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Sunday, October 04, 2015

Family Business Issues

How may I promote the selling of my 37 year old business in Costa Rica? We are leaders in cleaning carpets, rugs, upholstery, and car interiors.
Should key employees know everything about the business, such as cost of insurance, supplies, payroll, gas equipment, and so on? They are compensated in part by a % of profits. I think they need to know this information, but my partner believes such information is none of their business. They have signed a non-compete agreement and I don't think they can't manage effectively without this information. If they misuse the info, then they were the wrong person to begin with. What do you think?
I need advice on how to structure a growing business with the bulk of our business being small accounts. We currently service around 50 accounts a week using route traveling teams. My wife and I each have a team and are starting to reach the "burn out stage". We find a lot of our accounts only require 2 people to complete a job in an hour or less. If you have a third or fourth person with you it is wasted time. We also have a few accounts that take 4 to 10 man hours to clean. I want to structure the business where each account is supervised, but we do not have the margin to hire a supervisor yet. I have placed unsupervised staff in accounts in the past, but have lost them due to quality issues as we where unable to free up our time for effective follow up visits. We currently have a very profitable business, but we are at the point where, if we want to grow any further, we have to hire another working supervisor who will reduce our profit margin. I don't feel our business can support this yet. What is the best way to structure my business with so many small accounts, averaging a $1000/month each?
I have my business in Arizona, where we provide commercial and residential cleaning services. We are expanding our business and are wondering how we can start working to get government and builder’s contracts.