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Monday, November 30, 2015
The International Custodial Advisors Network, Inc. (ICAN)--a non-profit association comprised of industry consultants with a wide range of expertise in building management, indoor environmental and service disciplines provides this free janitorial and building maintenance consultation service to the industry through Cleaning Management Institute.

Building maintenance professionals can use this service to get knowledgeable answers to questions regarding facility maintenance from experienced industry experts who are ICAN members.

To submit a question, simply click on this button. You will be notified by e-mail when suggested solutions from ICAN members are posted on this page, usually within three business days.

Before submitting a question, you may want to search ICAN's Index of Building Maintenance Topics below for responses to previous questions in similar subject categories or use the key word search engines in ICAN's Facility Maintenance Professionals Troubleshooting Search Center.

Index of Building Maintenance Topics

Bidding & Estimating (341)

Blended/Skip/Cooperative Cleaning (2)

Carpet/Furniture Care (97)

Cleaning for Health & Safety (59)

Cleaning Procedures (246)

Colleges, Schools & Universities (37)

Contract Cleaning (128)

Day Cleaning (16)

Developing Management Teams (4)

Distribution (1)

Employee Issues (17)

Equipment, Chemicals & Supplies (58)

Executive & Managerial Development (3)

Facilitating/Advising Process Improvement Teams (1)

Facility Management (27)

Family Business Issues (4)

Foodservice/Hospitality/Hotels (8)

Green Cleaning (33)

Groundskeeping & Building Exteriors (3)

Hard & Resilient Floor Care (230)

Healthcare (24)

Hiring & Staffing (24)

Implementation of Cleaning Systems Upgrades (7)

Indoor Air Quality (10)

Industrial (4)

Instructional Materials and Manuals (2)

Legal Issues (10)

Marketing Strategies (18)

Mold Prevention & Remediation (10)

New Product Development and Testing (9)

Operations Audits (3)

Production Rates (19)

Quality Assurance (7)

Residential, Apartment & Condo (11)

Sales Training (1)

Slip & Fall (4)

Software (5)

Strategic Planning (9)

Team Cleaning (9)

Training Resources (17)

Water & Fire Damage Restoration (6)

Zone Cleaning (1)


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Recent Questions

I currently have the opportunity of getting a cleaning contract for a medical office of about 4008 sq. ft. with a waiting area,7 patient rooms and 3 doctor's offices. Daily job is to clean floors, pick up trash, wipe down all counters/desk areas, clean mirrors, service and clean restrooms. Once weekly: dust furniture, clean all glass doors and reception area windows, dust light fixtures, blinds & a/c vents. Once monthly: scrub & strip tile floors, wipe down baseboards, walls and door frames. I really want this first contract, but do not know what to charge...please help.

This is a two story 90,000 sq. ft. empty building; it has approximately 1000 sq ft of dry wall and texture repair. It has 6 stairwells as well as 6 large bay doors and 8 metal interior doors. There approx. 20 metal support posst requesting safety yellow 10 ft up. The posts are about 20 ft. No ceilings and 4 offices. What is a fair price per sq ft to paint the bldg all white shadow with, of course, spot priming and industrial paint?

We are in Washington state, trying to find out what to charge a square foot on a 99,999 square foot hotel. Do we charge an extra % on top?

I have a customer who brought his vehicle by my office. Gasoline was spilled inside his car and the odor is persistent... How do I get rid of the gasoline odor from the fabric upholstery and carpet that is black?