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Sunday, October 04, 2015

Mold Prevention & Remediation

What are the going prices for chemical mold remediation vs. dry ice blasting on new construction, sq. ft. wise?
I am looking for a carpet machine that will do routine daily carpet maintenance cleaning and can be switched to do extraction as needed.
After cleaning carpeted heath club locker room floors, can an anti-fungal product be applied to inhibit growth of athlete’s foot fungus?
I need to know what bleach-alternative products are available to clean mold from bathrooms.
I have a 4' by 6' cement pit in my crawl space where my water heater and furnace sat until just recently (I had them moved two weeks ago). My home is about 40 years old and I believe that the water heater and furnace were placed in the pit when the house was built. I am wondering what the purpose of this pit is. From time to time, there is a puddle of water accumulating in the corner that does not drain anywhere. I am wondering, firstly, what is the pit for? Where is the water coming from? Can I fill it with cement? From the old furnace there was a hose that ran from the unit through a small opening in the cement wall of the pit and into the sewer. I am very concerned about the possibility of mold contaminates. What do you advise, suggest?
If a remediation procedure is not completed in totality or if the remediation is not completed to pass air quality tests, tape tests, etc., will the mold (e.g.) stachybotrys, aspergillius-pennicillium, alternaria,, return or regrow in the home or building in a stronger concentration and magnitude?
I have a crawl space where I have sprayed the chemical Timbor heavily, scrubbed, sprayed the chemical Shockwave and scrubbed more. The mold keeps coming back----within 3 days! This crawl space has a 4ft X 3ft cement pit where water collects until it is automatically pumped out. We have also put 3 box fans in the crawl space since we first started spraying. I thought this would dry the crawl space out. Is it possible we sprayed too much?---- with the Timbor & Shockwave? I wouldn't think mold would regrow in 4 days??? I guess we could seal up the crawl space and install a couple of dehumidifiers, but that requires maintenance persons to crawl back into the crawl space to adjust them for various seasons and so on. Any Suggestion???
Do you consider this statement a recommendation from EPA? "Therefore, EPA recommends that carpeting be replaced with a non-porous, easily cleanable flooring material."
Can we still remove the fungus/algae (black stains due to dampness of the surface) in the sealant used on lavatory counters and sink? They look ugly and dirty but it seems the fungus has already been absorbed. How do you prevent the sealant from getting this? One building contractor told us this always happens after a certain period of time and we just have to regularly replace the sealant. There are different kinds of sealant we use: clear rubberized sealant, colored rubber-like sealant and chemicoat which is hard and cement-like.
What are some sources to get info on purchasing equipment for superheated steam systems to battle mold?