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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Residential, Apartment & Condo

I have a hard wood floor that's about 400 sq. ft. in a home that is 110 years old. The floor has been sanded and polyurethaned about 4 years ago. If I clean the floor properly, can I use Hard as Nails wax on this floor? I told the owner of the home that I have to get back to him.
How much should I charge to install, strip, and finish a vinyl composition tile floor?
I am currently performing turnover cleans for a management development group and they have asked if I would be interested in performing a tidy-up service. The service would be just like that of a hotel maid; any additional service would require a different rate. I would like to know what the rate for a hotel maid would be and what we should be charging for full service condo cleans.
Recently, I started a post-construction cleaning business and I have talked to the sub-contractor about cleaning an apartment building that they have almost finished building. He told me to put in a cleaning bid for a 216 unit building with 2-3 bedroom apartments. How do I bid on that building?
I am planning to open a carpet cleaning business; the target market is residential areas. What are the most used cleaning methods in the housing market? I have done research on truck-mounted machines. What is your recommendation, a slide-in or van-powered truck mount machine? Can you recommend a simple and reliable machine brand? Since I will be the user and operator all the time, I am also looking for carpet cleaning training classes in San Francisco, California. Can you inform me of a place around my city?
How much can I charge for painting apartment homes? I need painting done in a 1200 sq. ft. apartment. The job involves prep work, plastering, sanding, and 1/2 room removal of wallpaper. How much time and cost should I figure? It is a two man job since moving of furniture is involved.
The apartment complex where I work is infested with mice. Residents are catching up to five per day. We've blocked up holes in walls with steel wool and then plastered over them, and set traps. Poison is not an option since residents have pets. Short of ripping out kitchen cabinets, pipes and vents, what can we do to eradicate this problem?
I want to get starting doing residential apartment cleaning in Brooklyn, NY. I would like to start in June (I work 9-5 and I am in Graduate School so classes end in 3 weeks). How do I determine how to charge clients.
Is there a product or technique in lifting/removing a rubber cement spill from carpet?
I am interested in buying an existing cleaning service. However I do not know how much this business is worth. I was hoping you could help me with this. The business has been around for eight years and has a good reputation, with a base of 30 customers. Annual income for the last two years averages out to around $55,000. The equipment would also be included in the price of the business. However, I do not know what that entails yet. I just wanted to know an approximate price range before I get more involved in researching this business. We would also take the name of and logo for the business.
I need to find industry standards on how long it takes to clean an apartment during tenant turnover. I was hoping you might have a ratio, such as time per square feet, or might be able to suggest a resource that might have those statistics. Thanks for your help!