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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Day Cleaning

The library custodians work days. They are now starting work an hour later than previous years, giving them less time to accomplish all cleaning before we open to the public. This means that they need to perform work that used to be done before opening while we are open. What types of cleaning are acceptable when done around the public versus when the library is closed?
Our institution is looking to improve productivity and help address budget reductions. We are currently operating 3 shift; first shift from 5:00-1:30 pm, second shift from 12:00 -8:30pm, third shift from 10:00-6:30 am. We are considering combining the 1st and 3rd shifts to start from 3:00am-11:30am. Can these hours be more efficient and productive? Is there any institution thatís operating this shift, and how beneficial and successful can it be?
What are the advantages and disadvantages doing day cleaning versus night cleaning? Is the labor cost more, less, or about the same?
I have seen claimed in some old articles here on ATEX that you could save up to 7% on utility costs by going to a day shift. Are there any new studies out that have a formula for figuring this for each individual situation?
I have recently changed my service from sole proprietor to an LLC that has 3 employees. How do I charge now that I am a LLC?
I had a Galileo thermometer break on top of my stove. The liquid spelled over elements inside stove top and I think some ran inside the oven. I tried several types of cleaners to remove product. It is so oily and smelly. Is it toxic? Will it explode, or start a fire if I use stove or oven? Please help me with the best safe cleaning solution so I can cook again!
My crew is going to the union because I took their dust mops away. I gave them all ProTeam Coach Vac back packs. They are telling the union that they are not as good as the dust mops. I need some information backing my decision.
What areas (beside restrooms) of an occupied office building do you think can be cleaned during the day? What work is acceptable when employees' are present?
When using P&G Comet disinfecting cleanser for sinks and tubs in a motel room, how long should one 32 oz. bottle last? Example: 1 bottle = 5 rooms? Please give me an idea, because housekeepers tend to over use and then they wonít use it any more.
We are considering flooring in a new building & I would like to know how practical stained or acid stained concrete flooring would be? Does it require as much or more care than VCT?
How can I get yellow stains off the floor? Stripper will not remove them. Also, are there any safety standards for laundry out there, and, if so, where do I find them?
I wasn't sure if this was the appropriate category but I need to know how I can get started cleaning businesses or homes without buying a franchise. I am 19 years of age, my husband is out of town and I would like to earn a little extra money.
Floor care would seem to be the most difficult thing to accomplish with day cleaning? How does one manage stripping/waxing and vacuuming operations? Do organizations using this method receive negative feedback from building occupants related to odors and/or noise?
What are the benefits of Day Cleaning?
Day cleaning advocates state that it is more efficient and lowers cost over other methods. How can day cleaning show a cost savings over team cleaning? I would like to see pros/cons on the two models.
Our school district is looking to save money. We have always used 2nd shift cleaning from 4-12:00 but would consider day cleaning if we could get it to work for us. Our department recently lost several positions and we are expecting to lose more next year. Day custodians would most certainly lower our costs in salaries and building operation. Are we a fit?