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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Developing Management Teams

We are looking to hire a sales person to increase our business. We would like to pay a small base salary and then an ongoing commission of their sales. However, each contract is different, each with a different net profit, one time jobs, long contract, etc. Anyone have a sample salesman agreement for the cleaning industry?
I am in search of successful staff development programs that address the technical and developmental needs of the employees in our custodial department. The objective of these initiatives is to develop activities that will help the individual achieve his/her career aspirations along with helping the department to accomplish its mission.
What is the best way to develop a system for a cleaning company that will allow the company to run perfectly when the owner is not there?
We use "generalist" supervisors that handle any situation that may arise in their school facilities. This includes employee evaluations, inventories, work orders and equipment. Should our district consider using supervisor "specialists" to handle different aspects of our cleaning program?