floor in a rest room. What would you recommend to restore the tile? Would VCT stripper damage the tile?
I am in the cleaning business, and would like to expand to construction clean-up, but I don't know how to do the pricing, by square footage or time, and I don't want to lose. Please any help is welcome. Thank you.
I just started my own business. I have worked in the janitorial field for 30 years from laborer to manager; now I'm on my own and I need help pricing and becoming qualified for bidding on contracts.
I have been doing this type of work for 10 to 13 yrs., have changed companies many times, and sometimes want to get out of this type of business. Am I in burn out? Have I just come to the end of my career?
I would like so much to do more commercial cleaning but I know very little about how to bid. Can someone help me? Also, what is the best way to find out what businesses are up for bidding?
I am in graduate school and am desperately needing some statistical information on cleaning operations and janitorial services. My father owns his own janitorial company and that is what I decided to write a paper on for my Entrepreneurship Course. If someone could help me, I would appreciate the information on where I could find successes and failures of cleaning operations and janitorial companies. Thanks!
Here in California there is a new law called the Janitor Act. Can you tell me about this new law?