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Friday, September 04, 2015

Groundskeeping & Building Exteriors

What is the best way to do icicle removal? How fast can you clear icicles - how many feet/meters per hour? What are prices like for doing this job?
I have a small but lucrative contract and donít want to loose it. This is not my job but the customer asked me for advice regarding the hundreds of sea gulls that gather around his outdoor cafe. He and his customers have had enough and are looking for answers .We are looking for a system that may deter these buggers from spoiling what is a lovely outdoor atmosphere in the middle of Melbourne. We are in the middle of a very bad drought season, and pressure cleaning this area is becoming an issue. But since it is a Health and Safety issue we have to keep solve it. Any ideas?
I have a small area of stamped concrete which has a hazy grey film on it that I cannot remove. I was told that it is minerals from the ground that are seeping up onto the surface. I was told a product called Natural Solution would solve the problem, but Home Depot dropped the product.